Facing the Future

This is from the movie 'The Invisible' and it's slash - be warned now. Nick and Pete aren't mine. Enjoy!

"You still want to go to London?" The timing was unexpected, the question itself, however, was not. There were two tickets tucked away in his back pack, and he was really hoping his friend would accept. He'd been planning on asking later, when they could be alone, but he needed to know.

The boy sitting across from him at their usual table in the cafeteria just kind of stared at him in awe, unsure as to whether or not he was actually the one being spoken to.

Apparently able to read his mind, Nick laughed. "Yes, you."

Pete forced his mouth closed, still unable to comprehend how the events of -that- night hadn't cost him his best, only friend. "Ugh… sure."

Nick grinned. "Really?"

"Yeah. Why not?" He glanced around the large room. "Now that everyone knows… what part I played in everything… well, it's not like anyone's gonna miss me much." Pete shut his eyes as the sight of his best friend lying unconscious in the woods came back to his mind.

The older boy leaned closer. "Hey, I want you around, okay?" He was pretty sure he'd said this a million times since he'd been rescued. "Just think. No one'll know us there. We could get an apartment together. We wouldn't have to hide."

Pete found himself staring again. "You mean… what I think you mean?"

"Yeah." Nick covered Pete's hand with his own and smiled.

They don't really need to say anything else.