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"Every morning I come to pay my respect to those that died fighting for our Konoha. My best friend and sensei's names both are carved into this stone. No matter what happens I always come here for advice, for feeling, and sometimes just to get away from the pains of being a ninja."

Kakashi sat by the memorial for a while longer until he remembered that Tsunade had called him for a 11 o'clock meeting. He looked at the clock tower and realized it was nearly one and poofed himself into the Hokage's office. Naruto, Sakura and Sai were already there waiting for him.

"Yo" he said using his signature line.

"Hatake Kakashi. YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN LATE," screamed Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage.

"Well you see on my way here there was an old lady who needed help with –"

"I don't care. Seeing as your late I'm going to have to hurry up and explain this again. Team Seven will be going to the Hidden village of the Wind to pick up a young lady and escort her back to Konoha. Although she has resided in the Wind since she was a child she will now be living here in Konoha. I am sending Team Seven because she is- sorry was- a friend of Kakashi's in their childhood. It might be easier on her to travel this far with a friend," explained the Hokage.

"Oh. A friend of mine you say. What may her name be?" asked Kakashi, wondering what friend he had in the Wind.

"Neoma Arune. Your father was very close to hers. Before you became a Chunin."

After the assignment was given, Tsuande's assistant Shizune asked " Are you sure it's alright not to tell him about the scroll and the real reason your sending him?"

"Well if he knew about the scroll then he would not have gone. He would have to go if it were an order, this way he can meet her and they might have to be forced," explained the busty Hokage.

Kakashi POV

On the way back to my apartment, I thought about who this women was. I didn't remember any girl from when I was young. The only one I remember was Rin, and she was my teammate and Obito's love. My childhood consisted basically of learning to be the best Shinobi in the world. I was a genius in my youth…wait what am I saying I am still young… I mean come on. I'm only 29 that's not old right? So maybe I'm not that young but still not old.

I took out my Icha Icha and read till I reached my apartment. I needed to focus on getting through the clutter to my room, so I put the book down from my face and walked over. Man I really need to clean this place up. Maybe I should hire a maid. O well she'd have to have a great ass so I would actually want her to bend over and clean. Damn perverted mind. Or maybe I should settle down now. Who am I kidding? I can't settle down I'm a ninja who knows if I'll come back home after a mission. Isn't that why I always have those flings?

Knock Knock. I guess I better get that before someone breaks down the door.

As I opened the door, I could hear two men chatting excitedly with each other. Great look who it is Gai, my rival from God knows how, and Genma.

"You are coming to the bar with us. Close the door behind you and walk. You're going on a mission tomorrow right? So tonight might be our last night together…if anything happens to you," said Genma with Gai chanting something about youthfulness.

This is how we always do things before a mission. As shinobi, one of us might not return after a mission so we celebrate a few nights before and get completely wasted and live life to the fullest. Tomorrow I'm going on an escort trip but to retrieve girl who is supposedly a former friend. Somehow not knowing who she is troubles me. I follow them to the bar not putting down my book and order some sake.

I put down my book and grab my drink, quickly downing the liquid in my throat before anyone sees my face. I feel a hand crawl p my back and turn to greet a heavily endowed women wanting me. O what the heck why not, it's not like I'm doing anything illegal right? I nodded off to my two friends and escorted this young woman to her house, just because mine was covered in dirt and because I didn't want her knocking on my door the next time.

As the sun rose the next morning I woke up to find myself on someone else's bed. My mask lay around my neck and I pulled it up to conceal my face. Looking over to the woman on my right she was laying on a pile of my clothes. I lifted her up and she grabbed my arm for attention. "I have to go. I just needed my clothes." I told her then went back to my place to pack. My team and I needed to leave in an hour to get to the village on time.

I met my team at the gates and left to find out who this friend was.

General POV

"Crap I have to leave forever father? I thought we were just talking about a few weeks or something. No wonder they are sending an entire team to pick me up, just so they can carry all my luggage. Do you know where I'll be staying? Does it have a big closet like the one I have here?" asked Arune to her father.

"Arune you are going to live in Konoha with your fiancé. He's going to take good care of you. In the end of two months you'll have the choice to marry him or not. It's up to the two of you, even though his father and I did arrange this quite a while back when you were children. I don't even think he knows about this so please be patient with him my dear," said her father helping her pack some more.

"Well alright. I hope he still looks the same as he did when we were younger. The silver hair was always intriguing. And the way he wore a mask to cover his face, I never did ask him why. I wonder if he'll tell me after we get married," said Arune. She had always considered him hers since the day she heard from her father that they were to be wed when they were older. She had always restricted herself from getting into relationships and from sexual encounters because she wanted to be his and only his. Sometimes she wondered if she should have gone through with some of her desires seeing as how he might have not waited for her. After all he didn't know about this arrangement right? But one thing seemed certain for her though, that he would always remember her. Probably because she was his first kiss when they were five, right before he became a chunin.

It was nearing noon the next day and team seven finally approached the Hidden Village of the Wind. After entering it Kakashi led his team to the address where they were to meet their mission.

The house was magnificent, far more beautiful than the Hyuga mansion back in Konoha. It was white with grand fountains and gardens surrounding it. Once they were inside, team seven was led into two rooms, one for the males and the other for Sakura, to place their stuff. They were told to freshen up and meet down in the dining hall around 1 for lunch, where they would meet Lady Arune and her father.

Kakashi and the boys plopped themselves down on the three beds in the room which was as big as the apartment which Naruto lived in- including the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living space. Inside the room was one bathroom, which Kakashi had now started approaching. He told his two teammates to control themselves and not get into a fight or wonder while he cleansed himself. After they were all done, they met Sakura who was sparkling as well, and walked down to meet Arune for lunch. As they were walking down, something that seemed like a kunai headed towards Kakashi's face. He suddenly remembered why he felt so familiar with this place, and who this Arune girl was. He was stuck in a place and with a mission with a girl he hated in his childhood.

End of Chap 1