There was a man, a magic man, and his knowing was wide and powerful. Not even he
could stop death, however... and as he held the cooling palm of his wife he decided
then that if he couldn't have her then even the memory of her would be destroyed.
She would remain perfect in his memory and his alone; no one else could own their
love. Let there be no one and nothing to remind him of her, for with her too will die
the last of his human desires.


There was a boy, a crying boy, and he was sent away as a child to live far away from
the capital. In those dark woods and simple farming lands he knew nothing but how to
live from one day to the next. In time even the memory of his mother began to fade,
and the city he was born to nothing more than a misty scene.


There was a girl, a sad girl, sitting alone in the forest deep. She was sent away as her
elder sister died, the last of her family. The rest of the village thought her an omen of
misfortune, and would have killed her had they not thought her ghost would only curse
their village further. She watched the village burn in the distance, and closed her eyes
as she felt the approach of something large, green, toothy and vicious.


There were gods, ancient asleep, and in their silent state they counted the passing of
years and took note of the stars. Even in their chosen death clad within their metal
shells still burned the cleasing fires.


Fifteen years later.

The magician stood there in his hooded robes, nobody had seen his face for years and
years. Only his bearded chin was in view, and no one had any idea of just how it was
he could walk around without tripping all over things.

No one dared to ask, though. His powers, though often unused, only became more and
more terrible with the passing of years. Therefore, when he went before the king to
say that something comes; something beyond even his powers to defeat or predict,
then everyone feared for the safety of the kingdom itself.

After almost nine thousand years, the stars were right; the heavens would open again;
and the Gods would feed. There would be no salvation in prayer, for it was a test of
humanity's right to exist. It had happened before, and will happen again; for that was
why the Imperial Capital was the called The Third City. It was built upon the ruins of
earlier failures.


A shaman lay dying, and even as his spirit left, he pointed to the stars. 'Oomans were
going ta die. And so den dey would takes over da empty land. It's da time to meet da
star gods, and wake up der own land god. It's da time. Der's killins' ta be done.

Da Scary Small Lady was there by the one she loved as her own father, though they
weren't related by blood or even species. Da Scary Small Lady was ready to lead her
chosen people into their destiny.


There was a letter. It called him to the Capital. It could not be refused, for there were
two armored knights accompanying it. And so the Unwanted Son said farewell forever
to those peaceful days, amid whispers of demon-child and heresy.


The Third City was huge beyond belief, but its gleaming white facade hid something
greater still. Underneath were ruins, an underground expanse, a city within a city. In
it worked the magics that kept the Empire strong, and the faith of the people lit up
the false skies.

There, one of the knights took off its helmet, to reveal she was a woman all along.
She was the Guardian, a respected veteran, and she brought him to Golden Priestess
to recieve the blessings of the City Within.

And further down the sacred, ancient tunnels, they brought him to it.

The sleeping Machine God.

And his father.


A Girl with Blue Hair, with three large cloaked figures around her, stood and watched
as the Enemy made its presence known. It dove from the sky, and rose from its pit as
a being arge and grotesque. It was death-black and bone-white, and it brought only
pitiless destruction.

All the weapons of war, all the magics of the land, nothing fazed it. The Third City
was ready to fall like the others before it.

She smiled slightly, the only joy she allowed herself to show.


Fight for us, or die with us. The prophecies were incredibly specific, despite being
thousands of years old. The Machine God was waking. Once before it had scourged
the world nearly clean of life, in its war against the Star Gods. It could do so again.

In its long sleep however, its mind had deteriorated, so much so that it could not
even move on its own. It needed a new mind, a fresh new soul, one that young and
without regrets. One born from a cold womb, one whose blood sang with old power
yet could not use it. One among all the children in all the world. Him.

He refused.

He had never been wanted. Now he was just to throw his life away at their will? He
had no power. He couldn't do it. Such a beast...! He had no power.

They begged, they threatened, but unless he made the choice nothing could be done.
Unwilling, the machine god would just reject the sacrifice.


His father gestured, and up on the air appeared the carnage in all full sight, sound
and even smell. Everyone screaming, everyone was burning, everyone was dying. He
wanted to vomit. However, it all only further drove into his mind how unsuitable he
was to carry their hope.

Then he saw one Blue Haired Girl, walking down the street, calmly as if invincible in
the midst of that chaos. She turned, and it seemed that despite the distance she
was looking right at him.

And she smiled, slightly.

The Star Angel spasmed and shot out more yellow cross-shaped beams. Ancient
buildings around her started to crumble; and a stone wall fell on her. She didn't have
time to flee, and was crushed instantly.

He found himself crying.

He found himself saying, yes.

He will give himself to the Evangelion.


They made the proper preparations, and followed the half-forgotten rituals. He had
feared it would eat him, but instead it seemed as his he had to crawl into its spine.
There was a seat there, made of strange softly-shining white metal. Nobody knew if
the great beast had an intelligence that was mastered, or had developed and lost
that on its own.

It sight was his sight, its heart was his heart.

For the first time in many, many centuries, the Evangelion walked in the light of day.


He screamed. It was terrifying enough to see the destruction the Third Angel was
carving out of the city, but the Evangelion's eyes could actually see the souls being
sucked up by one of its two bonelike masked faces. The Evangelion could hear their
anguish. The Evangelion could taste their flavor.

The Angel noticed its ancient enemy, and attacked.

He struggled. He begged the machine spirit. He screamed. Move! Please move! Move,
damn you! Must I get out and push?

The Evangelion roared.


Below, a large slab of stone and mortar was pushed off a pile of rubble. From under
it, the Blue-haired Girl heaved at the slab and sent its great weight tumbling with
ease. She looked up, expectant. Show me the power of humanity.


Its fury was primal and pure, its power tested and true. This was the Eternal Principle
of Man. To struggle on, to fight on, even until the very end. To live! The instinct for
survival, kill or be killed! And that he that who has nothing left to lose might gain


The Reluctant Boy awoke knowing nothing. He couldn't understand everyone's thanks.
He bowed to the command that no one must know someone lay within the machine
god; not only did it invite trouble from their enemies, he also felt he didn't deserve
any praise.

Twenty days later, and the Undercity lost its luster. There was nothing for him but
prayer, cleansing, and training. He had made a few friends friends of his age, though.
There was the young Techpriest, who knew much about the Evangelion but had no
talent for combat. There was the young Guardsman, fit and impatient for his time to
arrive. There was the daughter of the Inquisitor, stern but kind.

The boys were bored, and asked him to come with them up to see the Third City. To
escape Her Inquisition was tough, but they managed.


Up there despite the devastation, it was still wondrous. The boys roamed about, and
enjoyed the many sights and sounds and tastes and smells. In all the frantic bustle
though, the Unwanted Son found himself separated from his friends.

He wandered around, until he found himself at the coarser parts of the city, where
the damage was most severe. He saw how people were suffering and hated himself,
for his lack of strength.

He was accosted by a group of thugs, who saw how clean and well-dressed he was.
He ran off amid the taunts and jeers of the people.

He bumped into someone.

The three cloaked figures looked ready to attack, but a mere flick of her hand held
them back. The Blue-haired Girl looked at the Reluctant Boy stammering out his
apologies and said it was no problem. She was new to the city and could use a guide.
At his further regret at being new to the city himself; then perhaps they could learn
of it together.

As they walked around, he looked on with wonder at his strange new companion. She
was a very odd girl; alternately acting like she knew everything then be so confused
by simple things even he took for granted. She laughed at none of the jokes, disliked
the sweetness of cakes and candies, and frowned at all the womanly fineries. Yet,
when she turned and smiled just slightly at him, he felt like he'd been given something

They stopped to eat inside an inn. As they sat there, someone at the next table, a
man with rusty metal armor, began to relate tales of his deeds. He told of the many
campaigns for which he's sold his sword... but his greatest was the drive to the East
and purging the borders of the orkish filth. They were barely more than animals, and
he slew them like animals. They were savage and brutish, as willing to eat each other
as they would devour fat breasts and fresh young livers. They were an abomination to
the natural order of things, and it was the duty of every man to wipe them out.

The Blue-haired girl, herself having put up her hood, became so very unnaturally calm.
She drank pale honey and said nothing, waiting for the food.

Those over at the next table roared more, being drunk out of their minds. They spoke
of the greenskins' stupidity in battle, their lack of any form of honor, and how their
only method of winning was to drown the enemy in green blood.

One of them took out a necklage of large, pointed teeth.

One of the Blue-haired Girl's guards suddenly roared and leapt at them. Under his thick
cloak he was clad all over in furs and black cloth; and his arms were powerful. A single
sweep sent all there tumbling. Everyone soon was in an enthusiastic melee.

The Blue-haired girl just sighed. She sat there with him, utterly calm. Only they were
posts of order in all that chaos.

Until someone slashed with a dagger, and out from one of her guards, green blood
spilled out.

Everyone then began panicking. Orks! Orks in the city! Weapons were drawn. The
three guards brought out form under their cloaks spiked knuckles. No quarter would
be given.

Still, the two children just sat there.

A throwing knife flashed, and the Unwanted Son could only look on in amazement as
it was stopped mere inches from his head. The girl had caught it, uncaring that the
edge cut into her palm. She squeezed her hand further, red blood dripped, and the
metal crumpled under her grip. She looked up, and her red eyes held such deadly fury.
She was indeed, quite Scary.

She bowed to him, as if excusing herself, then launched herself into the fray. People
began flying all over the place; being thrown into walls and breaking tables. She then
leapt at one of her orkish guards, and pounded him with a single punch into the floor
for his stupid lack of control.

Whistles from outside announced the arrival of the Imperial Guard. The Scary Small
Lady and her Orks prepared to fight through. The Unwanted Son winced. He got up
and asked for them to run. He would take care of it. Please, he begged them. Trust
him. She nodded, had one of her orks charge right through a back wall, and then left
him alone amidst all that mess.

The Imperial Guard found him standing in front of the hole, holding up a fist-sized
identity plaque. It was marked with the Imperial Seal, half of a leaf in ruby. Under
that were the runes of his name, and an Inquisitorial sigil. Beside that was a Ministral
seal. And beside even that, was the winged skull crest of the Imperial High Guard.
Worse still, was the symbols proclaiming him the son of the Court Magician.

They had no choice but to just leave back through the door and continue their pursuit
from another route. The orks and their young leader were already far away.

Needless to say, his actions displeased many greatly.

Treason! Even from him, it was unforgivable. Ever have the orks been the bane of
mankind, always lurking at the fringes of their empire; hungering to bring it all down.
Not even ignorance can excuse it. They were not human, surely he should have seen
so easily where his loyalty lay?

His father even broke into his mind, to see what he'd seen. Even the blue-haired girl.

It was a bad omen. No human had hair and eyes like that, at least none that had been
allowed to live. Clearly those superstitions had some basis in truth; they were indeed
the heralds of misfortune.

He couldn't believe it. They put him in jail to think over his actions.

For days he sat there in darkness and silence. He never really had much contact with
others of his age. Back in his village, he was picked on for being so scrawny and so
cowardly. The girls didn't want anything to do with him. Verily, she was the very first
other child to look upon him and not judge with her eyes, to accept him as what he
was and asked for nothing more.

He didn't regret being so selfless, for once.


An unknown span of days later, the cell doors opened. It was a young woman, who
smiled sadly at him. She was the Silver Priestess, one of the three attendants to the
Golden Priestess; silver priestess, bronze cleric and iron cleric. She told him she didn't
think he didn't really do anything wrong, for no one was killed. Everyone had the right
to decide for themselves, that life should not be wasted, no matter what form it took.


She asked for him to accompany her up to the battlements.


It was a Green Tide. It was a sea of Orks. From horizon to horizon, nothing but green.
It was a horde beyond all hordes. The Orks had encamped completely surrounding the
Third City. They kept a distance of at least half a mile away, but it was a seige none
the less.

Standing high above them... was an Evangelion of their own. It was hunched over,
painted a garish orange with checkered bands of white and black. Upon its shoulders it
carried what looked like a small fortress. It also had the equivalent of anklets and
pouches as archer roosts, cannon mounts, and various other shooty things.

As if sensing his arrival, the orks began to roar and stamp their feet on the ground. So
many were there that they actually produced a small tremor he could feel. Their roars
and stomps were at a crude, but energetic rythmn.

The -Principio Eternus- rose out from the Undercity on a floating pedestal behind him.
His father, the old king, his new friends, all were already there. All looked grim. It was
bad enough having to face the Angels and their Star Gods, but a force of that
magnitude... the Imperial Guard were the finest in the land, but against the wave upon
wave threatening to splash over them, it would be bloody beyond measure.

He was ordered into the Evangelion. He could feel their blame.


The heavens broke apart, and there arrived the next of the Angels. It floated down
to the ground between the armies and turned its armored head to all the green around
it. For the first time, a Angel spoke; and expressed surprise that the infestation was
still around.

Ya trieds that kills us and we'z still here! was overall their common response. Orks are
made for fightin' ! Fighting youz! They all began thumping their axe-heads on the
ground and chanted out a war tune.

As prophesied, the second Angel was a carrier. Small pods rained out from it, to
become squid-like floating soldiers. In moments a river stream split; half towards the
Third City and half towards the Orks.

-Gargant Moon Biter- roared. The Orks charged. WAAAGH!

At that distance, it looked simply looked like two splashes of color blurring along a
line. It would be a matter of which side ran out of bodies first. The Angel rose to the
air again and floated over to the city. The walls were enchanted, but nothing the
kept small Angelspawns from climbing on it with their clawed appendages. The Imperial
Guard fought bitterly to hold the line; even as the Angel dropped more and more of

The orange Evangelion tackled it to the ground.

The Angel closed off its holes and unfurled glowing feelers. -Gargant Moon Biter- had
sickle-like blades strapped to its forearms. And as thus, two ancient enemies battled.


He almost leapt to help, but his father refused to let him leave. Let the enemies of
man fight it out.

The Unwanted Son could only bit his lip. The battle was brutal beyond belief. Such
was what happened when two creatures utterly without care for their own lives met
in opposition. However, slowly... the orks were being pushed back. Angelspawn were
spilling over the walls. The Orkish Evangelion was pushed to the ground, one of its
blades splintering.

He screamed out his dismay. The Angels were the enemy of all who lived to hope, ork
and human. He so wished he could help. He wanted to give his regret to those who

And suddenly a small window opened up in his vision. Why do you disturb me; asked
the Girl With Blue Hair.

She grimaced, holding back a scream of pain as her Evangelion's armor was pierced
through. -Gargant Moon Biter- roared again, pulled out the attack appendage and
yanked the Angel closer. It swung with its remaing arm blade; only for the Angel to
again counter with its armored head. She kicked up, knocking it over and exposing
its core.

The Angel shot out with both feelers, wrapping around the Evangelion's left arm; and
drawing taut sliced it right off.

This time, she screamed.

He found himself in a single bound clearing the wall and landing with both feet on the
Angel's back, stomping it down. -Principio Eternus- roared. It too, wanted blood and
battle. It hefted its trident and stabbed down. The Angel bucked it off, bleeding.



The White River fell apart under the Green Tide. The orks surged forth towards the
Angel. Uncaring of their own lives, they began to climb on it, bite of it, stab at it. The
Angel writhed and slapped at itself with its own feelers.

The purple Eva grabbed at those, and held the Angel still. The orange Eva then took
up the fallen trident and stabbed at the core.

As it cracked, the Angel began to melt.

Both Evangelions roared out in victory.


The Scary Small Lady visited the City alone and in confidence. If anything at all were
to happen, her great horde would pile high the wall with corpses just to get in and
raze it all to the ground. There would be no Fourth City. She was not protected by
any prophecy; she had sought out that Evangelion herself and drank of its power.

Why? asked the Reluctant Boy. Why did she risk her life for him?

Because as she represented the Orks so must he represent humanity. And she had
found him worthy of living. As long as he lived and as long as the Heavens remained
open, then the orks may ally with humanity.


No one liked it, but the Orkish encampment outside did vastly help the city's defense.
Beyond it, humanity was at the mercy of the Angels. More and more people fled to
the protection of its walls. Tensions boiled high, but the threat of mutual annihilation
kept it all from spilling over. For once, they needed each other.

Amid that, the Unwanted Son and the Scary Small Lady shared the stories of their
lives and what they wished for the future. They became each other's first true friends.


The third Angel floated in a blue shell, and hovered contemptously out of their reach.
All magics and massed cannon attacks didn't even mar its polished suface.

Both Evangelions launched massive enchanted javelins, which did actually leave a
mark. The Angel blasted at them with an energy beam.

It spoke; saying that it was all unnecessary. The Star Gods only demanded tribute.
Give unto them the poor, the infirm, the unwanted... and the Star Gods shall grant
unto them all gifts. Pitiful creatures, did they not realize that all their arts and powers
were derived from the Stars? Even the Machine Gods were forged from the seeds of
that which made Angels.

The Orks were loathsome to the Star Gods. Reject them, and the glory of Man shall
shine again like in the First City. Worship the Star Gods, and it shall all be theirs again.

There were already several orks in the city, and they bared their great teeth at the
throng around them. Outside, the horde prepared. Inside her Eva, the Blue-haired Girl
remained very, very still. The Reluctant Boy pleaded with his father.

In the end, the magician spoke out. The wards did nothing against the Angels. It only
seemed to fuel them further. So; the source of the wards must be broken and its
power absorbed by the Evangelions.

In the meantime... he put his hands to the marble floor of the throne room and out
from his palms glowing etching marked into the surface. All around the city, lines and
intricate designs flared into being. The Angel was repelled from overhead city, as a
magical field suffused the air.

The Angel blasted away, to no effect. Within, the old magician was brought to his
knees. He sweated, but held firm. Even his power could not save his wife. But for the
moment... it should serve well enough.


The two Evangelions descended into the Undercity; or what had been the Second
City. Below that, was the First City. Below even that, was a forgotten power.

It was massive, a black monster chained down in a spherical underground cavern. It
seemed asleep, then suddenly snapped with its toothy jaws as the two comparatively
tiny Evas approached. They were to it as men would be to them.

A two-pronged spear was stabbed into its core, right in the center of its massive
forehead. The bound Star God then spoke into their minds;

Free it, and its power shall be theirs. By its word, carved into eternity, it will not harm
them or that which their valued. Its enemy was the Star Gods, with whose lies their
ancestors had bound it underneath. Let it free, for it could be content with feeding off
emotions. It was the Night Lord, and its Chaos was the spark of life itself. It would
make souls, not break them.

Take off the Nullifying Chains, and its blessings would be beyond their imagination.
Whole words would open up to them. Eternity would bow to them. With it, all things
are possible.

And the Blue-haired Girl replied; if the ancestors were willing to give up their souls and
deal with those who are loathsome to them, then you are more detestable still. If the
Star Gods may only appear when the stars are right, then you must be an enemy for
all time.

You are all fools; said the Night Lord, as the Evas pushed the lance in. You do not
know what powers you trifle with; it said as it died.


The Evangelions exploded out of the ground, upon wings of darkly shimmering energy.
Ancient wards flared purple, then faded. The Angel shot at the palace and the magic
man merely smiled a little, as brightness filled his vision.

The Evangelions roared and flew up at the Angel. They held the lance by its prongs
and the coiled bands of metal slid apart to give each a pointed spear. The Evas then
shot forth, their weapons held ahead, and pierced right through the Angel.

It exploded over the City, bathing everyone in brightness.

And something laughed.


Wisps, like softly glowing smoke, began to rise from the city. It all gathered towards
a single spot, all coming together into a point of light. That light grew larger and
larger and ever so much brighter, until finally...

The gates of heaven completely broke open.

It hovered over the city, vast and unimaginably powerful. It was vaugely draconic in
shape, with six massive wings... or tendrils. It had no shadow, for it was the Burning

A Star God had arrived.

All those souls, trapped by the Night Lord, now fed the Star God. It laughed some
more. Fools. Fools. Humans thought themselves so clever; using the Star Gods to
imprison the Chaos Gods, then use its powers to seal away the Star Gods. Fools! Now
nothing could help them any futher. They had no power of their own, always stealing
it from others. Always crawling, always searching. Their hopes, their despair. They
were food; and it was time they accepted their fate. They were made by the universe
to be eaten by those greater.

No matter how much they tried to delude themselves. Nothing mattered. You little
creatures. Submit. Obey. Be devoured. Death is your gift. Death is your truth. In the
falsehood of existence, they could have all they wished. Cattle led comfortable lives
until needed.

The Evangelions flew up and attacked; and the powers they gained from the Night
Lord were incredible indeed. The sky was painted in violent colors, writ in fire and pain;
to the music of rage. The Burning Lord remained unscathed. It turned its single eye to
the orange Evangelion, and -Gargant Moon Biter- writhed in pain.

This is made of my flesh; said the Star God. And this flesh I take back.

The orange Evangelion was swallowed by a glowing white globe, and was brought up
to the Burning Lord.

Da Scary Small Lady had never known fear, always being told she was better off dead
by the people she grew up with. Only her sister cared, but even she suffered so much
for her sake. When the orks overran her village, the shaman saw in her red eyes the
same utter lack of fear, utter lack of hesitation to die, that characterized the orks
themselves. They too, had such red eyes. Blue hair, was for men a sign of ill omen. To
the orks, blue was a lucky color.

She was accepted for the first time, appreciated for the first time; she was cared for
and respected. She did have an unnatural strength, long hidden, as just yet another
thing to separate her from the other humans. To the orks, being kicked around by a
being barely taller than their knees was endlessly amusing.

They were her people. She loved them. And dey lubbed her back, or as far as they
could actually feel that odd emotion.

Da Orks were an old race, a powerful one, for they had once been able to defeat a
Machine God sent by Man. They had buried it, and no one could wake it; even as over
the countless years it had healed its wounds. -Gargant Moon Biter- was waiting for
only her. Only da warboss was allowed into that cave, and only a pure child could ever
have coaxed its decayed mind. There was no prophecy. There was only the perfect
orky coincidence.

She who had never known fear, she who could endure beyond human limits - for the
first time, screamed in terror. The Evangelion was slowly sinking into the strange flesh
of the Star God, and it ate away at her everything.

What a curious soul; the Burning Lord commented. Human, and yet not human. It had
changed itself by its own will. A small offering, but satisfying nonetheless.

The orks began loading themselves into their own catapults and then launched weilding
big chopping axes at the Star God. They exploded into bursts of green blood as they
crossed a certain invisible boundary.

Waaagh! No end to it; until they were all dead. Humanity cowered inside their useless


He was crying. He said her name over and over again. The Evangelion turned its head
around... the city was in shambles, as Angelspawn poured though a massive crack in
the legendary walls. The green tide was slowing to a trickle. The palace was a pillar
of smoke in the distance.


His friends...


Nothing could be done. It was their final day. What was man against such power?
What was he to eternity? Since earliest time, were they all just destined to die? He
could see no way to change that; the future was closed to him.

He had no strength. He wasn't so smart. No human power, no human trickery could

Screaming and begging filled his ears. From under and on the ground more and more
souls floated up to feed the Star God. He could feel their despair. He could hear their
last final plea.

He screamed out, shaking his head, his tears flicking out. He took big gulps of breath.

So much suffering! So much suffering! All their lives were for nothing?

He couldn't accept that.


-Principio Eternus- stood up straight, and opened its right hand out. Two streaks
sped into its palm, twining into the familiar bident. Its eyes flashed. It looked up and

It is futile; rumbled out the Burning Lord. Its flesh was unpleasant. Its soul was small
and insignificant. What did it want?

For the Star God to die!


And the Unwanted Son believed. He wasn't strong enough in the hand, he wasn't
strong enough in the mind, but he was strong in his heart and that was what he could
give. When all was dark and hope was gone, it was when the light of the soul should
shine it brightest.

The Evangelion rose into the sky.

It roared again. There was as if a cyclone around itself. The soul wisps were sucked
away from the Burning Lord and to around itself. Six blue glowing wings unfolded up
and out from its back. The very sky seemed to shriek. Its defiant roar reached up the

Awaken, Titan! You who slay the enemies of man! You who stand at the gates of
hell! You who shall break into the Heavens! Rise up, young man!

And become legend!


And this is how the fantasy ends. Those who take delight in their own might are
merely pretenders to power. The true warrior of fate needs no adoration or fear, no
tricks or overwhelming effort; he need not be stronger or smarter or innately more
capable than everyone else; he need not even admit it to himself. He need not win
victory after victory to be considered a badass.

All he needs to do is to stand there, at that moment when all hope is dead, and look
upon the abyss without flinching. That the armies of heaven and hell would see, that
this is a soul that cannot be conquered; and thus conquers all.

He stands alone but is never alone. His power is no one's and yet everyone's.

The warrior of fate writes his own destiny. Because he gives his everything, no one
can trap him, no one can own him, and no one can ever take away what he'd earned.


I see; realized the Burning Lord. You are a Star God as well. I greet you, Bright Lord.
Welcome. Let us feast.


I am no God!; he replied. I am the Hope and the Fury of Man! You have fed on us and
your power comes from -us-. This is the Vessel of my Will! Know its Name!



-Principio Eternus-!

And know you too must be judged. Your death has sought you out.


The Star God was still actually larger than the City itself. Shining from within, energies
began to crack the Evangelion's armor. Until finally, it exploded. All the souls merged
with that glowing sphere, expanding out, into something that stood like a man and
glowed with the power of all their souls.

The Burning Lord opened its maw to reveal teeth sharp beyond all imagination.

The Bright Lord opened its mouth to reveal the Unwanted Son standing there, outside
on the left shoulder of the Evangelion. -Principio Eternus- still held the Nemesis Bident.

The two titanic forces shot up into the sky, curving around to a distance. The Star
God spat out beams of energy. The Unwated Son slapped those aside. He punched
out, and the glowing arms sharpened into points that extended far across the land.
The attack simply scraped across the Star God's back.

They circled; roared out and charged at each other. They slammed into the other
and literally, broke the sky. The shockwave was visible and expanded out across half
the world. The ground below them melted into red-hot rivers as their battling powers
pushed down. The Burning Lord snapped and swallowed the new Human God. Cut in
half, it still screamed out in fury. It shoved out with its arms into the Star God's body.

The glowing extensibles pierced out into a strange hollow space deep inside the Star
God, and was stopped by a glowing hexagonal red field. It opened its palm and the
Evangelion pierced the field to fly across the expanse. Great glowing spikes grew from
the walls to impale it. It threw the lance towards a strange red core. The Unwanted
Son stood at the tip of it. As if he was piloting it, he weaved through a maze of
sudden spikes and barriers. A glowing wall appearing in front of him was just broken
through. He covered his face from the fragments . He neared the core.

He yelled out her name.


A bright blue beam broke out of the Burning Lord's back. The Star God screamed in
pain. Strange orange smoke wafted from the hole, its energetic lifeblood. Explosions
rippled across its form.

Something tumbled out of the sky. There the Unwanted Son stood, wounded and
bleeding himself, his clothes burned (and still burning) in places. He rode the very tip
of the broken bident. He was grinning, though he was already falling to his death. In his
arms he carried a somewhat confused Blue-haired Girl.

The Burning Lord shattered, sending them hurtling out of control down into the ground.

A battered, smoldering purple Evangelion slammed into the ground. A heavily-scarred
orange Evangelion landed on top of it with a loud clang, and bounced off to crash
again nearby.

A strong wind passed through the battlefield. Out from the smoke walked two figures.
The Unwanted Son limped, supported by the Scary Small Lady; who didn't look quite
so scary then. She seemed just amused.

You sure you're not a little Ork inside; she asked him. Coz dat was just so insane. And
stupid. It was stupidly insane. And yet somehow, awesomely, it worked. It was all so
incredibly orky.

I think I'm a lot bruised inside; was his answer.

Heal thyself. Thou art God.

He shook his head. No. He embodied the hope of man. And only man can ever truly
command the destiny of man. His truest power was the ability to live as one, and in
the end die as one.

I... am not human; she added reluctantly.

You're human enough for me. He grinned slightly, half of his face still throbbing and
numb. She blushed.


Humans and Orks cheered upon seeing them. The strange pair looked at the city, at
all their faces; so full of hope. They looked up at the sky, so infinitely high and crystal-
clear. There was no end to the possibilities. The future of man belonged only to man.