Rated: K

A/N: Romantic monologue, like woah. I've never written one before. I feel scared. Ashamed.

This takes place during the end of NM when Bella sleeps for like...three days. It was a quick write.

I suggest listening to Cat Power's I Found a Reason or Susan Enan'sBring on the Wonder while reading this.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own, like woah.

She sleeps in a kind of fitful way, like she's clinging to the last threads of dormancy with all her might. Edward wants to touch her, but he fears his cold skin might wake her up, and after it had been so hard to convince her to sleep...

He's roused from his thoughts when she stirs on the other side of the bed, letting out a small whimper. Bella's body twitches and her face contorts in discontent, tongue darting out to wet her dry lips as she whips her head back and forth.

Her face, once full of life, is now ashen and hardened in concentration. Her hands clench and unclench, breathing labouring, mouth forming around words that don't quite make sound.

"Don't leave again..." She whispers, tossing her body away from him, and then back. Her hand reaches out a few inches, barely brushing the front of his shirt before she pulls back and cries out softly. It's painful for him to hear, and he flinches like he's been struck.

Grabbing a blanket from the bottom of the bed, Edward wraps her body up into it and pulls Bella's struggling form into his tight embrace.

"Please don't go." She mumbles, still fidgeting in his arms "Not again."

"Bella?" He breathes, leaning in so his mouth is right next to her ear. "Bella, listen to me. I'm not leaving, not now, not ever again. Some part of your subconscious has to understand what I'm telling you, and what I'm telling you is that there could be an ocean, or a thousand foot wall, or an army between us, and I would still find a way to come back to you. I will always find a way back to you, if I have to swim or climb or fight. There is no force on this earth that could take me away, just tell me you want me and I'll be here. Always, I'll be here."

"Edward." She breathes, struggling against him "Edward. Edward. Edward. Don't leave."

"I'm right here, love, I'm not going anywhere."

"Love you. So much. Don't go." Edward pulls Bella tighter and it seems to placate her, as she stops moving and breathes. Just breathes.

"Never again." She sighs, relaxing.

This time, Edward doesn't hesitate.

"Never again."