Hello my wonderful readers!
You may be wondering why on earth there is another chapter to a story you believed to be done. Well, it's simple really. It isn't.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not changing the ending or anything. I'm just coming up with a sequel, since so many of you wanted it.

HOWEVER, there will be no fluff from those two months. Now, there may be fluff in the sequel, but no two months as of right now, but that IS subject to change.

Now, I know I had this promise that I wouldn't have an author's note in this story. That pledge will follow to the sequel.

As you will notice, that means there is something in this tidbit.

A preview! It's a basic summary of the sequel. It may be cliché (I have no idea, haven't read it yet, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist) and it may be a bad idea. But it's midnight and I was thinking of options, and this is my best so far.

Suggestions? Just review and let me know what you think would be better for a sequel. I'm writing this for you guys (and myself, I just can't give up on this story, I love it too much) and I want to write what you want to read (and what I want to read/write too).

Sooo, without further ado, I give you a summaryyy….

The coma did affect Bella, but not in the way they expected. Can the Cullens figure out what is wrong? Will they need the help of the most powerful vampires in the world? What is their price? And will Edward save Bella in time (for the second time), and will they really get their happy ending? BxE


My eyes were swimming. Edward's face was getting blurrier, and his voice was growing faint. I didn't know what was happening, and I started to panic. I let out a small yelp when my vision was nearly gone.

"Bella! Bella, are you okay?" Edward sounded frantic, but I couldn't really tell.

I tried to speak to him. To convey some message, tell him I'll be alright. But the truth was that I didn't know myself. I managed to choke out something despite my growing dizziness.


Then I was floating in nothing, not darkness, just emptiness. Pure and utter nothingness.

And I heard and saw no more.

Please note: If you hate it, just tell me. Like I said, it's past midnight, and I'm not always at my best.

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