Title: Plug In Baby

Book/Anime: Naruto

Rating (For this chapter…): M for violent and sexual content in later chapters. (M for cursing, suggested violent/sexual situations)

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Summary: See profile/ch.1.

Pairing(s): SasoSaku, DeiSaku / Team 7

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Plug in Baby

Chapter 6: So Let the Saints All Burn in Hell


And so, his knees weakened beneath him, his weight suddenly too unbearable to support. Though, it didn't help that his knees felt like jelly, that his legs felt as boneless as the slimy invertebrate she would summon from time to time.


Another slight mentioning of her, the-oh-so blunt reminder of her just did it in for him. The very thought, the very damn thought weakened him further, causing a soft yet sharp, breathed in choke of a gasp as he teetered, tottered on the caps of his knees before he dropped. He toppled forward, towards the battered ground below before his forearms (acting purely on reflexive instinct) caught him before he landed face down in the crinkled earth. The earth that she had, just moments ago, crushed, crumpled beneath her dainty (oh, how disgustingly ironic) fists like paper. The earth that now lay in furrows of grooved, puckered rubble, dust, and deep creases of uneven cracked layers.

Leaning forward against these forearms, he let out a shaky sound, something that sounded oddly close to a whimper. Oh fuck. Why the hell bother? Just... Just fuck it. Only moments later, he didn't even bother holding back the sob that clogged his throat, which curdled and bubbled before erupting from parted lips.



Why did this always have to happen to him? Those close, those dear to him were always taken from him. Always. All-fucking-ways.

Taken, or just… left.

So… What was she? What did that make her in the category of lost loved ones? So far, he'd only had two.

The taken?

Or the deserter?

He choked on his own saliva at even the thought of the latter. No.

He felt something wet continuing to collect at the corners of his cerulean blue hues.

No. Nonononono.

She was loyal, so very loyal. She was Sakura. Sweet, kind, caring Sakura. Yes, she wasn't like the Teme had been. Not his Sakura-chan. Not the woman that was, and always has been, number one in his life. She came second to none, no one, and nothing; not even this beautiful village. His form shuttered slightly at the thought, as though he were just doused with a bucket of icy cold water. The personal revelation always stirred him a bit, seeing as his dream always has been to be the Hokage. But the number one person in his life… He just…

Tanned, callused and scarred hands fisted into the dusty, crumbled earth.


That moist something (that couldn't possibly be tears because he had a promise to keep to her) abruptly spilled over a single cheek adorned with whisker-like markings easily mistaken as scars. The liquid's decent was slow at first, slithering lazily before its speed increased, leaving and creating a wet trail in its wake, making a path for future droplets of the same substance. These –damn it, god fucking damn it- tears now slithered down his cheeks, quick and continuous like serpents before they met the tip of his chin, dripped from the very center of the tip of his chin, and fell to their demise. More drops of saline made the suicidal plummet down the beaten wet tracks on his cheeks, and God why did loss always hurt no matter how many times its occurred?

Warm, damp paths quickly cooled, turning icy cold against his cheeks too briskly for his liking. Lids fell over sapphire irises, his brow furrowing and wrinkling while cheeks rose slightly from how tightly his eyes shut themselves as though he were enduring a great pain. And it was a pain. A sharp strong sharp, stinging, throbbing, aching, gut-wrenching pain.

And that was when Kyuubi played his hand. The tempting whisperings of the Kyuubi came into play from the recesses of his mind, attempting to use him for what he was worth in his time of weakness. His words this time sounded almost like a seductive, yet very much malicious, deep and throaty purr. Words that spoke of pain and death, flesh and blood, screams and wails, of sharp cold bloodied steel. Images… Claws and canine-like incisors would plunge and rip and tear ferociously at skin, muscle and even the bone of his victims, of those who would dare to take something that was strictly his territory. If he were to just give into the tempting words of his –literal- inner demon, then all of this was promised. Revenge, and the gaining back of his (yes, his damn it, his, always his) Sakura. These thoughts…

It was as if his azure irises were abruptly dipped in a vat blood and were quickly pulled right back out to drip dry, for his eyes had flashed crimson for a few moments before fading back to their original hue.

'She is yours after all, isn't she, boy?' The Kyuubi continued in temptation, dangling power before his container's very eyes, making sure to keep it just out of reach. However, Naruto tried his best to ignore the fox, his eyes concentrated on the dirt below him. So, a different approach was taken. More descriptive whisperings and more vivid images courtesy of the Kyuubi flashed through his mind's ears and eyes.

Images that weren't any more innocent than the pervious ones had been… However, they were definitely more desired. Around him, it echoed. Gentle, pleading tones, lips ghosting over heated, sweat slicked skin, sultry puffs ghosting over twitching abdominal muscles. Smaller, slender and soft (so soft, it was a wonder how she hadn't sustained rough calluses through the vigorous training she constantly went through) fingers smoothing and rubbing circles into his hipbones, leaning in closer, close enough for her sweltering tongue to dart out and slowly run the damp appendage up and against quivering muscles. Then, after a few painstakingly slow moments, her tongue would retreat back within the confines of her hot mouth only to be replaced with the feel of her supple lips pressing open-mouthed kisses against the dip of his navel.

And his form racked with pleasant shudders, his sun-kissed fingers dipping and weaving, winding into her pink tresses in an encouraging manner. She would smirk seductively up at him as she teased him continuously, ducking and dodging around where he wanted her most. He would breathe hard in anticipation, she would look up at him through hooded, glazed eyes.

And at that moment, he would think, how oddly beautiful it was for someone so seemingly innocent to be doing something so delightfully sinful.

Heat prickled absolutely every where her hands and mouth grazed, her long nails scrapping, grating, grinding against his hips (his sanity) as she moved lower.

Lowerlowerlower, oh God please.

Her tongue, shyly, peaked past her bruised lips once again, lids sliding shut as she leans in closer, lower…

Closerclosercloser, damn it, just a little further…

Teeth gently grazed, nipped at-

...And just like that, the beautiful illusion was gone and substituted with (what Naruto considered to be) Kyuubi's babble, causing Naruto to almost groan in frustration.

'Take her back, boy. Take back what is yours, and punish those responsible for-' The Kyuubi's musings were quickly interrupted by a quick and smoothly pronounced, "Naruto." And that was when Naruto snapped his slowly reddening gaze to the last Uchiha, his dark bangs concealing his equally as dark eyes.

But, they both knew he just didn't utter his name. Of course not. It was a warning, a understanding (I know how you feel, she's everything and nothing to me too), and it was comfort (but how is she everything and nothing at the same time? Contradicting yourself as usual, eh, teme?). But mostly, Naruto noticed, it was a warning. It said, 'Don't make me go all Sharingan on your ass' or something of the sort. It was the Uchiha's silent message that pulled him from his Kyuubi induced… Insanity. Yeah, let's call it that. As if ashamed, his eyes lowered and said eyes retreated beneath the veil of shadows cascading from his sunny locks.

"It's not suppose to be like this."


"It's not… It's not how I wanted it to be, not how I planned at all." He was muttering to himself now, unaware that there were indeed thoughts practically reflecting his own drifting through the blanket of silence the Uchiha had submerged himself in.


'Can't we be together for longer than a year? God... Fucking… Damnit.'

'When will I stop losing those important?'

' 'Why does everything always slip through the gaps between my fingers?' '

He thought he eliminated the threat to his –dare he say- loved ones.

While he thought he was finally strong enough to keep promises.

Control. Controlcontrolcontrol… Damn.

"…Come on."

His glassy, cerulean orbs drifted back up to Sasuke's unreadable expression, his lips formed in a thin line narrower than usual. For a few moments, they were silent, merely listening to the wind's soft murmurs as it kicked up the dust of the near-lifeless field… As though the wind itself were mocking them both by stirring around the remnants of the one-sided battle… Remnants of Sakura's destruction, of her leave, of her…

"Fifteen minutes." Sasuke muttered, raising his head up to the darkening sky, small specks of light slowly dimming to life on the canvas bleeding black. At first, the blonde looked confused, squinting his eyes ever so slightly in thought as he tried to translate his words' meaning. Ebony locks fell upon equally onyx eyes once more as he looked back at the wilted blonde, his gaze lingering for half a moment before his form turned back towards the village.

"…Be back here, or I'm leaving without you."

Both a silent agreement and understanding passed through them.

And then, before you could even blink, they were both gone, the only evidence of the two shinobi ever being there were three small wet spots in the crumpled earth.


The ANBU guards assigned to check in with Tsunade hadn't arrived yet. Although it broke her heart, the blonde Hokage had assigned a few ANBU to look after her apprentice, just incase the rosette had suddenly developed the ability to be able to lie to her master. The reasons she'd assigned a few to her were simple; she was both suspicious and concerned. Suspicious, because it was her job as Hokage to look after her village, and if her apprentice really did murder that nurse... Concerned, because she was her apprentice, and although she knew the girl could take care of herself, she also knew that she could get easily distracted and forget to care for herself. That, and she wanted to make sure that if she ever abruptly passed out or coughed up that substance, like Naruto had said she had, Tsunade wanted someone to be there to drag her ass back to the hospital as soon as possible.

Her orders were simple; track Haruno carefully (she was still, after all, a very skilled ninja), watch the pinkette, then send one of them to report back to her in about two or so hours.

It's been hours now, much pass the due date of one of the ANBU's update on Sakura, and one has yet to have set foot in her office.

A sigh sounded from the usually blaring blonde. Ugh. She was getting too old for this. "SHIZUNE!" She roared from her desk, immediately pushing away the (much too large) pile of paperwork with a grimace. Oh well. If she got anything at all out of her worrying, it would at least be the delay of doing this retched paperwork. Immediately, she heard rushed, almost panicked footsteps tromping loudly and haphazardly through the hall outside her door before her door slammed open, revealing an out of breath Shizune… And distant, soft 'ooooiiiiiiink's ringing throughout the hall from behind her. Though, the medic seemed to ignore the incessant (desperate) whines of the small pig she'd, in her rush, accidentally left behind to (escape Genma's perverted advances with a plausible excuse) answer her Hokage's call. "Y-you called," she paused and panted, taking gulps of air she'd been deprived of, "Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade lifted her gaze from her desk, acknowledging the nin's presence before letting out a gentle, weary sigh. "The ANBU team looking after Sakura…" She paused, something flashing for a brief moment in her honey-brown hues as she continued, "They haven't sent someone to report to me yet. It's been hours, they're going against my instructions. I need a team of two to look for them. I don't care who it is, damn it, just send them. Tell the two you send have one of the ANBUs tracking Sakura report to me immediately. Don't even bother sending them in for a briefing; I've got work to do-" Before she could continue speaking to the rather shocked looking Shizune, she was cut off by a knock on the door. With an almost audible growl (she could be drinking her sake right about now), she (snarled) shouted, "ENTER!"

Greeted with the barest curl of the lips, Tsunade merely scowled in the dark haired nin's direction before turning back to Shizune. "Nevermind. He'll do."

And with that, the animate Hokage began instructing the dark haired, dark eyed nin of his new mission with loud words and quick hand gestures. He remained silent and unmoving, both listening and watching his Hokage intently. Sure, he's just returned from his mission maybe, hm… Thirty minutes ago? But he was most definitely up for this. He'd make their plan pull through… To stall… At least, for as long as he possibly could before he would join the other two…


Shadows shifted and churned beneath the moon's glare, curling back into the depths of their cloaked darkness. Trees swayed slowly against the brief gales plowing through the forest, leaves shifting and brush against one another, causing an almost melodic rustling to echo throughout the quiet of the night. Moths drawn to the light of the moon fluttered skyward, the white of their wings deeply contrasting against the burning black horizon.

Three agile forms descended, the tips of their sandaled feet merely skimming the barks of the branches before they ascend once more.

A weaker gale (nonetheless, still strong) billowed past…

Four pairs of cotton white wings tore and ripped, cascading to the shadowed earth below along with the owners of said wings.

Two concealed in cloaks of onyx and crimson. One sporting their usual nin attire. Enshrouded in silence, the three continued onward, all thoughts on the situation kept to their selves. All three had a blank look of indifference carved on their expressions, though beneath the neutral façade, one looked almost thoughtful, calculating, scheming.

It was all going absolutely… Perfectly. Although he was inwardly.. Hm, what's the word?.. Elated. Yes, let's use that. Although he was inwardly elated, he also couldn't help but feel a bit worried. It was going almost too well. However, he also had to keep in mind he had planned this out carefully and well, so why wouldn't it?

The three ANBU on his new toy's team were predictable. They brought her straight to where he wanted her; the hospital. There, they had kept her stable, stable enough for the seal to properly intertwine its way into her system. The first seal he'd put on her so long ago was finally reaching its peak after enough of his proddings. Normally, it never took so long for it to develop. However, because he hadn't been around it for so long, it remained inactive. But finally, (Sasori really was an impatient man) it just about reached its peak… Though, upon entering her hospital room that night, he'd noticed that it wouldn't fully integrate into her system for at least another week or more. So that was why he was there, to speed it up with, yes you guessed it, another seal.

However… This seal's purpose wasn't just to speed up the other's process. No, this one had to be planted on her some time, and it had to be placed exactly where it was now; the back of her neck.

For you see, both were important and both were about the same thing. They were both basically one in the same, seen on the same forbidden scroll he'd found so long ago… Though definitely differed. The second one, he couldn't help but to admit, was the one he treasured more. Which would be seen as odd if he'd said such a thing aloud to his blonde, completely inartistic partner. Body and mind. That's what the two seals allowed him to control and/or greatly influence.

Years before, at first, he'd been worried the second seal would disrupt the odd, diamond-like shaped seal on her brow. In fact, that was where this seal was supposed to go if he wanted full control over her mind. Though, seeing how her forehead was occupied, he looked back to the old, tattered scroll, trying to find any loopholes. He found none. So that was when his experiments came in handy. Yes, the ones he'd first tested on. He tried the second seal on different parts of the body, on known chakra gates. None worked… So, in his final effort, he tried near the head… The back of the neck. It had worked, though, it didn't allow him full out control like the scroll had said it would. What it did enable him to do, however, was to greatly influence the seal's host upon activation… Basically, he had almost full reign over her mind.

The first seal he'd planted on her, obviously, allowed him to control her body. Why not use chakra strings? With her strength and witty mind, she'd be able to break free of the strings… Or at least struggle about and be annoying… Though he'd probably use strings on her once in a while for his own amusement, and to just screw with her mind without actually 'controlling' it.

So… Why did she actually cough up his signature poison?… Because that first seal did more than allow him control over her body… It also-


A sigh almost escaped past his lips. His musings interrupted, he decided to humor the blonde.

"Deidara?" He spoke, annoyance and impatience hidden beneath his detached tone.

The young artist seemed annoyed (and even a bit impatient) as well… After all, he hadn't been able to really blow anything up tonight because they had to be 'stealthy'. In spite of Sasori, he'd almost set off a few bombs on the field they'd been on earlier… Though, they had to go along with the older nin's plan, he supposed… Even though he did just like going with the flow a hell of a lot more.

"Our…" Cerulean hues shifted to the living puppet, the kunoichi straying slightly behind them, before drifting back to the form of her puppet master. "…Little lamb's lagging." A smirk split his lips as (apparently) one of his new nicknames for the rosette reached the ears of a now very displeased looking Sasori… Though his expression of displeasure was quickly replaced with his usual look of indifference as he looked back to Sakura. His grey-hazel hues were met with hooded jade, her eyes looking almost sunken in as she breathed out quick, short puffs of cool air. Well… It seemed that today had been quite eventful for his new toy. He looked back to the trees ahead, seeming to completely ignore Deidara's observation altogether.

Though… Yes, he'd admit, he enjoyed seeing her in an exhausted state. It practically mirrored an expression close to that of pain. And seeing her in pain was always good. Why? Wasn't it obvious? Alright, for all the dolts out there that hadn't figured it out, he'd enlighten them. It was because he hated her. Sure, she technically wasn't the one who had landed the supposed final blow in that battle of theirs years ago, but she'd still helped quite a bit… Weakening him… Then distracting him with her peculiar behavior. She was a young ninja of a different village, yet she had thrown her life on the line for a much older nin whom wasn't even part of her village! Not to mention she was pretty tactical and had figured out his fingers movements a bit too quickly for his liking. Yeah. Yeah he was still a little sour about all that. Still a little sour about a lot actually. Because being beaten by some kid and your grandma wasn't at all degrading. Oh no, not in the least bit.

Alright. Enough of that for now. Narrowing his eyes slightly at his own thoughts, he looked back to Sakura again, who still was looking worse for wear. Ah, as much as he enjoyed seeing her in this state, they couldn't risk it. Her fatigue was slowing their usual pace rather dramatically. And they desperately needed the edge. He'd thought about having Deidara simply fly them out of there by making one of his silly birds (that weren't in the least bit artistic, may he add). Though, that would draw attention to them, wouldn't it?… Just a bit further, then they could travel by bird. Till then, they had to keep a low profile.

Abruptly stopping on the next branch caused Sakura to almost collide into Sasori's back, though she managed to shakily stop herself in time, Deidara stopping a few branches ahead of them. Panting, she looked at Sasori with clouded eyes, silently questioning him as to why he had stopped, though not daring to vocalize questioning her master. He sighed, stepping closer to her only to reach forward. His hand seemed to embrace her neck lovingly for a moment before it slithered towards the seal and pressed two fingers to it. A soft-spoken "Sleep," was uttered before she fell forward into his arms. For a split second he looked almost… Disgusted at having her in his arms. Though he shrugged, hauled her over his shoulder as though she were a worthless sack of potatoes and continued jumping from branch to branch at a much faster pace than earlier.

Deidara only stared at the red-head, then at his cargo for a split second before continuing after him, rolling his eyes at what Sasori called back to him, "Don't think I'm carrying her the entire way."


Dark onyx irises glanced over the torn piece of paper, dark, quick, strokes of scratchy writing embellishing its surface. A code. He reread it again… And again… And again… He had to say, as usual, it was hard to identify what these bizarre feelings were that were running through him. Hm… Anger? Aimed towards whom though? An odd feeling too had graced him, like something sharp and jagged had sliced through him. Temptation also struck him. He wanted to leave right away rather than do as this torn parchment!.. Though, it wouldn't be rational nor would it be beneficial to them, especially after it was going so well already. He may as well go along with it for the mean time. Just for a little while. They didn't need anything to slow them down… To buy time. That's what he'd do for now. Just snatch up a bit of sand from the bottom of the hourglass and slip it to the top.

So he'd borrow a bit of sand. Did it really matter? It was going to end up on the bottom eventually, wasn't it? It was better this way. She'd understand.


Damn it.

Damn it all.

Damn it all to hell.

Damn them all to hell.

See if I care.

I just need to find her.

To understand this.


I know something is amiss.

Though why ruminate on the matter?


Killing them all again would solve my problems?



Leaving like this fills me with mixed feelings.

Though it felt right to do!

We couldn't wait any longer!..

And it's been done.

I'll get her back.

And make sure it won't happen again.

I've had enough of these bastards interfering with my life.

I'll end it.

Myself if I must.



It may sound cliche, but it feels almost as though I'm falling...

Deeper, deeper, deeper...

Deeper in this obsidian, violet and crimson haze.

Where... Am I?

It's warm...

Yet it leaves a peculiar feel against my flesh.

It's not warmth, is it?...

Something chased away my words of comfort.

All words of encouragement lost and replaced with words of submission and loyalty.

It pushes me to follow.

Reverting again.


...So we'll burn in hell.


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