This is something sent to me by my best friend. I originally asked her if I could post it as an extra, but figured it deserved its own oneshot. Love you, Bee.

The Bumblebee-Is-A-Slagging-Genius-Story

originally authored by Bee

edited by Plenoptic (There wasn't much to edit)

Jazz had been blamed for all the things gone wrong with Bumblebee; the incident when he touched Elita, his colorfulness in word choice(thanks to the twins), all these he had done.

The only one he didn't do was when Bee had been locked in Optimus's cabin; it had been Bumblebee himself who had locked him in, but Jazz had been blamed.

Jazz had been punished with recycling duty every time he had some harmless fun with Bee, and it was all worth it. Jazz grinned at the memory of Optimus's furious face- and knocked on Ratchet's cabin door. That sounded poetic...

"Who is it?"

"Jazz here for sparkling duty."

There was suddenly the sound of a sparkling's exited rush of warbled chirps that no one understood.

"Hey there Bee! Z'at you?" Jazz shouted through the door.

A tired Ratchet opened the door, and glared at Jazz.

Jazz grinned back.

"JAZZ!" Bumblebee slammed into Jazz's legs.

"BEE!" Jazz shouted back and scooped Bumblebee up in his arms. "Are you ready for some fun today buddy?'

"YES!" Bee squirmed excitedly in Jazz's arms.

"What were you planning on doing with him?" Ratchet had found Bee in Optimus's cabin and firmly thought that Jazz was the scoundrel.

"A few games, maybe a walk…" Jazz tried to sound innocent.

Ratchet didn't take the bait, "if you do anything like last week, so help me but I will have no mercy."

Jazz did the best salute he could manage with a wiggling sparkling in his arms. "Yes sir."

Ratchet continued to glare, until at last he left.

"Whoa," That had taken much longer than Jazz had expected, "C'mon Bee, let's play thenew game I brought you!"

Setting Bee on the floor, Jazz handed the sparkling a small control panel, "okay Bee, this game is hard, but I bet you can do it, you just read the question, and pick the right answer."

Bumblebee turned the devise over a few times in his small hands, "I start?" He looked expectantly at Jazz.

"Yep, when you're done let me see it, 'kay?"

"OKAY!" Bee smiled, truly happy, and started to play the 'game.'

Jazz leaned back in Ratchet's chair; that had bee much easier than he thought. Pulling out his head phones, he waited for Bumblebee to finish the test.

Control center:

Optimus was checking over the ship's vitals when a message suddenly popped up in front of his work. He leaned into read the small print, "results of IQ test for sparkling BUMBLEBEE!?"

Ratchet peered over his shoulder, "darn Jazz, might as well open it…"

"Jazz did this?" Optimus opened the file.

"Who else?" Ratchet muttered as they waited for the file to load, "wonder how he got him to do it though…"

The file opened. The two mechs stared at the screen, glanced at each other, stared at the screen again, and then simultaneously went offline.

Anyone like to take a guess at what his IQ is?