Tal Graile Rerem

Dear diary,

Today I found an interesting way to prioritise my life.

I sat at my desk as I usually did. I had finally found some time alone and I still could not stop thinking. I had thousands of thoughts running through my mind. Luckily, I had learned how to organise and prioritise my thoughts.

As I sat there with nothing but a buzzing mind, I decided to start writing. What I was going to write was unknown to myself. I simply picked up a quill and started jotting down random words or phrases. Ebbitt taught me this ancient trick. It was a forgotten way of divination. All I had to do was start writing and my thoughts would come out.

Ebbitt once told me that if I was stressed or simply bored, then I should try it. He also said that this was helpful to put things into perspective. So far, I hadn't needed any guidance but I was bored so I gave it a shot and who'd have thought that my talents laid in poetry? Why not inspect my work? You might like it.

Sunstone, Chosen, Light

What could these possibly have in common?

Sword, Icecarl, Death

Where are they now?

Work, Underfolk, Freedom

When will they become free?

Dark, Shadows, Enemy

Who had fought them so long ago?

Icecarl, Chosen, Freefolk

How will we ever become untied as one?

What do you think? I think it's brilliant. Who would have thought that writing down random words and writing odd phrases could lead to such a profound meaning? I for one am going to keep doing this. It's fun and it's very thought provoking. Thanks Ebbitt. You've once again managed to help me out once again. What would I do without you?

Probably be dead by now…Whoa…Too morbid to think about. Change the subject!

I've managed to rope myself into a new arena of problems recently. It concerns my new wife. Yes, I know shocking isn't it? Me, the ultimate "shy one", has managed to gain the courage to ask a woman for her hand in marriage. Believe me in the past week, that was just the easy part.

Why you ask? Well let's just say that having an Icecarl as your bride comes with certain obligatory duties. In the last few days, I've have been through so many Icecarl rituals and rites of passages that I've almost forgotten that I was Emperor of the Chosen! Believe me things were much simpler back when I was the "shy one".

Still I must admit I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my new wife and she loves me. It took her a while to figure that out but eventually she and I were hitched! I don't know what our future holds but I've got a feeling that its going to be just fine. Obviously, it's not going to be all prim and proper all the time but anything worth doing is always laden with risks right?

Well until I decide to write more. Wish me luck!