Yeah I know I made another fan fiction but well I had this idea in my head so I thought I should write it down so that I wouldn't forget it since I thought it might be a good idea for a Naruto Fan Fiction. Anyway the full description is below since all of it might not have made it into the summary under the story title.

Hope you enjoy the Prelude, I made sure it was long enough so that a few events pass before the major stuff happen.


A snakes deception leads to the fall of a kingdom after he kills the King and places a curse upon the princess and other people in her kingdom, forcing her to turn into a fox with nine tails while also turning a few of her friends into animals as well, only allowing them to be human at night. Sasu/Naru one sided Oro/Naru, Kaka/Iru

The Fox Princess


The giggling of a small child of 5 years old could be herd coming from a garden [main court yard in the centre of a large white walled castle, only those within the castle walls knew who it was. A small girl could be seen running amongst the rows of flowers, glimpses of long bright blonde hair could be seen as well as parts of a blue dress between the flowers. Giggling could be heard, this time though it was louder, but there was also the sound of laughter coming from three other children followed by the barking of what sounds like a puppy. Though there were was one other child though it seems that he was more interested in watching numerous kinds of insects that were spread throughout the vast expanse of plant life within the garden, from various coloured butterflies to the much smaller beetles.

There were a few other people within the garden keeping an eye on the children as they played, one was their teacher while the other was more like a guard, though if one knew him well enough they would know that he was a pervert if the orange leather bound book in his hands was any indication. Apart from these two men the only other people in the area were the guards that were patrolling the castle grounds.

It wasn't long before a blonde haired azure eyed girl along with a brunette boy carrying a white puppy, a black haired violet eyed girl and a blue eyed blonde came running up to their sensei. It seemed as though the girl with bright blonde hair and azure eyes had tripped over, parts of her blue dress had dirt on it while the palms of her hands and her right knee had been grazed though it never caused her to cry, instead there was a bright smile on her face.

Iruka caught sight of the blonde and noticed the dirt marks on her dress, a slight sigh escaped his lips as he gently took the girls hands "Honestly Naru, you always seem to hurt yourself" he says as he takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and dips it into the glass of water on the table beside him before slowly dabbing it on the area of skin on her palms where she hurt herself to clean the dirt away.

Naru frowns at her sensei "Mou, I don't like wearing dresses, I always trip because there to long. But father forced me to" she says to him as she pouts.

Kakashi looks up from his book and over at the young blonde and laughs remembering the incident clearly since he was walking past her bedroom at the time.


"Naru!... I know you don't wear them often but some important people are coming, you must wear something more appropriate" A tall blonde haired male tells her as a maid rushes about the young girls bedroom.

"No!... I'm not wearing a dress" the young blonde haired girl yells at him as she throws one of her stuffed animals at Arashi.

Arashi steps to the side allowing the stuffed animal to hit the wall in the hallway and land on the floor, at this time Kakashi was only a few steps away from the young princesses bedroom listening to the two arguing, snickering slightly at the sight of the thrown stuffed animal that was no doubt meant to hit Lord Arashi. It wasn't the first time this has happened since the young blonde was always arguing with her father about having to wear a dress, it always ended up with Naru throwing things at her own father.

"You only have to wear them for a week maybe less while the Uchiha's stay here for awhile" Arashi says to her as he dodges a thrown stuffed animal every now and then.

"NO!" Naru yells at him again this time trowing one of the pillows from her bed.

Arashi quickly catches the pillow that was thrown at him, while all of this was happening Kakashi was standing in the door way watching everything in amusement, though it looked like he was reading the orange book in his hand. It was funny watching the princess and king fight over something like what the young girl should wear since Naru was more like a tom-boy, always doing things that boys would do, like training with a sword and bow, she was even learning how to do hand to hand combat, there were other numerous things that she would do just to prove that a girl could do it as well.

"How about we make a deal, you wear a dress for as long as the Uchiha's are staying while I train you for the week instead of Kakashi doing it. How does that sound?" The blonde haired male asks her as he places the pillow back on the bed.

Naru glares slightly at her father as she thinks over the arrangement 'Hmm... train with Kakashi-sensei or get some training from dad?' she thinks to herself as she grips onto the stuffed fox in her hands that she was about to throw at her father "Ok then, but you have to train me at the time when Kakashi-sensei is meant to even if you have something important to do"

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/END FLASHBACK\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Iruka looks up at Naru as he finishes cleaning the grazes on her palms and knee "There, all cleaned up now" he says to her as he places the handkerchief down on the table beside the glass of water.

He then looks over at Kiba, Hinata and Ino standing behind Naru and smiles at them "It shouldn't be long before Lord and Lady Uchiha arrive, I overheard Lord Arashi saying that they are also bringing their two sons. Some of their friends might be coming as well, so you all might have some more people to play with." Iruka tells them as Shino walks over to them with a ladybeetle crawling along his finger.

"T...that means N...Neji-nii-san m..might be c...coming" Hinata stutters as she presses her two index fingers together as she feels slightly nervous.

Naru scrunches her nose up slightly "We wont be able to play with them" she say to Iruka.

Iruka frowns slightly at this "Why not?"

The blonde crosses her arms and frowns slightly as her face becomes serious "Because any friend of Neji is never any fun, he's too..." she then waves her arms slightly as though trying to make a point "Sour which means they will be just the same" she says, nodding her head as though what she said was correct.

While the other three children do the same, Shino on the other hand stays quiet but nods his head slightly agreeing with the blonde princess, though he was the type of child that never played with the others he only spoke when he needed to and well he only hanged around them because they were not scared about the fact that he likes insects like most other children their age were.

Kakashi giggles pervertedly as he finishes reading a page of the orange leather bound book before turning the page and starting at the top of the new page.

Everyone's attention turns towards the silver haired guard, the children not knowing what he is laughing at though Iruka on the other hand glares at the man for reading such a book in front of young eyes "Honestly Kakashi do you really have to read that in front of children"

"Hmm... did you say something 'Ruka?" Kakashi asks as he looks up at the brunette.

Iruka kicks the silver haired man in the shin hard, causing said man to grab his leg and rub the area that was harmed, Kakashi then gives the brunette a hurtful looks as he pouts slightly.

"Your so mean 'Ruka-chan" the silver haired guard says as he pretends to be hurt.


The sound of the gold door knocker could be heard echoing through the castle halls as someone knocks on the large white wooden doors. A butler Quickly walks to the door and opens it allowing six people to enter the entrance hall, as soon as they entered Arashi had reached the top of the stairs to the second floor.

"Ah, Lord and Lady Uchiha welcome" he says as he descends the stairs and walks over towards them, bowing slightly once he is standing in front of them.

"Please call me Fugaku, this is Mikoto, Itachi, Sasuke and their two friends Kisami and you already know Neji" Fugaku says as he introduces himself, his wife and his two children and their friends.

Arashi smiles at them "Well in that case just call me Arashi..." after a few minutes he looks around and looks back over at the Uchiha's and rubs the back of his head sheepishly "Sorry my daughter was meant to be here with me to greet you but she must be in the garden with her sensei's and friends"

Fugaku waves his hand slightly "That's fine"

Arashi smiles slightly "How about we go out into the garden and I'll get one of the maids to bring us some tea while the children get acquainted" he asks as he calls a maid over and tells her to bring some tea out to the main court yard 'I just hope that she hasn't gotten herself into any trouble'

Fugaku nods his head slightly "Sure that will be fine"

Arashi then leads them through various halls towards the garden, passing many of the servants and guards along the way, each and everyone of them topping what they were doing and bowing as they pass.


Naru walks over to Kiba and picks up Akahmaru out of his hands and pets him for a few minutes before sitting him down on the ground "Ne... I wish I was not wearing my dress, I promised Lee I would spar with him, though I'm sure Gai has him training" she says as she sighs slightly.

After awhile she looks at Kiba out of the corner of her eye and smiles slightly, though this smile wasn't like her normal smiles, this one was more like what most people saw as an evil smile because she normally smiled like it before and after she had done a prank. Only a two people noticed this smile on her face and that was Shino, though he never said anything, the other person who saw this was Kakashi but then again he was always observant even when he was reading that perverted novel of his, though just like Shino he never said anything either since he always enjoyed watching Naru's pranks go through without any problems since they were never directed towards him.

A bright blush adorned Kiba's face "Naru-hime! It's not funny"

Compared to her other pranks this one was only mild and it was only the mild ones that she would do in front of other people.

It was at this time when Arashi as well as the Uchiha's had walked into the main court yard only to see that Naru had pulled a prank on Kiba. This was also the same time that he noticed her blue dress had some dirt stains on it.

"Naru, I thought I told you not to get your dress dirty and not to pick on Kiba" Arashi says as he frowns slightly.

Naru looks up at her father and smiles, her eyes closing as her smile stretched as far as is it can "You never said that, you only told me I had to wear a dress besides I tripped over while I was playing"

Arashi bows his head he knew she was right, he never did say that she couldn't get her dress dirty, but he should have realised something like this might have happened since she is always hurting herself "Your right..." after awhile he suddenly perks up "Naru, I'd like you to meet Itachi, Sasuke and Kisami, you have already met Neji. Now I want you to be nice to them, and don't go causing any fights" he says to her as his voice goes from happy to stern. (I don't really need to go into detail with what they look like since they look their older selves in the show only several years younger)

The young blonde girl looks at the three boys that her father had introduced to her an her friends "Sou ka... I was right" she mumbles though it was loud enough for them all to hear. After a few minutes she finally answers her father "I'll try as long as they don't make me angry"

Meanwhile Ino was thinking other things sure she knew Naru was right about that they would be like since they know Neji but she couldn't help but let her inner self squeal at the sight of the two Uchiha boys, they were both cute 'Oh Kami, Sasuke-sama and Itachi-sama are both hot, I wouldn't mind having them sweep me off my feet if I was a princess. Naru-hime is so lucky... But Sasuke-sama is mine!' her inner self thinks as she looks at them both with hearts in her eyes.

Kiba on the other hand doesn't like the look of either of the Uchiha's 'They better not try and take Naru-hime's attention' his inner self growls.

Shino on the other hand doesn't say anything or think of anything about the Uchiha's, well nothing that he wants his inner self to say. Hinata looks over at the three boys then looks over at Neji before adverting her gaze to the ground, he cousin always seemed to intimidate her.

Sasuke looks over at Naru and her friends before folding his arms across his chest and looking away from them, 'Che... and to think we have to stay here for almost a week with a bunch of dobe's'

Itachi was looking at the small children though he never said anything or though anything, Kisami was laughing on the inside at the boy called Kiba since it seems like a girl always picks on him.

Neji on the other hand was not happy that he had to spend almost a week here and always see his weak cousin, he just hoped that he never had to put up with the boy called Rock Lee again.

Arashi looks over at Naru, wondering what she had meant though he shrugs it off "Ok then... well you can go run of and play now" he says as he makes a shooing motion with his hands.


Unknown to all of them standing within the shadows of one of the balconies overlooking the main court yard was a tall pale skinned male with gold slitted eyes which almost seemed to be glowing, a long silver staff in his hand with snakes wrapped around it, his long black hair held together with a silver piece of rope, the one at the top of the staff holding a green crystal that was almost the size of a fist in its mouth. Beside him stood a stood a shorter male who looked to be in his early teens, his long silver hair pulled up into a ponytail, his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose, his hand rising up while his index finger pushes them back up into place.

"Hmm... it would seem that Arashi-sama has plans with the Uchiha's, this might change some of my plans..." he says as he watches the children playing though his eyes were only focussed on one child in particular.

"I'm sure we can work around it Orochimaru-sama, it might actually be of some help to us" the silver haired child says as his hand falls bak down to his side.

Orochimaru's gaze shifts from watching the children to looking at Kabuto "You right it might just work to our advantage"


The meetings with the Uchiha's was only the beginning of one of many that both families were to have. The next time they had met was when both Naru and Sasuke were around the age of 6.

-----------------------------------TIME SKIP-----------------------------------

14 years had passed, Sasuke would visit the Uzumaki's (yeah I know it's not really their last name but in my story it is) with his family one year and Naru would visit the Uchiha's the next and it continues on as they would get older, unknown to the children however their parents had arranged for the marriage of both Naru and Sasuke so that their two kingdoms could join together, they were hoping that over the years both Sasuke and Naru would grow to like each other. Though it seems as though this plan wasn't really working out properly since neither child got along well with one another.

Though at first Sasuke was surprised that Naru wasn't like other girl's like the ones that constantly try to follow him around. Above all things that the young stoic Uchiha hated was his hatred of fan girls, followed by fan girls was the blonde haired blue eyes princess Naru who always seemed to find a way to get under the young princes skin and annoy the hell out of him.

Whenever their parents or one of their sensei's would find them they would always be either arguing with one another or trying to hit one another. Neither one being able to land a hit due to the fact that someone would always pull them apart from one another and scold them for behaving badly.

Unknown to all of them Arashi's advisor Orochimaru and his servant Kabuto would watch both Naru and Sasuke from afar, keeping a close eye on both clan heirs as they grew. Noticing that both of them were changing drastically from what they used to look like as children to what they looked like now as a young handsome man who could make any women swoon at it feet and make any man envious, and a young beautiful woman who radiated an elegance as a princess, though the way she moved and thought made her look more like a vixen, gaining any mans attention and causing any woman to look green with envy.

Over time Orochimaru had started looking at Naru with lust whenever he would be in the same room as her, though he had hidden it from others so that they didn't notice the looks he was giving her. Though he didn't notice that Kakashi had seen the way he would look at the beautiful young woman which would only cause him to hate the man even more since he had already noticed the pale skinned advisor doing many other things that made him seem suspicious of deceiving the kingdom.


A young blonde haired girl of the age of 19 could be seen sitting atop of a large black horse though she was wearing a dress she was sitting with both her legs on either side of the horses back. The wind picking up her hair as she rode the horse starting from a walking pace before urging the black mare into a gallop. Through all of this she didn't notice her father walking up beside Kiba.

She only noticed them when she heard a sharp whistle coming from Kiba, pulling on the reigns slightly to slow the black mare down she turns around slightly only to see her father standing beside Kiba, it only took her a few minutes to turn the mare around before she urged the horse back into a gallop to take her over to her father.

It wasn't long before she made it back over to them, once she was near enough sh slowed the mare down by pulling the reigns until it stopped in front of Kiba. Naru then handed the horses reigns over to Kiba before she swung her leg over and stepped down from the horse with a little help from her father. standing beside Kiba was his pet Akahmaru who seemed to have grown slightly bigger over the 5 years, leaning over slightly the blonde haired princess petted the white dog on the head before looking up at her father a bright smile across her face as her blue eyes looked at Arashi.

The blonde haired King looked at Naru and smiled at her "I have received a letter from Lord Fugaku and Lady Mikoto they have asked for us to visit them and their sons and they have said that it would be okay for us to spend a few days there." he says to her as he gently holds onto her arms.

Over the years that Naru had to wear a dress while in the company of the Uchiha's she had grown used to wearing them, though she still hadn't gotten rid of being a tom boy. Her father had become more happy with the fact that she had become more of a lady over the years and no longer fought with him over having to wear a dress, though she hadn't changed her views on the two Uchiha princes.

Naru frowns slightly at this, she never did like having to visit the Uchiha's sure she thought that both Lord Fugaku and Lady Mikoto were nice but their two sons Itachi and Sasuke were nothing like their parents, they were always quiet, or they would be off brooding somewhere. Either that or they would call her a dobe or some other name though she would always end up calling them teme's.

"Do I really have to, I don't want to see them teme's, they keep thinking that they are better then me at everything and no one there allows me to train..." she says to him as she crosses her arms over her chest "Even that pink haired girl that's always hanging off of Sasuke's arm thinks that she can tell me what to do" she says to him as she pouts slightly.

Arashi looks at the blonde haired princess sternly "Now Naru-chan, they are silly excuses. We are going to visit them and that's final. I already had the maids pack you things and Kakashi and Iruka have agreed to come with us..." he says as he takes her hand and starts pulling her towards the castle "Now no more arguing, your coming and that's final, you don't want to be rude to Fugaku and Mikoto after all they have been really nice to us."

Naru lowers her head in defeat knowing that her father had just tried to make her feel guilty about declining Lord and Lady Uchiha's hospitality. The blonde haired King always seemed to do that to her since she was always a kind hearted person which he had always said that she had gotten from her mother, while she always seemed to resemble her father in appearance her personality was similar to both of her parents. Besides if Iruka and Kakashi were coming with them then maybe this time their visit wont be that bad like they usually were.


Kabuto had been out in the gardens watching princess Naru for his master Orochimaru when he overheard Lord Arashi speaking with Naru-hime. He stayed hidden in the bushes long enough to hear that they would be going to the Sharingan Kingdom for their yearly visit to Lord and Lady Uchiha and stay there for a couple of days. 'Master Orochimaru would like this news, he had been waiting for the next time they would go to the Sharingan Kingdom before he would set the plan into action' he thinks to himself as he quickly runs towards the castle, entering through a hidden passageway that would lead him up to Orochimaru's tower.

Kabuto had passed through numerous hidden passageways before he reached a hidden door that opened up into Orochimaru's chaimber, pushing the door open he ducked down slightly moving out from behind a large tapestry and into the dim candle lit room. It seemed that Orochimaru always liked his room looking dark with only a few lit candles spread about the room some of them sitting atop of skulls, to give it a kind of ominous look since the tall snake like man did dabble in the dark arts.

After all siting on a large stand was a thick black leather bound book that was opened up to a page about curses. Numerous crystals were spread throughout the room as well as a sword that was sitting on his desk along with a dagger, both the sword and dagger had snakes wrapped around the handles and embedded with green and red crystals while there were other items sitting on shelves either in labelled jars or hanging from string.

"Ahh Kabuto, you have some good news I presume?" a deep voice could be heard coming from the shadows that seemed to sound as though it were hissing.

The silver haired male bows slightly as he pushes his glasses back up the bridge of his nose with his index finger "Yes master Orochimaru. I over heard Lord Arashi speaking with Naru-hime, it seems as though they will be leaving soon to visit Lord and Lady Uchiha for a few days and Kakashi-san and Iruka-san will be going with them" he answers as he straightens back up.

A tall slender looking male steps out of the shadows, the light of the candles slightly revealing the mans pale skin and long black hair, gold slitted eyes practically glowing in the dim light as a sinister looking smile spreads across his lips. "Good, while they are gone we can begin, hopefully the Uchiha prince wont cause us any problems and hinder my plans, if he does send out the sound 4, I want Kimimaru to stay here, he is to help up attack Lord Arashi's carriage when him and Naru-hime are to return"

Kabuto watches Orochimaru before bowing again "Yes master Orochimaru, I will inform them right away" with that said the silver haired male leaves his masters chaimbers the same way he had entered them. Leaving his master to watch the blonde princess through the large crystal that was set into the centre of a stone pedestal as he runs his fingers over what appears to be a lock of soft golden hair that he had managed to cut from the princesses hair while she was asleep.


Soft pink lips spread into a smile as a pair of sky blue eyes look out of the carriage window, looking out at the forest tree's, seeing some of the forest wildlife every now and then scurrying up tree's, looking up towards the sounds of the carriage as it passes through the forest. The sound of the carriage horses neighing every now and then as the driver steers them with the brown leather reigns.

Naru always did enjoy this part about her trips to her Sharingan Kingdom, she always liked watching the forest creatures, always helping the ones that would get injured no mater what type of animal they were, some of them always seemed to come back to her as though they would want to see her or just looking for food. Her favourite animal though would have to be foxes since there is one particular fox that she had looked after since it was a kit which was just after she had gotten back from the Sharingan Kingdom last year. She had found it with it mother that a hunter had killed it in a very inhuman way possible, she had called it Kyuubi and it just seemed to grow attached to her even though she let it free in the forest it always came back to her so she just ended up keeping it as a pet.

Not wanting to have left it behind she ended up convincing her father to let her bring the fox with them since the two of them never seemed to part from one another. Her fingers gently run through the foxes soft orange fur while it was curled up on her lap asleep purring slightly almost like a cat would when you would pet it. Her gaze shifts down to the orange and white fox that was snuggled up on her lap, not bothered at all by the sound of the carriage or the slight bouncing as it travels over the loose rocks along the path.

"I hope they don't mind me bringing Kyuubi" she says as she looks over at her father while she absentmindedly scratches the foxes head between its ears, causing it to purr louder.

Arashi looks over at his daughter and smiles "I'm sure they won't mind after all he is a pet" he says to her as he reaches over and strokes the orange fur on the fox.


It had taken almost 6 hours for them to reach the Sharingan Kingdom and another 3 hours to reach the Uchiha castle, slowly the driver pulls on the brown leather reigns, coaxing the two brown stallions to stop just out the front of the two large black wooden doors that had opened once their carriage had pulled to a stop. The driver quickly climbs down from his seat on the carriage, moving to the door the Uzumaki crest clearly visible on the brown carriage as soon as possible, three steps sliding out once the door was opened.

The first to exit the carriage was Kakashi, his face buried in the pages of an orange leather bound book as soon as he steps foot on the ground. Once the silver heired guard was a few feet away Iruka stepped out of the carriage, the dark skinned man was looking around at how lovely the castle looked. It wasn't long before a tall blonde haired blue eyed man named Arashi stepped out of the carriage, a bright smile adorning his face, once he was standing beside the door he held his hand out, offering it to another who was still seated inside the carriage.

By now all the maids and butlers were standing outside to greet those within the carriage. It only took a few minutes for Fugaku, Mikoto, Itachi and Sasuke for stand outside the castle, all of them standing on the castle steps leading up to the two large black wooden doors. It seemed as though everyone from within the castle was standing outside to greet both Arashi and Naru.

A tanned hand slowly reaches out, slim fingers slightly wrapping around a tanned hand that was much bigger, one that obviously belonged to a male. Slowly the figure within the carriage stepped out, glimpses of a baby blue dress could be seen as well as what looks to be bits of gold. An blue sleeved arm holding firmly onto an fuzzy orange and white animal moves out into view as the elegant feminine figure steps down onto the ground. Bright golden locks bouncing slightly, as the female looks up almost everyone's breath catches in their throats including the stoic Uchiha brothers once a pair of slanted azure eyes open, eyes that could rival the very sky, pink pouty lips slowly stretching into a bright smile. No marks marring her skin apart from the three whisker like marks on either side of her cheeks.

It was clear to all of them that this was no longer the little girl that would pull pranks on unsuspecting people, now she was clearly a beautiful young woman.

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