It was seven years after the war. At first, there were rebels and conflict in the fire nation. But under the guidance of fire lord Iroh. They soon learned that they could be just as happy in a time of peace as they would in a time of war. Happier actually. Sone everyone accepted it. Ozai had soon after his defeat and Azula was locked in jail. It was more like a mandatory hotel, very luxurious. Aang only allowed this because it wasn't really her fault for being evil; she was raised to be by her father. Zuko lives in the palace with his mother, who after almost a year of searching, was found in a refugee camp in the earth kingdom. Aang's work ended some years ago, and today he finally finished the last of his training.

He now was, really, The Avatar.


Katara lived in the South Pole. She was always so alone; her brother had moved to the Earth kingdom with Toph when they got married. Something about them always seemed so right, Katara thought. She walked down the icy street of the city Master Pakku and the other water benders from the north really did a great job making her little village a small city. It was a much smaller, due to the fact that they had a smaller population. Katara had tried to keep in touch with Aang, but he only returned a few of her letters in the beginning, none recently. In the last letter he sent her, about two years after the war, he told her that he was getting mail (and fan-mail) from all over the world, and he never could get to all of it, so he had people sort it for him. Sadly, they often threw her letters with the fan-mail, which he needed to start ignoring.

Katara was misrible. She always thought of a happier time, when she, her brother, her best friend, and her secret little crush traveled the world together. As these thoughts passed her mind, a smile would slowly creep across her face. It vanished in an instant when her little daydream bubble popped and she was back in the world again.


Katara got to her room, slipped into her nightgown, and got under her covers. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Katara awoke on Appa's back. They were flying over the ocean and she had dozed off.

'Morning, sugar queen' Toph chanted as she got up. Aang looked over at her from Appa's head and smiled one of his big, wide, signature smiles.

'Oh, good, you're awake' Sokka said sarcastically.

'What does that mean?' She demanded.

'It means I like you better when you are so soundly asleep, you can't nag' Toph laughed and though Katara was kinda mad, she smiled.

It suddenly turned dark and started to rain, and everyone's smiled faded and were replaced by frowns of sorrow. Katara looked over to Aang, he was lying on Appa's head, seemingly asleep. Katara noticed his chest wasn't moving, like he wasn't breathing. She turned him over and saw a huge gash on his back, where she knew he had been struck by lightning. Katara tried to heal him, but he was unresponsive. She started to cry and everything around her slowly faded away.

Katara awoke with tears streaming down her face. She had dreamt about him again. About Aang. She got dressed, got her thing together, and went to go to breakfast at the largest of the buildings in her tribe. It was known as the palace, but it was nothing more than a medium sized, over-decorated building. She was walking when Sokka, who was in town for a while with Toph, ran up next to her.

"Hey Katara, what's up?" He asked, he knew there was something wrong, he had known her for too long to not be able to identify when something was wrong.

"Nothing." She replied in a monotone voice.

"I know that's not true." He said. She did too, but she didn't want tot talk to Sokka about it. Luckily for her, the river made for the boats was in front of her, and though she could walk across it, Sokka would have to take the detour up a staircase, over a bridge, then down the stars again. She took her first step on the water.

"THAT'S NOT FAIR!" he yelled. Sokka hadn't changed a bit, and it made the little smile she had creep across her face.

She made it to the 'Palace' for breakfast and Sokka was close behind her. She sat down next to the one single man in her tribe who still hadn't proposed to her, Shen.

"Hey Katara." He said.

"Hey." She replied dully. She liked Shen. Not the way she liked Aang, just liked him.

"Somebody's sad. Bad dream?" How did he know?!?

"Yeah, you could say that."

"Katara, can I talk to you? You know, in private." He asked. Damn, that's what they all said before they pulled out the necklace.

"Sure." She said, almost worried. They walked out on to a balcony of the palace.

"Katara, I've known you for a long time," crap, crap, crap "and I've thought about it a lot before bringing it up," crap crap crap! What an I going to do. I can't break his heart, but I don't love him! "and I don't mean to beat around the bush…"

"Bushes are fine." Katara butted in. They laughed, but he continued very seriously.

"But Katara," crap! That didn't work "I love you…" Aww… shit! "And I was wondering…" here we go… "What's wrong?"

"What?" Katara said, very surprised.

"Katara, you're like a sister to me, and something has been wrong lately, I know it." A single tear slid down Katara's cheek.

"Can we talk about this later?"

"Will you really tell me?" Katara nodded as the tear hit the ground. Shen wiped away the moisture left on her cheek ad hugged her.

"Hey! Katara! Where are yo-" Sokka started as he stepped out on to the balcony. "Oh… I'm sorry… I didn't mean to be… uh… interrupting something." Sokka backed away and left, of course, thinking that they were somehow a couple.


Later that day, Katara and Chen sat down to talk over tea at her house.

"So what's bothering you?" He asked

"It's gonna sound stupid, but, It's the avatar." She said. Chen was surprised, nobody has even been upset over the avatar saving the world before, especially not someone who had helped him. "I love him."


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