Title: Double Agent

Author: vashsunglasses

Rating: T

Fandom: Transformers 2007

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers and I make no money from this story.

Summary: Movieverse. AU. An Autobot double agent reveals himself from among the ranks of the Decepticons at the behest of Optimus Prime.

The sun was going down as Sam, Bumblebee, and Prowl sat on a hillside near the Autobot base, talking and sharing stories. From inside the base a group of Bots stood watching them from a large window.

Ironhide slammed his fists down on the crate in front of him, "That Decepticon has done something to them, I just know it! It was a bad idea allowing that Con to-"

"Ironhide that is enough," Optimus boomed, "Prowl is a trusted member of the Autobots and I will not allow you to slander him further."

Ratchet stepped forward, "Optimus-"

"No," Prime said sternly as he gazed out the window, "I have stood back and allowed this to go on long enough. If it takes the actions of two younglings to make seasoned Autobots see the light, then so be it. The two of them are wise beyond their years, but it shames me to think that the most trusted officers under my command have less wisdom."

Ironhide flinched as if hit by a solid blow. Ratchet stiffened.

Optimus took in their reflections and softened his stance once he saw his words had had the desired effect. "Are the words we Autobots profess to live by mere words? Or do they mean something more? If we cannot meet even our own allies with compassion, how can we hope to win this war? When the day of peace comes, it will fall upon us to forgive those on the other side. If we cannot do this then the war is already lost." He bowed his head. "Heed the example of those two kind hearts my friends."

With slump to his shoulders and a heavy spark Optimus Prime turned and walked slowly from the room. In silence the two Autobots looked to each other's optics then turned their glance outward towards the budding friendship silhouetted by the sunset.

The End.