The wind below from behind her, flowing through her hair. She smiled and felt her body go numb. "this feels SO great" she whispered to herself. Her feet dangled in the ice cold and pitch black lake. She looked around, she was deserted and alone. She was always alone and grown use to it. She never cared, she could survive on her own.

She smiled happily and splashed her feet. She felt something move behind her. She looked around. Nothing. It must have been the wind she thought. She returned to splashing her feet on the edge, she leaned forward and splashed her arms. She felt a hand grip her shoulder hard, she stumbled into the water. "WHAT!" she screeched, standing at the edge of a shallow lake. She turned around and saw a man that she didn't even know existed anymore.

A man with long, grey hair stared at her. He carried a lamp that was covered by his sleeves giving him an eerie glow. He wore a black dress that puffed out at the sleeves and legs, his waist was tight and firm. The edges decorated with red triangles and white downwards triangles in the red ones. He wore a pointed hat with the same pattern. It seemed to match the shape of his face. He held out a hand, she looked at him. "Like hell" she growled. Her temper rising quickly. The man's expression softened.

"What do you mean…child?"

"You know perfectly well what I mean Peta. You have known me long enough" The girl said.

"I just want to help you" Peta said.
"Like hell you do" she began to stroke towards the middle of the lake. "What do you want you barbaric freak?!" she hissed. Peta wasn't pleased. He walked into a shallow part of the water. The water floated up to his knees. His dress began to float around him and gracefully danced on the surface of the dark water. "I don't think that was polite…" he said in a calm voice "So..."

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY MY NAME!!" she screamed. "You KNOW who can call me by my first name. Don't you Peta? Or have you forgotten already?". Peta laughed in amusement.

"I could NEVER forget YOU" he said in a sly voice "I couldn't forget you if I tried and Phantom knows I have" he smirked. The girl grew angry. "Peta WHAT do you want?!" she said in forced calm.

"It is not what I want but what Phantom wants" Peta laughed it was high and cold. It echoed over the still water. "Tom…? Phantom…?!! PHANTOM!!" she stuttered. "Whoa…what does Phantom want?" she struggled to say his name. "He wants you, please join my in the castle"

"I would rather get hyperthermia" which she was getting. Her body was turning blue but Peta's stayed the same, a pale yellow. She was now treading in water, she stopped and began to ease back to Peta. She stopped. "I'm not going anywhere near or with you. Now I think of it" she sneered.

"Please Sofia for your own good walk with my peacefully" Peta pleaded.

"NEVER!" she shouted. Peta began to swim out. Sofia swam towards Peta and dived underneath him and pulled him under. She punched him to right side of his face and continued swimming. She reached the shore and sprinted away. Peta was walking calmly behind her. "Come on Peta you can do better I know you can!" she yelled. She ran into the forest that surrounded the lake.

She didn't know where she was or where she was going. All she knew is that she had to escape from Peta and find Alviss. Alviss she was at peace just thinking of him. My Alviss. Sofia fell face first into the cold, damp ground. "Damn you Alviss" she mumbled to herself. "Even when your not here you still cause me trouble" Sofia began to pull herself up when she was the eerie glow of Peta's lamp. She stood up and looked around find him looking grim. She knew inside he wanted to laughed but he had a reputation to maintain. "Go away Peta" she said as she brushed of her skirt and boots. Peta laughed

"Phantom wants to see you, he is waiting" he said

"I don't CARE what that crazed, power hungry zombie wants. Its ME that's all I care about" And Alviss! Don't forget Alviss! She thought to herself. Peta seemed to read her thoughts. "Last time I saw you Alviss was your top priority, has that changed?"

"This change Peta you of ALL people should know that! I have MORE important things to do"

"Like WHAT?" Peta tested.

"Like I have to find my…"

"Your love, I know and he is waiting…Phantom is waiting"

"ITS NOT PHANTOM YOU BLOOD DRINKING FREAK!!!" Sofia screamed. She turned around and began to walk away. "Sickle Death!" Peta shouted. A scythe appeared in his hand. It dripped blood. Sofia turned around. Peta cut the neck off her top. "NOW will you come with me?"

"YOU JUST CUT TOP!!" Sofia screamed. The top of her red T-shirt was cut off turning it into a one-shoulder top. "GREAT NOW I'M BLOODY NANASHI!!" she screamed. She lifted her arm into the air "RING DAGGER!" she shouted. A dagger appeared in her hand. "Bring it freak!" she shouted. Peta casually walked up to her. "This was a gift from Alviss himself" Peta gloated. Sofia stepped backwards. "CAGED BIRD" he laughed. It sounded just as cruel and sophisticated as it did 6 years ago. Sofia turned into a bird in a cage. Her feathers a chocolate brown and her emerald green eyes shone as brightly as they always had. She looked remarkably like her human form. Sofia chirped away, Peta kicked the cage. It rolled over and shut Sofia up. Peta began to talk calmly "Alviss so kindly donated the ARM. He wanted to get you anyway possible" Sofia was confused but remained silent. Peta snapped his fingers and the ARM deactivated. Sofia stood up and straighten her black knee high boots and followed Peta as he walked away. "Now hurry up I was meant to be back hours ago" Sofia rn up and walked beside Peta. He still carried the sickle death and placed the metal lightly on her back. Just to make sure she wouldn't run away. Alviss what is happening? she thought What is happening?!! Alviss I want you here!!

They walked up to the castel in total silence. Peta wait for Sofia to stand in front of him at the door. The wood was rotting and peeling. Peta pushed open the door and ushered Sofia in. "Follow me" he said blowing out the lamp and grabbing a flaming torch. He set the lamp at the door. The instant Sofia walked into the castle a sense of hate and passion filled her soul. The damp, cold air made Sofia shuddered. She followed Peta down the corridor. The last time I was here…Alviss was tortured. I miss him so…Phantom I WILL destroy you! She swore to herself. Peta looked at her she smiled and waved it off. They began walking again, they walked to end of the dark corridor and turned a right. "Were almost there" Peta said staring ahead. Sofia looked at the doors passing by. There was Rolan's and Peta's but one made her stop. "Alviss?" Sofia whispered. A door labelled Alviss sat next to Phantom's throne room. "Alviss?" she said loud enough for Peta to hear. "That is Alviss's room now come here" Peta said in an annoyed tone. She opened the door to Alviss's room, "It's locked" she said sounding crushed. Sofia banged her head against Alviss's door. Peta walked towards her and grabbed her arm. Peta dragged her to Phantom's Throne room. He pushed the door open. She pushed off Peta and strode towards Phantom's throne. Peta closed the door and stood beside it. Sofia looked at his room, there was a large moon like screen in front of the throne. She elegantly stepped up two steps towards Phantom's throne. Phantom looked at her. "Ahh Sofia you are looking as ravishing as ever" he said polity. Sofia glared at him.

"I see you are looking as dead and cold as ever" she snarled.

"Oh harsh" said grinned

"Just the way you like me Phantom. Now what do you want?"

"Looks like you are wet" Phantom said, he stood up and walked towards Sofia "Here take this. Phantom took a black coat from the back of his throne and placed it on Sofia's shoulders. "Thanks Phantom" she slipped into it. Phantom looked her up and down. I see you legs are getting longer and smoother. "Pervert!!" Sofia snapped. "Now please where is Alviss? I miss him" she said her body and tone now weak. Phantom smiled.

"Alviss right here" Phantom said pointing next to his throne. Sofia looked around to the other side. She burst into tears "You MONSTER!" she growled YOU BLOODY MONSTER!! HOW COULD YOU?! HOW!!!!" Sofia cried hysterically. She fell to the floor in front of Alviss. "Please Alviss wake up…I have waited for you for 6 years…you cannot leave me now…"



Sofia is a made up character, she is sarcastic, lonely, in love and destroyed by her obsession with Alviss and being Phantom's obsession.

Okay I bet u STILL don't know how Sofia looks well think of Alexis from yu-gi-oh GX with brown hair, green eyes. Same skirt but white and a red top that was a normal t-shirt but now is cut low and has only one shoulder. She has black knee high boots.

I love Alviss and Peta and Phantom!!

Last time Sofia cried when she killed her family (When she first joined Chess Piece, she had a crush on Phantom and her family refused to let her go outside until she got over him and stopped being a Chess Piece)