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In the middle of Tokyo, in a very famous elite school

Ai walked to school and meet up with her friend, Dojima Tomoyo. She has long dark blue wavy hair with a pair of dark blue eyes to match. Her soft voice greeted her friend, "Ohayou, Ai-chan," Ai greeted her back and walked in to school grounds where as soon as she enters, every eye was on them.

Ai felt a little agitated by all of the stares. Tomoyo calmed her down by dragging her out of the school grounds and went straight up to class. "Arigato gozaimasu, Mo-chan. Appreciate it much." She said to her friend. Tomoyo just smiled.

"So, are you coming to the rehearsal today?" Tomoyo asked her and Ai nodded.

Tomoyo took Ai's left hand, "To tell you the truth, I can't wait till the actual day. To see you playing the piano and to be singing along your side, ohh. It is just simply, lovely Ai." She said to Ai being all dreamy.

Ai smiled while sweat dropped, "Oh come on Tomoyo… It's not like you've never sang with me before."

Tomoyo chuckled. "Don't be so modest Ai. You're a great singer." Ai puffed her cheeks and looked at Tomoyo side ways, "I am not being modest. I'm being nice…" She said in a sarcastic jokingly kind of way.

Tomoyo let go of her hand and smiled sweetly. "Sure, whatever you say, Ai. What's more, we are going to be singing in front of people from important top companies. In fact, most people from outside of Japan are coming here as well. Oh wow. You're going to be wearing my design for our big day!!"

Ai sweat dropped, "Hai hai, Mo-chan." Ai and Tomoyo had been best friend since they were 2 years old. Their mom's were cousins. They've always been together, and both of them have wonderfully beautiful voice. It's been a routine, Ai will be playing the piano or any music instrument while Tomoyo sings to the beat or usually they sang together.

As they were talking, students start to fill the classroom. They had classes after classes and when the clock striked 6, the school bell rang and school ends for the day.

Tomoyo was waiting at her car with her usual bodyguards along side her. She is the only heiress to the Dojima Electronic Company which is owned by her mother, Dojima Nadeshiko. Ai walked towards Tomoyo who was waiting for her. "Ai, come on. We better go now." Tomoyo said in a calm voice.

Ai nodded and got into the car. Tomoyo's driver took them to the studio and they went in. They started playing a song.

The piano starts to play in notes as Tomoyo sings to it as well. The girls finished practice at 9. Tomoyo dropped Ai at her pent house and wave goodbye.

Ai hummed her favorite song while in the elevator and to her front door. She unlocked it and took off her shoes. "Tada imasu!" Ai walked in to the living room and seated herself on the couch. She was really tired after the rehearsal.

"Okairi nasai, Ai-chan." Her grandmother came to her and brought her a glass of water and seated beside the teenage girl. "How was rehearsal?"

Ai drank the water and puts it down on the coffee table in front of her, "It was good. Tomoyo sang well." Ai smiled. She looked at her grandmother, "Did something happen, obaa-chan?" Ai knew something was up by the look in her grandmother's eyes. "Ai," her grandmother said in a low and calm voice.

Ai looked at her grandmother with an emotionless face. Her grandmother looked at her, and showed her a silver letter with a golden star on it. Ai's expression turned absolutely motionless. There was nothing to read from her expression and her grandmother knew Ai didn't like seeing the letter. At all cost.

Ai took the letter and read it. This wasn't the first time the academy sent the lettter to her. Countless of times actually. Despite that she was in an exclusive elite school and being friends with other people that are non-alice, she knew right from the root who she really was. She read the letter;

Yuki Ai,


You have been accepted to Gakuen Alice. Well done. Your given ability had made you an Alice. You will be given exactly a week to pack up and solve your matters of school and etc.

There will be no excuse to avoid this offer.

By the order,

Aoshi Mayama

(The Headmaster)

Ai didn't bother to look up to her grandmother. She just let the letter on the table and finished up her drink. "Ai, what are you to do now?" Her grandmother asked.

Ai didn't want to look at her grandmother. Not that she was angry with her grandmother but the fact that the academy won't stop bothering her is getting on her nerves. "Obaa-chan, I think I've rejected the academy countless of time. Why won't that Aoshi just give up. I can't leave you, otou-san and Mo-chan or anyone else in danger." Ai said with a serious yet calm voice.

Just when her grandmother was about to explain, they heard someone at the door. "Okaa-san, Ai-chan, tada ima!!" He came in the living room. "Ai-chan, looks like you're back! Come, give otou-san a hug!" Ai didn't move an inch. "Oh??" He knew something was wrong. He then looked at his mother and his lovely daughter. His eyes looked down at the floor then looked back up at his daughter, 'Ai-chan. Aoshi sent the last warning letter I guess. Aoshi, you're pushing too much this time.' Her father thought to himself.

His mother smiled at him, "Okairi nasai, Takumi-kun. I'll make some tea." She excused herself to the kitchen and let her son and his daughter have a talk. He walked towards Ai and hugged her. Ai didn't hug back. He sat down and pleaded his daughter to take a seat as well. Ai obliged. "Ai, I guess, I don't have much to say now."

Ai just looked at her father with emotionless face. It hurts him so much seeing her daughter with no reply. He knew she didn't want to go to the academy and the fact that Ai knew everything about the past wasn't really comforting either.

"Otou-san," she whisper but loud enough for him to hear.

He frowned. "Gomen ne, Ai-chan. I won't be able to do anythin-" He was cut off by Ai.

"Otou-san, I told you before, didn't I? I can protect myself very well indeed. I'm aware of what and who I am. But I didn't choose to stay here for nothing. I'm here because I want to keep the people who I really care about safe and so that I won't have to worry too much."

"…" There was silence.

"Don't you think I know that the AAO agents are all over the city keeping their eyes on me? I'm very much aware of this. More than you do. I built up my alice very well. That's what you don't know. I'm not dense not to realize about this ability I possessed. I take it as a gift and also a curse. I can do whatever I want with it yet I'm trapped with this power and plus, I'll find her and that person. That is my mother's wish and I promised to her too."

Her grandmother entered the living room with two cups of green tea and set it on the coffee table. "Ai dear…" her grandmother said. "You don't have to worry about us or your friends. I'm sure your mother would be proud of you if you complete the school and achieve the things that your mother didn't get to finish. You are her only hope now. To finish up her unfinished job."

Ai looked at her grandmother and sighed, "Wakatteru, obaa-chan." Ai looked at her grandmother who gave her a warm and convincing smile.

Ai sighed again, "Looks like I can't go against you this time. I'll go, only on one condition."

"And what's that?" her father asked.

Ai smiled and, "I'll tell later. I have this one whole week, so I'll leave to the academy after the opening ceremony of the festival, is that okay?"

Her father nodded. "Alright then. You must be tired honey. Get some rest." Ai nodded and smiled. She kissed her grandmother's and her dad's cheek and went up to her room.

After they heard the door was closed, Takumi sighed and went to the window and looked up the dark night sky with no moon. "Okaa-san, am I doing the right thing?" he asked her mother in confusion.

"Takumi-kun, you heard her well. Nobody knows about this more than her. If the academy wants her to do mission, then I'm sure she will be more than happy to do it. You should be able to see the famous Shiroi Tori (White Bird), Hanako Kasumi, in Ai. It's too obvious that she inherited every single aspect of her mother. Those cold ice blue eyes when hatred and anger fills in, the smile when her heart sings happily and the features. They're exactly the same."

Takumi's eyes went soft, remembering about the past he and Kasumi had together back in the academy. How they met, how the best friends became enemies and howthat person cuts off every relationship she has in the academy. That person was always against the academy. It was hard for Kasumi, his beloved wife. 'What was in your mind, Kasu-chan? What does Ai know that none of us know? Kasumi, protect her. Oyasumi nasai, Kasu-chan.' He had the thought and looked back and his mother.

"Hai, okaa-san. I trust her and I trust that Kasumi will always make miracles happen." Takumi smiled his usual happy smile at his mother and yawned. "I'm tired. Oyasumi, okaa-san." He went to his room.

The old women just nodded and slightly shook her head, "Everything is going to turn out alright. I'm sure." She switched off the lights and went off to bed.

Ai heard the lights in the living room went off. Ai had changed into her pajama. She stared out the sky and spaced out, "Now what's going to happen, okaa-sama? Ne, okaa-sama, I'm sure Mikan-chan has grow up well. I'm sure that she looks just like that person. Beautiful and pure. While I'm gone, protect otou-san, obaa-chan, Mo-chan and everyone else as well. Oyasumi, okaa-sama." She climbed in to her bed and doze off to sleep.

The next morning

Ai woke up early in the morning because she can't seem to get enough sleep anyway. The issue had been bothering her. She dressed up in her school uniform and went down, only to find her grandmother in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

"Ohayou, obaa-chan." Ai smiled and kissed her grandmother's cheek. She grabbed her bento box which was place on the kitchen bar and went to the front door.

"Ai-chan, won't you have breakfast first?" Ai was about to unlocked the door and looked back at her grandmother, "Iie, daijobu. I don't feel like eating this morning. Gomen, obaa-chan. Ja, ittekimasu."

Her grandmother smiled, "Hai, itterashai, Ai-chan."

At Shirokin Elite High School

She got to school early so Tomoyo still isn't at the school gate as usual. The school grounds were empty and quiet since it was before seven. Ai went up to class only to her surprise finding her best friend sitting at her desk reading.

Ai was surprised, "Ohayou Mo-chan. I didn't expect for you to be here very early. What's going on?"

Tomoyo just smiled at her best friend, "You know, I should be the one asking you."

"…" Ai sat across Tomoyo and lay her head down on Tomoyo's desk.

"How did you know something is bothering me?" Ai asked

Tomoyo smiled while stroking Ai's long hair. Ai didn't tie up her hair that day because she didn't feel like doing anything at all. "Oh, I just know something's up, since last night. Anything you want to talk about?"

Ai sighed. "Souka. Ne, Mo-chan, what would you do if I really have to leave school for a really urgent errand and come back here a few years later?"

Tomoyo closed her eyes and smiled, "Nothing at all."

"Eh?" Ai looked up at her best friend. Tomoyo chuckled, "I'll just have to wait for you to come back and hope that you keep yourself safe at all time." Ai smiled tearfully, "Arigato, Mo-chan. You're the best!" Tomoyo winked, "I know." The two girls giggled and hugged.

They parted from the hug. Tomoyo looked outside the window, "When will you be leaving?"

"In a week time." Ai said motionlessly. Tomoyo looked back at Ai who stayed emotionless and chuckled, "Ai-chan, when you go there, will you still be wearing that control device?"

Ai held her left arm. The silver arm bracelet with gold carvings in ancient writings was given by her mother right before she died. Ai silently nodded. Tomoyo hugged Ai's neck from behind, "Everything is going to turn out alright. I'm sure. Definitely sure. That person's daughter will trust you, Ai-chan. Everybody has their faith in you. I bet she would really like you."

Tomoyo's words comforted Ai. She felt relieved. Ai smiled back at Tomoyo and uttered a thank you which received a nod and a sweet smile from Tomoyo.

Ai sensed people coming in the school grounds. "Looks like everyone is coming." Tomoyo said. Ai nodded, "Yeah."

Tomoyo took her seat beside Ai. "Oh! I forgot!" Ai raised an eyebrow, "What is it?" Tomoyo grinned, "After school, you have to come to my house. I need to take your measurements and shoose the perfect colour for your dress this coming festival." Ai sweat dropped, "Hai hai."

Soon, the bell rang and classes starts for the day.

At the Alice Academy

In Mikan's class

The blond teacher came in to the class and greeted his student, they greet him back and sat at their own places.

"Class, I have to inform you a very important thing."

"…" there was silence from the class. Narumi saw Yome Kokoro's expression and smiled back, indicating there was need to spoil the "secret" to the class since Narumi wanted to tell it himself. Kokoro nodded back.

"I won't be here in the academy for a few days, so Jinno-sensei will take over while I'm gone, okay?"

Whispers were heard. Mikan was shocked. She puts up her hand, "But why?" she said in a sad tone. Even the subtitute teacher nodded anime style agreeing with Mikan while crying waterfall.

Narumi gave a smile. He can't gave out the academy's real deal nor can he lie to his students especially Mikan. "Gomen ne, minna. I hope all of you will study well and behave good while I'm gone. Your finals are getting near. I'll be back soon, don't worry. Well, I have to go now! Ja ne!"

The subtitute teacher fell to the floor crying waterfall while the other students were whispering here and there about Narumi's deal. From the back of the class, a pair of auburn eyes watched the brunette. Mikan's head was down and her eyes wanted answer from Narumi. She didn't talk much and decided to catch her "otou-san". Mikan stood up and ran out of the class as fast as could.

Natsume's P.O.V

That blond teacher's gone for a week to do an errand for the academy? Even better. No class.

I looked at her and her head was down. Looks like her dad isn't gonna be here for the whole week and why didn't Narumi tell why? I saw my Polka ran out of the class. Guessing, she was going after Narumi to find answers. Looks like 'll take her to Central Town just to make her feel better. The whole class was being handful to the subtitute teacher as usual and nothing else to do since Polka is not here. Might as well get out of here and when I looked at Ruka I found him staring at Imai.

That's odd? Why is staring at her? Something's up. Definitely. I seldom see Imai blackmail Ruka these few days. Wonder what's going on. Time to break his fantasy…

"Hey Ruka, let's go!"

End of Natsume's P.O.V

Ruka trembled at Natsume's calling. "Hn…" was all his answer. "Something's going on…" Natsume thought. "You don't have to worry about me. I'm fine." Ruka answered his best friend.

Natsume raised an eyebrow, "Hn, whatever you say Ruka." Natsume looked at Ruka from the corner of his eyes and could see through him that there was definitely something bothering Ruka.

Both Ruka and Natsume sat under the Sakura tree in a prefect silence until Ruka spoke up. "Hey Natsume"


"Have you ever, know how it's like, to be," Ruka paused. Natsume looked at Ruka who patting Usagi's head. Natsume raised an eyebrow, "To be what, Ruka?"

Ruka was blushing 30 shades of red, "Urm, t-to be, i-i-in l-love?" Ruka felf kind of awkward asking him about this issue but he just had to talk about it.

For the first time, Natsume trembled in front of Ruka, "Erk?! Ruka, why are you asking me?"

"Urh, no particular reason. I just had to ask someone. So?"

"Hm… it's about Imai isn't it?

"Natsume? How did you know?"

They fell silent for a moment until Natsume spoke up, "If you won't stop staring at Imai every second in our class, who wouldn't notice. Kokoro knows better since he's the one who minds people's business." Ruka chuckled.

"Ne, Natsume, I think, I'm, in love with Hotaru."

Natsume tried not to laugh instead he smirked, "Then go with it. If you're sure of what you're feeling, don't hold back. Let her know how you really feel. Don't let her feel awkward"

This time, Ruka raised an eyebrow and his expression was amused, "Wow, that's pretty good. Considering yourself is worse than mine."

"What are you talking about, Ruka?" Natsume's voice turned a little colder than before. Ruka smirked. He decided to provoke Natsume. "Well, you told me to head on with Hotaru but look at yourself, Natsume. You've never told Mikan how you really feel about her."

Natsume's eyes were still on the manga but Ruka knows he wasn't reading it. Natsume knew what Ruka was planning to do, to provoke him. He puts down the manga on his lap and looked up the sky, "At least I kissed Mikan on the lips when were ten, on Christmas party, on the tree with snow." Natsume's bangs were covering his expression.

Ruka nodded slightly, "Hai hai, you kissed Mikan on the lips when we were ten on the Christmas party on the tree with snow falling.." Ruka abruptly stopped nodding and quickly looked Natsume in disbelief, "You what?!!"

Natsume smirked. He stood up, picked up his manga and shoved his left hand in his pockets. "Yes, Ruka. I did. She was dense and still and idiot up till now," Ruka looked at Natsume and smiled.

"But you still love her deeply, no matter what's the cost, right Natsume?" Natsume didn't look at Ruka but Ruka knows Natsume was smiling. Natsume walked away, "I'm going to my room." He left Ruka under the Sakura tree. "Natsume. You've changed a lot since she came." Ruka whispered to himself and decided to go back to his room.

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Japanese to English

Hai - Yes

Iie - No

Souka - I see

Arigato - Thanks

Ohayou - Good morning

Nani - What

Daijobu - It's okay / alright

Okairi nasai - Welcome home

Tada imasu - I'm home

Haruka Ai ;)