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Chaper 1 the beginning

The day started like any other. Except of course he was laying on the ground outside of his apartment. He was laid there. He has since he was left for dead after the severe beating he was given the night before.

Flashback the day before

Naruto has been blind since… well before he could even remember. Of course being blind for a long period of time has increased the ability of his other senses exponentially. The 7 year old blonde navigated himself down the road using only his sense of hearing and smell. He could hear where the people were walking. He could smell where they were. But of course that meant he could also hear the jeers and insults being thrown at him. And he could feel his way down paths.

"Demon!" "Monster!" and "Devil spawn!"

He could smell the hatred seeping off of them like a putrid cloud. It burned in his nostrils to the point of feeling faint. But most of all he could feel the things being thrown at him: from small rocks from the children to the kunai thrown from the village shinobi.

Very few didn't hate him. One of them was Teuchi that worked at Naruto's favorite (and konoha's only) ramen stand, Ichiraku's Ramen. The "old man" ,as Naruto affectionately named him, would welcome him into his stand and sometimes even give him free food. But today Ichiraku's was closed because of a "stray" explosive note went off near the stand. So Naruto had to go hungry for the day.

He long gave up on trying to ask people why they hated him so much, so he just ignored most of the people. But there were those people he just couldn't ignore. Today it was a group of 15 year old boys

"Hey you eyeless freak stop! We're going to have a little fun with you OK." He apparent leader said " You see we've been having a bad day and we need a way to deal with the stress, so do you want to do this the easy way or the har-"

Naruto soon got tired of these little "explanations" so he cut him off short "If your going to beat me, beat me. Just tell me… Why is it you hate me?" he asked hopefully

"First we ain't tellin' you jack, you little teme. And second we are defiantly going to beat you!" he said to the little blind, blonde Jinchuuriki. The boys then began to beat Naruto brutally. He screamed in pain as they punched and kicked him, but he didn't cry, his tears have long dried up.

Present time

People just walked past Naruto's body like it was a piece of trash that nobody wanted to pick up. Eventually someone was kind enough to help him. And who was ityou might ask, but none other than the strongest and wisest ninja in the city of Konoha, the hokage Sarutobi.

"Thanks hokage-jiji, but where am I, what time is it?"

"It is currently 10 o'clock, we are in the middle of the street approximately half a mile away from your apartment." The kindly man answered

"I was beaten again by these jerks," Naruto sadly explained. "And don't expect me to tell you what they look like." He said pointing to his blank white eyes

"I didn't expect you to tell me. I was actually on my way from the hokage tower to ask you something."

"Really? What! What! What!" the small boy exclaimed excitedly practically bouncing with curiosity.

"I was going to ask if you wanted to join the ninja academy?" nothing could have prepared the hokage for the boy's reaction… an explosion of complete and utter joy.

"YATTAAAA! FINALLY I GET TO BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO MY DREAM OF BEING HOKAGE THEN EVERYONE WILL RECOGNIZE ME AS A HERO AND NOT AS A MONSTER!!" he literally jumped for joy and this being a world where shinobi reign supreme jumping for joy was jumping around 12 feet into the air.

"Fine just calm down. I'll enroll you tomorrow. But if your going to be a ninja your going to have to get new clothes." The hokage stated

"What's wrong with the clothes I'm wearing?" asked the blind blonde

"Well it's just that an orange jumpsuit practically screams come and kill me" the old hokage stood there staring at the boy thinking he offended him after thirty seconds of silence. "Naruto you got to understa-"


Everyone and their grandma heard the scream that was heard from Naruto's surprisingly large lungs.

"I thought you knew what you were wearing" the Hokage's anger slowly rising because of what the store owners were doing to Naruto, just to get a few cheap laughs. The hokage, swiftly getting a headache from the panicking blonde gave naruto a bag of money and a brail note with the address of a shop that sold ninja clothing, armor and weapons, whose owners didn't hate Naruto.

Naruto quickly read the note with a swift swipe of his finger, and took the bag of money as quickly as he could to the coordinates on the paper so as to get out of those dreadful clothes.


Naruto Stood in front of the sign of a store with his fingers on it. He read the raised letters with his fingers. It read Higarashi ninja supplies. He felt around until he found the door. Grasping the handle tightly he opened the door. He just stood there stock still, taking in his surroundings. He could hear the winding wheel of a blade sharpener as it grinded against blunt kunai. He could smell freshly cooked rice coming from the back of the shop, barely distinguishable from the stronger smells of the oils and polish coming from the weapons. Being Naruto, he prepared for the worse to happen. You see he was usually chased out of most places having things thrown at him. So being in a store full of lots of sharp and pointy objects did not calm his nerves at all.

"Hello?" naruto called

"Well hello welcome to Higarashi's, who are you" the voice of a young girl said. From the sound of it Naruto thought she sounded like she was in her early teens.

"Hello, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I'm here to buy ninja supplies." He answered

"Well if you're looking for ninja gear, this is definitely the right place to be,"

Naruto was astonished that this girl didn't care who he was, and was actually welcoming him into the store. "So are you looking for anything in particular?" she inquired.

"Actually I can't look for anything cause I'm blind," Naruto commented dryly "I was hoping you would help me."

The girl just now noticed the blind, white eyes the boy had. "Oh… I'm sorry I didn't realize. I would be happy to help." She said cheerily "Now you are going to need a weapon, have anything in mind?"

"I was thinking of something with a long reach. A staff maybe?"

"Yes we do have a large selection of staffs. If you would follow me please." She said as she grabbed his hand to lead him to a section of the shop

Naruto tried out every one from a large metal staff that weighed 80 pounds to lighter springy ones that felt light as a feather. He thought about trying out the other weapons when his hands laid on the last one. This one was a plain hard wood staff. He picked it up and began to swing it around. Finding that it was not too heavy and not too light. He then tried to bend it. It wouldn't bend a centimeter. "I think I found my new weapon." He said triumphantly.

"Wow. Most people just ignore that one because it just looks so plain so they will usually head to the more ornate ones." She explained

"No, this one will be just fine." Naruto said

"Ok so if you'll follow me to the counter you can buy it along with the kunai, shuriken etc. that you would like." She said walking to the counter. She kept walking until she heard a large crash. She jumped around from surprise. When she looked she saw Naruto… in a heap on the floor with staffs all on top of him. "Oh I'm so sorry Naruto I forgot you were blind." She apologized as she helped him up.

"Don't worry about it… uh…" he stammered this entire time he was spending with this person he still had not gotten her name.

"Tenten, my name is Tenten." She told him as he paid for his items. "Okay that's one set of kunai and shuriken. And one hardwood rokushakabō (six foot long) staff."

"Thank you" he said. The blind ten year old then headed cautiously out the door hoping, not to knock anything else over and injure himself. "Goodbye Tenten-chan"

"Goodbye Naruto-kun" she called after him.

Naruto has made his first friend

SC the park

Naruto was walking on a path on his way to go to the clothing shop, which was on the brail note the hokage gave him, when he heard the sound of children playing with a ball. After an extraordinarily powerful and inaccurate kick the ball came bouncing towards Naruto. After the ball hit the side of his leg, all the children came running after it, but after seeing the older boy with a large staff and blank white eyes they stopped dead in their tracks at least 10 feet away.

"Uhhh… that's our ball, could you give it back?" the lead boy asked fearfully

"Sure, here you go" Naruto answered handing over the ball. The boy inched slowly towards Naruto, and when he saw his sightless eyes up close, he quickly snatched the ball and ran away with the others.

"Did you see his eyes?" one said "Yeah those were the creepiest things I've ever seen." After hearing this Naruto became distressed, and grabbed some of the bandages he kept around with him and quickly wrapped it around his head a few times so it completely covered his eyes. Feeling satisfied, he then put up the rest of the bandages and kept on his way to the store.


Sakura was out shopping for some new clothes for the new academy year, both hoping to impress the class heartthrob, Sasuke, and also trying to outdo her rival in love, Ino, when the door opened and the little bell above it "tinkled" (tee hee). Not paying any mind to who it was, she went about their shopping…that is until…

"Hello? Can anyone help me? I'm looking for the store owner…or rather anybody willing to help me!" Naruto asked.

Letting her curiosity get the better of her, Sakura went and checked who it was. When she looked around the corner she could see a blonde boy her age looking in the opposite direction she was.

Naruto was trying to listen and see if anyone had answered him, but to no avail. But then a faint scent of strawberries lightly tickled his nostrils. Once he inhaled deeper he found out the smell was coming from behind him. When he turned around he heard a faint gasp.

The gasp came from Sakura, when she saw his face; she saw that his eyes were completely wrapped up by bandages. She had just assumed it was a headband but apparently it was not. He was blind.

"Who's there?" the blonde Jinchuuriki called out "show yourself I know you're there" This caused Sakura to gasp again.

"How did you know I was here?" she asked.

"I may not be able to see, but I can still hear and smell better than most other people. By the way you smell like strawberries." He informed her unknowingly causing her to blush like a tomato. "So why are you here? Where's the shop owner." He asked.

"She went out to lunch and entrusted me to look after the shop for her while she was gone," Sakura replied.

"O.K. then could you help me get some suitable clothes, I could really use the help," Naruto said pointing to his eyes.

Seeing as the only reason Sakura hasn't forgotten Sasuke completely was because of both she has "loved" him for years… that and that horrid orange jumpsuit, she saw her chance and took it. "Of course I would love to help you" she said in a sweet tone. If only Naruto knew what he was getting himself into, he probably would have waited until the owner came back from break. As soon as he put down his ninja gear and his staff he was grabbed by the arm and hauled near a corner of the shop by the pinkette. After what she put him through it would make even a Ken doll feel underused. After all the clothes she finally found something that seemed to suit the blind blonde. A open white jacket with the kanji for "bad" on the back and white pants (AU:think sonoske sagara from ruroni kenshin).

Sakura stood back to admire her work. The shop owner has long since come back but thought the two made such a cute couple she left them alone, and decided to wave the price. Naruto felt exhausted after being manhandled into the different outfits the pink haired beauty forced him into, and was ready to go home to sleep.

"Hey Naruto?" sakura asked

"Hn?" he replied with very little enthusiasm.

"Why haven't I seen you at the academy?"

Naruto sighed before answering "Because of my 'handicap' I've had to start at the academy late, tomorrow to be exact." There was a few seconds of silence between the two.

"I hope you're in my class Naruto-kun," Sakura said without realizing what exactly she said. When she did she blushed harder than before. But Naruto could sense that she was blushing. So he gave her a smirk and said "Me too Sakura-Chan."

When he said this she nearly fainted. But what sent her over the edge was when Naruto came up really close to her face and kissed her on the cheek, and whispered in her ear "thank you for helping me find these clothes Sakura-Chan" He chuckled as he caught her and set her unconscious form on a chair. He quietly gathered up his things and left so he could finally get the rest he deserved.

But on his way his inner prankster (which was really the Kyuubi's desire for chaos) gave him the urge to let a group of large guard dogs go, by pulling the chains off of their collars and pulling the rest of the chain out of the wall. After letting the dogs go he got an idea. He took the chains and decided to wear them.

He pulled the cord off from around his pants and replaced it with a chain wrapping several times around his waist. He then took the rest of his bandages and wrapped his arms (just like Lee). He then took another two chains and wrapped them around his fists and forearms. He took the last chain and ripped a small section out of it. He then wrapped this small chain section around, the bandages covering his eyes, twice. The last section of the chain… he'll find a use for it later.

He finally got home avoiding all the hateful people and bullies. He quickly lies down on the bed and fell asleep for the night without even getting undressed. He was going to the academy tomorrow!


Sakura woke up on the chair the next morning. "Ohhh Naruto… wait a second? What time is it?" when she looked at the clock she paled "OH KAMI IM GOING TO BE LATE FOR THE FIRST SCHOOL DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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