Whispers. The strange whispers I hear on the icy wind. From my perch in the crow's nest high above the Ruin ship, I find it something of an oddity. Be it my last night on the Ice or my last entry into my log, I'll never know why I feel this strange loneliness and longing to end my journey here. Perhaps because my time has come full circle and it is my wish to end things where it supposedly all began.

Yes...it is my wish that my thoughts be heard. I've lived a long life and I've experienced my. I've loved and lost and won. I've never experienced my end though. That will be something of an adventure wouldn't it? As I close my eyes and dream of the times I found happiness, I slowly began to realise that death was only a beginning. Perhaps an evolution was in order.

As I lay myself to eternal rest I hope that all my thoughts are recorded into my sunstones along with all my feelings and wishes. With numb fingers I clasp the stone and chant my last spell and my last prayer.

Sunstones guide me.

May I find eternal life in a realm of true happiness.

I leave behind all doubt and express my life as it is has been lived.

Sunstones take my feelings of love to all my loved ones.

Sunstones speak my last words to any who would hear them.

Sunstones guide your new bearer with the wisdom of those who have carried you.

Sunstones bear witness to my death and prove it noble.

Sunstone take me.

The world spun into darkness and as I laid to rest forever, I knew that the darkness would only last but a moment as loving light enveloped me. I was home. I was amongst all my ancestors and there I waited for the next wielder of the Violet keystone to awaken us.