Characters not mine. Random thign I found when cleaning out one of my notebooks. Enjoy!

William Fredrickson was not a completely heartless man. He loved his son, he did, really. But, Cooper could be a lot to handle and sometimes there was just no getting through to him. He had very little in the way of goals or initiative and perhaps he was to blame for some of that, spoiling the boy like he had.

At least, with Cooper away at college, he wasn't there to buy his son's way out of trouble every time he decided getting drunk was more appealing than sitting through lecture or writing a paper. And, ever since that incident with that boy Josh on the bridge, Cooper had been doing extremely well. According to his roommate, he was even going to classes and had stopped binging girls home every night nd getting stoned on a daily basis. One semester with Cooper and Josh had done what he had been trying to for nearly twenty years.

As shocking as this behavior from one Cooper Fredrickson was, he knew there was a reason. If he didn't know better, he would have insisted that there was no way that they could be talking about the same person, but he did know better. He knew why his son had finally started straightening up.

The reason was Josh.