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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S IN MY CLASS?" Ichigo yelled at her poor sensei. The man was cowering, not understanding why she would be so mad. It was just a boy.

"Just because you don't think you'll be able to keep your hands off me…" Kisshu drawled, loving the way her face went an interesting shade of pink. He didn't love the way she turned to him to unleash her anger on the very person who was the cause of it. No, he didn't like it one bit.

"YOU KEEP OUT OF THIS! IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT YOU HAD TO COME AND ENROLL AND-" breathing then became necessary, cutting of her rant and making Kisshu smirk. Breathing hard made her chest move a lot more then it usually did. It was a nice chest too. All filled out and squishy. He loved the results of puberty. Some things take time to change and his pervertedness was one of them.

"I only wanted to further my education."

"Further it somewhere else. I need to concentrate on my studies." Ichigo glared at the alien who was obviously enjoying this.

"As do we all, Momomiya-san. Can you please continue this some other time. You're interrupting our class and I need to pass history this term. If you can't concentrate with him next to you then I would be more then happy to have Kisshu-san sit next to me." The girl smirked, she didn't like Ichigo or the way the hot new kid was looking at her. Like she was something infinitely precious.

"No, no. I'm sure she'll warm up to me in no time." Kisshu assured the girl. She scared him-he was quite sure that he was being undressed by her eyes and that creeped him out. Not that he didn't want Ichigo to do it. Just random people of the street doing it was weird. No! Mind out of the gutter! Or, as far out as it could come before he thought about the merits of having Ichigo mentally undress him. Or literally.

"Ugh! Fine, you can stay."

"How generous of you to let me do something you had no power over." Kisshu grinned.

"But that doesn't mean that you can mess up my life here. And you have to be nice to Ma-Aoyama-kun!" he pouted at the last part but perked up as he considered the fun ways he could destroy her relationship with the kid. No, bad hot alien. (A/N: this is kisshu's thoughts. He sees himself as hot. So do I. :P) Must resist urges to make the boy hate her. Much more fun to rub me dating her in his face…I love being me.

Ichigo was eyeing the "hot" alien, sure that he was thinking something along the lines of I will kill the pretty boy muhahahaha… Sad thing was she was almost right. Almost. Kisshu knew he was going to have to do something about her bad attitude towards him being in her school-and he knew exactly what it was he was going to do.

"Can I sit next to you?" He asked the girl who'd spoken out before. She smirked at Ichigo.

"Sure, my name's Kyoko by the way. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." She fluttered her eyelashes at him in what she thought was an alluring fashion but in fact made her look as if she had dust in her eyes.

"Oh no you don't Ears. You're sitting next to me so you can't chat up innocent young girls. I'm guessing you don't have any books or pens?" Ichigo dragged him away from Kyoko then dumped him unceremoniously next to her desk. She was surprised when he shook his head at her last question.

"It's okay koneko-chan I know that you want me all to yourself and you just don't want to say it. I know I'm that irresistible. It's fine, really." He stopped before she punched. And people said he didn't know how to handle her. "And Pai made me get books and pens and stuff like that so I wasn't imposing on kind people like yourself." She snorted, still suspicious of him.

"If I wanted you all to myself I would have said so when you broke into my room this morning." Suddenly the room went quiet and she realised what she had said. "Oh, wait no! It's not what you think guys! Mint, tell them!"

"Why? It's not like he went in their with anything but what they're thinking on his mind." Kisshu shrugged, it was true.

"But-but…the only reason he was in there was to make sure I wasn't mad after he left so quickly last night..." she realised she'd just made it worse and groaned. "No, it's because we were-STOP LAUGHING KISSHU!!!" She yelled.

"Awww, koneko-chan is angry. Want a hug?" he asked, ready to jump her if she accepted.

"No. I want to concentrate on my class. Continue sensei. Please." The bemused teacher had been watching the exchange with some concern. Surely his students weren't doing that already. No, she was too conservative. The new kid though…he'd have to keep an eye on this.


Taruto at this time was trying to figure out how exactly he was going to get past a furious Purin so he could go to class. The reason she was furious was probably related to the fact that he'd ignored her for the past few days-in fact he hadn't seen her since they'd kissed. He had been too busy studying up on how to fit into high school and trying to find a hat that covered his ears. Shame he hadn't realised she might be annoyed that he'd forgotten about her. Big shame.

"So let me get this straight. You piss me off. Make me forgive you, kiss me and then bugger off for a week then show up at my school. And then you think I'm going to ignore you?!" he would have replied if her voice hadn't risen 3 octaves by the end of her little speech. The smart alien stayed quiet and just looked at her, trying out the puppy-dog eyes. "Not going to work on me Taruto!" shit, she was really mad if she was calling him by his full name. "Tell me what the hell you're doing or-oh hey Ruka!" she smiled brightly at the teenager who passed her. He smiled back with a little bit more than friendship in mind. Taruto noticed this and glared at the gaki. No-one hit on his girl. Well, no-one but him obviously. "And another thing, if you even think about hurting or annoying any of my friends then I'll kick you to kingdom come so hard you'll be seeing stars, bucko. So let's go in na no da!"

Taruto didn't understand her but once she got being angry out of her system she seemed to be happy again. Key word here is seemed. So he smiled and walked into the room behind her, only to be glomped by her many friends who had "heard so much about you taru-taru! You guys are so cute together. OMG Purin was right! You are totally hot!" The last bit he didn't mind, in fact he quite liked it so her turned to Purin and grinned.

"Oh I am, am I?" He teased her.

"Some people would say so na no da." She sniffed. She then started sniggering when the teacher asked him why he was late.

"Girl troubles sensei." If the teacher had been a man he would have nodded sympathetically and started the lesson. Unfortunately Taruto's teacher was a woman and started lecturing him on using such a sexist excuse. He broke in with;

"What would you have done if I'd said boy troubles, sensei?" she regarded him with disbelief. The kid was asking for it.

"I'd have accepted you for who you are then ripped you a new one for bringing your personal life inside although I have to say you look like quite the maneater." Purin burst out laughing at this as Taruto glared at the teacher. War was declared in that moment.


"This is Pai-san. He will be joining us in our journey through your remaining years at high school. Please everyone welcome him. Sakura-san, can you show him around school?" A certain green haired girl was torn between excitement that he was at her school and disappointment that she hadn't been chosen to show him around. Excitement won as she sent him a smile that would melt stone. Oh look, he could see the school in a little puddle around him. Must cost a fortune to keep rebuilding.

"Ohayou Little Fish. How are you today?" he couldn't help himself. He smiled back at her. Who could resist that face it was so cute. And Pai never said cute. Like, never ever in a million years. Does this prove to you how cute she was? I thought so.

"I'm well thank you. Why are you here? Are the others with the other Mews? Is something wrong? How are you?" she shot questions at him so quickly he only caught two.

(A/N: Retasu goes to a different school than Ichigo and Mint here.)

"Yes, Kisshu is with Ichigo and Mint and Taruto is with Purin. Zakuro doesn't like us and she's still in Hong Kong filming so that's that. And I'm fine thank you." No way was Pai going to tell Retasu why they were there. It would only freak her out. And besides, being next to her was enough for now. He could protect her this way.


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