Title: Plug In Baby

Book/Anime: Naruto

Rating: M (For graphic violence and sexual content in later chapters.)

Disclaimer: Me no own Naruto.

Full Summary: Things didn't exactly turn out as everyone thought they did. After the short war that had erupted between the Akatsuki and most of the shinobi nations, -a war that had lasted only for less than a few months, though still took many casualties- a peaceful calm had settled down on Konoha and most of the other nations. It was said that all the Akatsuki, during battle, had been killed. Whether it was during the war or before, it didn't matter. However, rumors have been flying around that a few actually had survived the Akatsuki war. But the rumors have yet to have really been looked into… Unfortunately, it is fact that a few Akatsuki did survive… And damn, that weird discolored scars on bot Sakura's abdomen and back has been burning lately; the very scar from Sasori when he stabbed his poisoned sword through her. Though, what she doesn't know is that the supposed 'scar', the one she had gotten during the battle with Sasori, was not at all a scar. Sure to her, on the surface, it both looked and felt like a scar. However, it's actually a very special seal… A cursed seal that, when activated properly, enables the caster to control the host of the seal's actions. Though, the seal does more than that…

Pairing(s): SasoSaku, DeiSaku, SasuSaku, and NaruSaku with sprinkles of SaiSaku.

A/N: I know. I should be working on Polyamorous (Or even IDV.) But… But, the plot bunnies attacked me again and this was born! It-was-an-ambush-I-swear. D: Besides, don't worry, I'm almost done with the next chapter to Polyamorous, I just had to get this down. School, a job, and having a life isn't as easy as I thought it would be to juggle around. Yet, I just couldn't resist this little abomination that suddenly spawned from god-knows where. XD Ho'yeah. And a whee warning; thar be quite a few flashbacks. They may seem random at times, but I hope it adds a lighter side to the story as well as explain their relationships a bit more.


Vast hues of brilliant greens danced across her vision as her equally green irises took in the landscape. Curiously, said irises continued to scan the horizon as though trying to drink in the very essence of the view before her. Emerald, jade, olive, forest, sea foam, verdigris, sap; it seemed almost every hue of green assaulted her in that very instant. The trees of early summer in Konoha truly were a sight to behold. The corners of her full lips tugged into a smile as her form abruptly began to lean back until her back made contact with the vivid green grass of the forest floor, her legs sprawling out in the process.

The three figures sitting beside her merely stared at her for a few moments until one followed suit, becoming a mere blur of golden sunshine before landing beside her, arms supporting the back of his head in a relaxed manner. Orbs of azure lay hidden behind his lids as he grinned widely at the pinkette beside him, earning a soft, almost inaudible giggle from said young woman. The two dark-eyed shinobi merely stared at each other for a few moments, their eyes narrowing in a side glare before they too lay down upon the soft green floor of the forest.

Naruto, on her right, Sasuke, on her left and finally Sai, who laid behind her though soon propped himself so he was laying on his side, facing the three of them. They seemed to form a circle around Sakura, as though daring any other to take a step near their blossom while they were in her vicinity. It was how they always laid by her, in this little formation of theirs. The three of them were oddly protective of her, despite her oh-so-obvious strength. Hell yeah, she was among the strongest, after all. They knew she didn't need protection, but rather, just couldn't help themselves. Their blossom was just that; theirs. But she didn't need to know that now did she? Yes, she did beat them into oblivion when they became too over protective of her and not just in the battlefield. No, their protectiveness wasn't limited there, why would it be? Insects felt their wrath if they even dared to buzz at her!


"Sakura-chan! Look out!" Splat!.. The bee was quickly squished between two slightly tanned, callused hands.

"…Naruto? Was that really necessary? It was just a bee-"

"It could have stung you, Sakura-chan!" The blonde interrupted with concern in his eyes and curved brows.

"…Naruto… I don't think it would have just stung me for no reason. Besides, I'm a-"

"But you never know! Then if it did, it would have stung like heck and gotten all swollen then all itchy later on! Better safe then sorry, ne?" He again interrupted, grinning widely as he wiped his hands on the sides of his dark pants.


He failed to realize that she was, in fact, a medic nin and could easily remedy a little bee sting. And she swore when they got back to the village, that upon passing, Shino had been glaring at them.


God, don't even get her started when it comes to just shopping.


"How much?" She asked as she dug around in her pockets for her wallet.


"Two." A deeper voice interrupted him from behind Sakura, causing her to blind and whirl around, only to see Sai looming over her, his emotionless gaze narrowed ever so slightly. Though the only reason she could tell was from being around the young man for so long.

The vendor of the stand shot Sai a look that plain out said, 'screw off, crazy.'

"I said, fiv-"

"Three then."

Another look was shot at him only this time, it wasn't only the vendor that glared at him.


Arms crossed themselves over his chest impatiently."Three." His emotionless tone had suddenly become low, heavy and even a bit menacing in just mere seconds as he narrowed his gaze on him, causing the vendor to visibly flinch, gulp, and-

"T-three it is!"

Later, as the two walked away and past other vendor's stands, she swore she saw a few coil back in fear, or busied themselves with another customer nervously whenever she looked like she was about to approach their stand with the emotionless shinobi in tow.


…Did she mention she didn't have a love life because of them?


The doorbell rang and Sakura cheerfully trotted down the steps, calling out a, "Coming!" as she descended. Unlocking and answering the door, she smiled at the man once behind her door. He was rather handsome, and had been a fellow medic nin that worked with her in the hospital. Recently, he asked 'Sakura-sama', a title she felt embarrassed for being called such, on a date. "Come on in, I'll be ready in fifteen minutes. Make yourself comfortable, kay?" Blushing slightly, he nodded and sat upon her couch, gazing around the room with a small smile on his lips. After a few minutes of silence, a dark shadow loomed over him, and he dared to look over his shoulder, only to gaze into bottomless onyx orbs.

"…What are you doing here?"

'Where the hell did he come from?!' The young man visibly gulped slightly and tugged at his collar a bit, a notion that stated that he was obvious uncomfortable… Good.

"I-I'm taking Sa-Sakura-sama out-"

"Where? What are your motives?"

"M-motives?! I was j-just going to take her to the movies! Well… First we were going to see a movie at six, then eat at around eight. T-then I was going to take her on a walk to the park-"

"'Take her on a walk to the park'? You make her sound like she's some dog."

At this, he twitched and frantically waved his hands out in front of him. "W-what?! N-no! Not at all!"

"A walk through the park is stupid. Be back at seven thirty."

"S-seven thirty?! That's ridiculous! The movie ends around that time, that won't even give us enough time to eat!"

Sasuke abruptly draped an arm on the back of the couch and leaned against it, soon leaning in close to his ear only to say in just above a whisper, "Seven thirty. Or I'll gouge your eyes out with chopsticks, knock out every single one of your teeth with a jagged rock, rip out your tongue with rusty tongs, slowly break every single one of your fingers, disembowel you with an ice pick, then-"

"Alright, Juudaime! I'm ready!"

'Juudaime' had been sinking deeper and deeper into the couch with ever word Sasuke said, his blue eyes wide as saucers and even his brown locks looked a bit disheveled. At her appearance, he shot up from the couch, chuckling nervously as he walked towards Sakura with a sheepish smile.

"I'm sorry, Sakura-sama. But I think I'm going to have to take a rain check. I just remembered that I have to, uh… Baby-sit my little sister! My mother just called and I'm terribly sorry! Good-bye!" He recited this all as he began walking towards the door, and closed the door upon saying 'good-bye'.

Sakura brows curved slightly, a slightly saddened look entering those brilliant, innocent emerald orbs of hers. "Oh…" She breathed, and that was when she took notice of Sasuke.

"Sa-sasuke? What are you doing here?"

The stoic ninja shrugged slightly, "I just came here to drop off these." He said as he held out a thick folder. "Some file Tsunade wanted you to look over later…"

"Oh…" She watched him as he placed the folder on the living room table, though slowly looked back to her. Sakura didn't ask about why he was in her house. To be honest, she was use to Naruto, Sai, Sasuke, even Kakashi letting themselves in. She's always screamed at them in the past, but Naruto would give her puppy-dog eyes, Sasuke would shrug, Sai would give one of his lame fake smiles and continue to change the subject despite how many times she would try and change it back, and Kakashi would chuckle sheepishly.

"…You're not doing anything, right?"

Shaken from her thoughts, she let the question sink in for a moment before she snorted slightly. "Well, not any more, why?"

"…I was thinking we could go do something. Like go to the movies, have some dinner, then walk through the park… I hear there's a showing at six."

She smiled cheerfully and nodded, "Sure, why not!"

With that, Sasuke lead the way out the door, his hands tucked away in his pockets as his lidded dark hues looked back at her, a smug smirk adorning his lips.

For the next few weeks, for some odd reason, she saw very little of Juudaime.


Really, it was way too much. Her boys really could be… Rash at times. For god's sake though, she was in ANBU with them aside from when she worked at the hospital! She really didn't need any protecting!.. Did they still see her as weak? She blinked at the degrading thought, though quickly dismissed it with a shake of her head. No, they'd recognized her by now as being on equal terms with them… Especially after that fight they had, and especially after the war.

Yes, so much has happened in the past few years. From Sasuke returning when they were around sixteen years old, then the war soon erupting a little afterwards… Now, they were all at they age of nineteen, eighteen years old. The only good thing that came out of that war was the destruction of the Akatsuki. Too many lives had taken during that short span of time, though at least now Konoha and most other countries were really beginning to look like their old selves again.

And their bond.. Yes, the new 'team seven's' bond was stronger now more than ever… Well… Sorta. When Sasuke returned, sure, he was a bit different, though after a few months around herself and Naruto, he began to slowly revert back to his usual self. Yet he was still much colder to people outside of his team… Well, almost everyone on his team. Yes, he and Sai still aren't on the best of terms. He still sees Sai as some cheap replacement and often voices how they should just boot him out of their little group. Sai would then comment on how Sasuke was just a dirty traitor and would probably back stab them again if given the chance, so he should be the one kicked out of both their group and Konoha.

God there were so many of those arguments. But now, they merely glared at each other every day and took out their frustrations in training and sparing, though they still would argue about it every once in a while. However when the two dark-haired, dark-eyed shinobi fought, it was always a bit vicious and at times even had her thinking it was about more than the usual spats about how one was a replacement and how the other was a dirty back-stabber.

But, Sai would still be his usual self afterwards, commenting on how now both of their penises either didn't exist, or how tiny they must be… Of course, he'd always be smiling while saying this. Oh. And he didn't call Sakura a 'hag' or 'ugly' any more… Well, not really any more, only once in a while. But you couldn't blame him. Old habits die-hard. And despite what Sakura says, she'd really gotten quite beautiful over the few years. Sure, she was pretty before, but now she had curves and even a, ahem, a larger bust. Her hair had gotten only slightly longer, reaching just an inch or two over her shoulders (and that was only because she'd forgotten to cut it lately.)

Like her master, she had a small marking dawning her forehead… Though, it was a bit different from Tsunade's. Tsunade's was more of a diamond while Sakura's… Well, was more of a four-pointed star, the color the usual deep red she was dressed in. Apparently, she either could control the design, or she'd somehow improved one of Tsunade's famous techniques. Though only she and Tsunade knew that. Whenever anyone would ask, she would always smirk slightly, though gave no indications if the rumor of her improving the technique was true or not. Anyway. Her wardrobe was obviously different, though not too much. Her headband was still in her hair, though the cloth was black now instead of the usual deep red.

She still wore red and white, though black came more into play a bit. Her skirt was still white though was much longer in the back. In the front, the 'skirt' only went up to her upper thigh while in the back, it hung just above her knees. She also wore her usual black skintight shorts just reaching her mid thigh with a thick red belt adorning her lower hips slightly loosely. Naturally, she still had bandages wrapped around one thigh where a small black pouch was strapped securely against it, her bigger weapons', along with her medical pouch were held up by what had looked to have been that red belt.

Of course, her black boots came up and stopped a few good inches before her knees. She still had her signature black gloves, only now they reached her mid-arm white black arm bands adorned her mid-upper arms. Her red top looked about the same; only, the zipper was pulled down slightly lower, revealing a white slightly frilled tee shirt beneath. Obviously, the other three members of this team had a wardrobe change…

(A/N: -But because the author is too lazy to type it out, it won't be here. I'll probably just draw a quick picture of them or something. Funny how I'll do that, yet I'm too lazy to type out a paragraph or two describing them.)

But yes, that was her usual outfit, not something she was wearing at the moment. Right now, she wore her standard ANBU uniform as did the others, her tiger mask laying somewhere off to the side. She didn't know where exactly, just so long as she didn't have to look at it right now. …So here they were now, lying lazily on the forest floor on the outskirts of Konoha right after completing one of their ANBU missions. Tops of the many trees to swayed softly against the soft breeze that blew gently through them, the four's hair dancing with the trees' own green locks. Sakura closed her eyes, reveling in the cool air that swept slowly past them.

They'd already reported back to Tsunade, and the Hokage, pleased with the results of their mission, gave them a few days off… Well, she gave Naruto, Sai and Sasuke about three or so days off. Sakura, however, only got one, two if she was lucky and didn't get called in for hospital duties tomorrow.

Naruto yawned lazily, smirking as one of his arms from behind his head drifted down and snaked itself quickly around Sakura's waist. It caused her slowly open one eye, raise a brow and chuckle softly. The blonde grinned boyishly and nuzzled softly into her shoulder-length pink locks, inhaling her scent in the process. Sasuke, on the other hand, frowned slightly though didn't say or do anything… Well, for now at least.

When Sasuke had first come back to Konoha, a heavy weight finally off his shoulders at his brother's death, his old team… Greatly confused him. Naruto was still just about the same stupid, hyperactive idiot as always except he seemed to have matured just a bit. That, and his obvious increase in strength. Kakashi, on the other hand, was one of the only things that really remained the same; he was the same old pervert, and even looked right about the same. The only thing different about him was the book he held in his hands. Obviously, it was still of the 'Icha Icha' series, though. Sakura…

Sakura was the one that had changed the most. She was so different, he almost thought for a second it wasn't her. Her strength and skill had greatly increased while she also attained a large amount of medical knowledge. Heck, she'd even defeated one of the Akatsuki. She's grown into that forehead of hers, and matured in more that just a bodily sense. No longer was she the pathetic fangirl that would practically worship the ground he walked on and constantly needed protection. No. She was the apprentice to the Hokage, the Slug Sannin. Even at sixteen she was said she'd almost rivaled her master's knowledge in the medical field and even rivaled her in strength. Naturally, Sasuke held back his surprise, especially when he'd fought her that one time… Anyway. Emotionally too was an area she matured in. She wasn't constantly crying and rarely showed emotion on serious missions. But, more than that… Her relationship with her team before Sasuke came back stunned him a bit. Especially her relationship with Naruto.

To say he was a little shocked would be an understatement.


It had to have been a few weeks after Sasuke had returned, and while the sights of the city were about the same, of course, aside from a big Tsunade head in the mountains among the other past Hokages. Almost everything was the same… Well, almost. A good amount of the people had changed in appearance, little did he know they also changed in more than just that.

Sasuke had obviously received a punishment for becoming a missing nin. Though it was brought up to his defense, thankfully, that he'd killed both Orochimaru and Itachi and that he also hadn't killed any leaf nin, so he wouldn't be assassinated or had any major jail time. Instead, he just wasn't allowed to go on missions for a while and constantly had to be in the presence of either Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, or Sai. One of them had to always be with him, even at home. So one of them would either sleep over his house, or he'd sleep over theirs'. It depended, really, who was on a mission and such. Whenever he was with Sakura, he was often at the Hospital with her or… Well, all this was best saved for another time. He was just going on a tangent with little details.

So it had been a few weeks since he'd gotten back and oh joy, he'd only had about six months more of this. Right now, it was just himself, Sakura and Kakashi. The three had just gotten back from training. Just because he wasn't allowed to do missions didn't mean he was about to get rusty any time soon. The only reason Naruto wasn't with them was because he had a short mission to do and Sai, well… Sai was being all artsy or something and stayed back to draw some trees. Pansy. Walking side by side with Sakura, Kakashi just a step behind them, Sasuke was enjoying how peaceful it was without Naru-


Never mind. Apparently he'd finished that mission up pretty quick. Great.

"Yo Naruto. Finished already, huh?" The silver haired sensei lazily drawled, flipping a page from his book.

Leave it to Kakashi to state the obvious.

"YEAH! It was super easy! Just deliver some scroll to some village or sumthin'. The village thought some ninja or whatever'd attack us so they made it a higher rank mission. But we never got attacked. HAH! They must have known I was delivering the scroll!" Naruto said, grinning widely all the while.

Leave it to Naruto to make both the mission and himself sound stupid. He seemed to hardly remember a thing about it.

Sakura smirked at him and let out a chuckle, "Oh yeah Naruto, that must've been the case."

At this, a small smirk tugged at Sasuke's lips. Leave it to Sakura to… Have a sarcastic remark?

Naruto laughed loudly and suddenly wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her ahead of them slightly. "Ne, ne. So Sakura-chan, wanna go for ramen with me to celebrate?"

At this, Sasuke let the smirk playing beneath his lips from earlier show. Oh, he knew the outcome of this. She'd let him down real hard.

"Hm, well I don't have to do anything at the hospital today, but I was looking after Sasuke."

His smirk faded at her excuse. One reason was because she didn't act like she normally would… Which was to yell at him, perhaps hit him over the head, then proceed to ask Sasuke if he wanted to do anything. Another reason was because he was, basically, being treated like some pet or something. 'Look after Sasuke'? What the hell was that about? She should be happy to even be privileged to hang out with him. And where did her usual 'kun' suffix for him go? Yep, he'd definitely noticed that that had left when he'd returned.

"Unless Sasuke wanted to com-"

"NAH! You know Sasuke-teme's not into that, Sakura-chan!" Naruto quickly cut her off, frowning and glaring slightly when he looked over at Sasuke as if it was his fault Sakura wouldn't go off with him. If he wasn't mistaken, it was almost as though he was ticked at him for it. What the hell? Christ, talk about a change in attitude. Normally he'd want to drag him along with him too. Well, when they were twelve, that wasn't the case, but nowadays it had been. Apparently, he was reverting back to 'ask only Sakura'.

But that was when a grin crept back upon the blonde Kyuubi container's lips. His arm that had been wrapped around her shoulders (for some reason, this bothered him greatly, though he'd never admit it) quickly wrapped itself around her waist. Suddenly, he picked her up with ease by her waist and draped her over his shoulder like she was a sack of potatoes. She squeaked and clutched Naruto's black and orange jacket. "Naruto! What're you doing?!" She asked, though to Sasuke surprise, it held a bit of a laughing tone to it along with fake anger… What. The. Hell?

"Kaka-sensei, you can look after Sasuke-teme, right?"

"Well-" He'd been about to say that maybe all of them could accompany him, but Naruto quickly interrupted.

"GREAT! Thanks, Kaka-sensei!" And with that, wouldn't you know it, he sped off, Sakura still slung over his shoulder and clutching to his jacket for dear life, yet she was giggling. Why the hell…?

"You've missed a lot, Sasuke. Things have changed." Kakashi said, looking at him as the corner of his eye crinkled softly, suggesting he'd been smiling slightly under that mask. But what he said was what took him off a bit too, like he'd been reading his mind. The last Uchiha merely watched as the two continued down the busy streets, seeing that more up ahead, Naruto had put Sakura down. They exchanged words, and Sakura sped off, Naruto at her heels.

"…Hn." His grunt was a little delayed, thanks to watching the two run out of sight.

Kakashi and him later took the same route down towards that famous ramen stand Naruto always loved. Apparently, Kakashi wanted to pick up something quickly from… Some where. He didn't know, he hadn't really been listening, to be honest. He'd still been trying to process what had happened earlier to the pink-haired kunoichi and the spastic blonde… They soon found themselves passing the stand and what he saw shocked him even more than what he'd seen about maybe twenty or so minutes ago.

Sakura and Naruto were eating ramen… Though, Sakura was smirking while Naruto's mouth was open. Sakura was holding up chopsticks full of ramen, and held it to Naruto's mouth. Yep, he kids you not; Sakura was feeding Naruto ramen. Naruto. Naruto chewed happily, and did the same for Sakura. It was sickening how much like a couple they looked. So goddamned cheesy. Not to mention so damn wrong.

Sakura had, once again been about to feed Naruto again only, he closed his eyes. Her smirk suddenly turned evil as she abruptly dropped the noodles over Naruto's head. Naruto yelped out a, "HEY!" which was followed by one of her charming laughs. Wait, did he just say her laugh was..? Well anyway, Naruto had scooped up some noodles and was trying to dump some noodles on her head too, only, she was holding his wrist and pushing it back, all the while still laughing softly, Naruto grinning widely all the while.

It made him positively sick, but… Why? Once they'd passed the restaurant, Sasuke failed to noticed that he was clenching and unclenching his fists. His fists then remained fisted as they continued their walk, and Kakashi looked back at him, only to see a annoyed, perhaps ticked off, Sasuke behind him. The only way Kakashi was able to tell was because Sasuke's eyes were narrowed dangerously as though he were getting ready to kill someone, his mouth a tight straight line and… Blood was dripping down from his clenched hands.

"Er, Sasuke?"

"What?" Sasuke snapped, looking up at him through narrowed eyed. Oh yeah, if looks could kill, Kakashi would be dead ten times over now.

"…Check your hands lately?" The masked shinobi commented cheerfully, soon looking back to his book and flipping the page.

Sasuke slowly blinked, his eyes becoming bored and lidded once again before he unclenched his hands and brought them up towards his face, surveying that blood had been dripping down from deep, crest-shaped, red and inflamed marks on his palms.

The last Uchiha was deathly quiet the rest of the evening.


When Naruto decided that he wanted to nuzzle her neck now, Sasuke quickly butted in. "Dobe, what are you doing? She probably doesn't want some idiot reeking of BO trying to fondle her." Sasuke stated matter-of-factly in that emotionless tone of his.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke, his azure orbs narrowing slightly.

"Teme! If anyone stinks around here, it's you!"

"Have you smelled yourself lately, or have you just gotten accustomed to your unruly stench? When was the last time you bathed at all? Last year?"

Naruto growled and pulled away from Sakura, who sighed softly yet smirked slightly all the while at Naruto's over-reaction. Perfect. Just what he wanted him to do. The idiot always fell for this. The 'idiot' stood up, glaring daggers at the last Uchiha.

"I bathe every day for your information unlike you, who-" The blonde was quickly cut off by Sai, who'd had his eyes closed and had been trying to ignore the whole thing until Naruto of course had to stand. Yet, he was still smiling that fake smile of his as he said,

"Shut up, Dicklesses. If both of your stenches aren't annoying her right now, it's your petty argument."

Naruto didn't take it well. He'd always hated the nickname, after all. Sasuke just ignored him and stared up at the sky. Naruto, on the other hand, aimed a punch toward Sai, but he dodged it… Soon, Naruto was chasing after Sai around the small area they were in, yelling curses at the dark-haired artist nin.

Sasuke would be an idiot not to take this as an opportunity. Wow. A bit of alone time with Sakura. He didn't get it often, and though he'd never admitted it, loved the time he spent with her, even if it was just her complaining about hospital work or telling gory stories of what kinds of cases they got at the hospital. He adjusted himself so that he was lying on his side and scooted in closer to her, soon lazily draping an arm over her waist. Sakura blinked, seeming a bit confused. Oh yeah, she definitely seemed to have gotten over him... But did he want to change that..? At her confused look, Sasuke just smirked at her, moving in a bit closer so that his chest lightly touched her shoulder. She blinked those vivid emerald colored eyes of hers and smiled as she blushed prettily, setting a hand over his.

Rarely was Sasuke like this so, why not? Why not indulge a little in it? He'd had his rare 'sweet' moments, making her think, only at times that maybe, just maybe he'd thought of her as more than just a… She quickly dismissed these thoughts. Nah, not Sasuke. He was just being… Nice? Over-protective? Inwardly, she shrugged. Who knew? He was Sasuke after all. Smiling, the blush fading from her cheeks, she gazed up at the sky, ignoring the shouted curses aimed towards Sai in the background. Sasuke merely gazed at her for a few moments before he slowly closed his eyes, his smirk still playing on his lips as he tugged her slightly closer to his form. However, at that moment, a strange, yet familiar, burning pain shot through her scar on her abdomen and ended on the scar parallel to the one on her abdomen only on her back. Yes, the very faint scar from that battle those few years back, from a certain poisoned katana...


"…Haruno Sakura."

"Unnecessary. We already know what her name is now."

"Tch. Must you be so rude about it, hm?"

The question was seen as unimportant and was thus disregarded.


An obviously displeased huff echoed from beside him followed by a few soft grumbles… Those were ignored as well.


"Ah. Yes… She's still just a-" A quick interruption sounded from the smooth, deep voice from beside him.

"Mind reminding me exactly why we're going over her stats, hm? It's not her who we're after… Right?"

Again, it was ignored. Well, at least for the time being. He'd just have to learn to be more patient. He'd explain it in due time. Right now, he was getting impatient and just wanted to hear the information one more time, just to get it all straight.


An exasperated sigh. Apparently, he knew he'd have to wait. He just didn't like it was all.

"From the Haruno clan, a clan that, from what we know, doesn't have a Kekkei Genkai or any other specialty jutsus. Her father seems to be a mere chuunin, who doesn't see much action nowadays, and her mother a civilian. No siblings… Hmm…"

A pause.

"Ah! Originally from Team Seven, the members being the Kyuubi, the younger Uchiha bastard, pinky, and the Copy nin, Hatake Kakashi… She's the fifth Hokage's apprentice. She's said to have already surpassed her Master's teachings and, uhm…"

Another pause followed by a very faint rustle as the figure concealed in shadow seemed to pull something out from beneath his heavy cloak.

"She also studied, for a little while, under a few others... Tch, you can read all the names yourself…"

That earned him a quick, slight narrowing of the eyes from his partner.

"Oh yeah, she's also in ANBU and rumors are flying around that she may even be captain of a squad soon… Hm… -And she also works at their hospital… Wow, never would've thought a little girl like her would have gone so far, yeah."

Silence hung like a thick fog in the air around the two. It was comforting for one of them, but for the other, it was suffocating.

"Anything else you wanna know, read it yourself."

"No need. I think we're well enough prepared."

"For what, Danna? You still haven't told me. Does this have anything to do with the jin-"

"Of course."

His reply was annoyingly short. Damn it, he wanted more than just an 'of course'! An explanation would be nice!

"Alright. Why her?"

"…It isn't safe here to discuss. Come. I'll explain on the way back. Our shift's over."

And with that, the other shadowed figure quickly leaped from his place of hiding, which happened to be behind a thick over-grown set of bushes, and began jumping off into the distance. Meanwhile, the other sighed, obviously a little annoyed by all of this, and followed.


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