Chapter Eight:

The morning light poured in a little too early for the squint squad, but not early enough for a little boy named Parker Booth. Brennan felt him get up out of their bed and tip-toe around the room, getting ready for his day. She heard him open the door to their bedroom and make his way to the kitchen. She figured it was time to get up and help him before he spilt cereal everywhere.

Brennan groaned, while getting up to stretch. She knew she wasn't getting anyway younger. Pulling on her slippers she made her way out to the kitchen in time to catch him putting some cereal back in the box. Booth's and Brennan's parenting philosophy had been to let them learn by doing. It seemed like a good idea in theory, however didn't hold much water when it came to the messes that Brennan had to clean. She wished that Booth was there with her, watching their son grow.

"Hi Mom." He whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" She whispered back to him.

Parker pointed out into their living room where Cam was stirring on the sofa, but Hodgins and Zack had came in and set up their cots as well. It was definitely a full house. Angela was still asleep in her bed.

"Hey Parks, why don't you go take breakfast outside? It should be warm enough. I'll fix my bagel and come out with you in a second okay?"

"That's great. And then I can go look for worms!" He said a little too excitedly, eliciting a groan from Cam. "Sorry." Parker whispered, grabbing his bowl, making his way to the porch.

Brennan smiled at him. Booth definitely did a great job with him. She twisted her engagement ring on her finger, remembering the day he put it on her finger, which led to many morning of no longer having to wake up alone, now she was back to that. She was a widow at the age of 30. People kept telling her to move on, but she couldn't and wouldn't. Her heart belong to Booth. She put some lox on her bagel and joined her son on the porch.


Brennan could fill the chill of the morning air as she stepped out. Parker was munching happily on his Coco Puffs. "Good morning Mom." He greeted.

"Hi Baby." She kissed him on his hair. She smiled at him, he was looking more like Booth everyday. "Did you have sweet dreams last night?" Brennan knew that he slept well with her in the room.

"I had a nightmare before you came in the room with me." Parker looked into his bowl.

"Oh." She whispered, finishing off her bagel, she pulled him into her lap. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"There was a fire and you were trapped inside." Parker whispered. "You were trying to get out, but couldn't."

"Baby, I promise you that I will do my best to never leave you." She reassured him.

"Daddy came to me last night and helped me through it though." Parker told her.

"Did you feel better seeing Daddy?" Brennan asked him, knowing that Parker often dreamed about him.

"Yeah, he made me feel tons better. He tucked me back into bed like he used to." He muttered, still a little drowsy.

"Hmm. It seems like a little boy is too tired to dig for his own worms." She whispered into his hair.

"I'm not tired." Parker bolted out of lap. "I'm wide awake."

"Good. I wouldn't want to have to find worms all by myself. Help me clean up inside and we will get ready to go fishing." Parker smiled at her, helping her carry in the dishes. They were going to be okay.

Brennan smiled as she watched her son run around the edge of the woods digging for worms, smiling each time that he found one. He looked so much like his father, losing Rebecca's features slowly.

"Hello Tempe." Brennan looked up and saw Sully approaching her.

"Sully, what are you doing here?" She asked. "I'm glad that you came." She added. "We are all getting ready to go fishing."

"Cam invited me out. We just got a cabin. She told me about Zack and Hodgins' tent collapsing and how cramped your cabin was. I hope you don't mind." Sully told her.

"No, in fact I'm glad you came. We are going to try to go fishing as soon as Parker gets finished digging for worms." She told him. She stared out into the water. "Parker needs a strong male figure in his life, and I think that Booth would be glad it's you."

"Tempe, I promised him the day you guys got married if something ever happened to him, I would help you in every way possible. He was the best man I ever knew." Sully picked up a stone and skipped it across the water. "I miss him too. Being back with everyone, helping you helps me get past missing him. He sent me a letter asking me to fulfill my promise, to make sure that you and Parker would be safe."

"That's just like Booth." Brennan smiled.

"I bought him a pigskin for us to throw around together. Booth had a great arm. I bet that Parker will have a great arm too."

"What's a pigskin?" Brennan asked.

"Nickname for football." Sully answered.

"I think Parker would like that. Speaking of Parker, where is he?" She spun around realizing she stopped hearing him. "Sully where is he?" Brennan started panicking.

"Tempe, stop panicking. He probably just went deeper into the woods to find some woods. Parker!" Sully screamed out his name.

"Parker Booth, this isn't funny!" Brennan screamed for him. Parker didn't answer back, nor did he materialize. "Where is he Sully?" Her voice was shaking, and the rest of the team ran out, realizing that something was wrong.

"Bren, honey calm down. We will find him."

She spun around, looking into the woods. "Parker!"

"Mom!" She heard him call out. "My foot is stuck!"

She ran to where she heard him. She searched frantically until she spotted his blond locks a little further in. He was tugging at his leg which was wedged between two logs. "I came in here searching for worms, and the log rolled and now I'm wedged." Tears started forming in his eyes.

"It's okay Baby." Brennan tried to calm him down. The team all ran over to where they were. "His foot is wedged."

"We could build a pulley to move it." Hodgins suggested.

"No, that wouldn't work." Zack said. "We don't have the right stuff."

"Mom!" Parker started.

"Guys! That will take too long." Brennan stated.

"Or we could just all push the log up the hill and Brennan could pull him free." Sully pointed out. "Nothing too complicated."

Cam shot him a thankful look. "See what I have to put up with. On the count of three now. One, two three." They pushed the log a little, just enough for her to free him. Brennan scooped him up in her arms.

"Parker, are you hurt?" She sat with him, pulling his shoe off. She examined his ankle. "Your medial and lateral malleolus don't seem to be fractured. Can you move it?"

"Mom, it's fine. It was just wedged." Parker started.

"There is a bruise forming. We need to put ice on it."

"No Mom! I want to go fishing." Parker started.

"We can put ice on it while we go fishing." Sully suggested. "Does that sound okay?"

They both nodded. Parker lifted his arms up, wanting Brennan to pick him up. She hoisted him up. "You scared me Baby."

"I'm sorry Mom."

"Don't do it again. Tell someone where you are going to go." She admonished, holding him a little tighter. "I lost your daddy. I don't want to lose you too."

"Mom, you won't." Parker promised.

Brennan carried her son out of the woods, shivering as she couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her every move.

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