Phantom walked into his room. He felt dirty and disturbed but it had to be done. I had to do it. Alviss gave me no choice. At least now I haven given him a warning, Phantom thought. He took off his blood soaked clothes. I must burn those. He threw his clothes to the floor with disgust. He looked at his pants, and his stomach convulsed. Peta…Rolan…Phantom thought. Rolan…I wonder?. He looked at his large king sized bed and found Rolan spread out across it. Phantom sighed. 'Please just…god…why my room?' Phantom murmured to himself. He walked across from his dressing table and stared at Rolan. His ARMS laid beside him. Phantom silently put them on. He walked around to his side of the bed, for to night. Phantom thought heavily. I don't want to wake Rolan but after what he has been through tonight I REALLY don't want to share a bed with him. Then again if Rolan wakes up and notices I am not there he will most likely cry, then go looking for me…and maybe scream…then wake up the other chess… Phantom weighted his options carefully and then he pulled back the blankets. He looked at Rolan who was peacefully sleeping. He sighed and slipped into the soft, puffy blankets.

Phantom rolled over onto his side. He felt very uncomfortable. He closed his eyes and wait for the darkness to drag him into slumber. He couldn't sleep so he rolled over to face Rolan. There was plenty of room between them but Phantom moved closer to Rolan. Phantom studied Rolan carefully and realised that Rolan had stolen his purple pyjamas. They were soft and smooth just like Rolan's skin. What am I thinking?! Phantom thought This is Rolan not some cute puppet. A soft, smooth, silky puppet. I cannot hurt him. Phantom was being torn apart. He didn't know why he was acting this way. It could have been from what he had just done to Peta or what Alviss just did to Rolan. It didn't matter, Phantom was thinking inappropriate thoughts about Rolan. This is unacceptable. This cannot happen. Phantom rolled over and faced his glass doors. A hand shook Phantoms shoulder. 'What Rolan?' Phantom asked as he took the hand off his shoulder. Phantom looked over his shoulder and saw Rolan close to tears. 'I had a bad dream' Rolan's voice was cloggy. Phantom sighed. 'Its alright Rolan dreams cannot hurt you' Physically anyway.

'I want a hug' Rolan clearly needed one. Phantom masked his anger. GOD! You are 17 years old!! You can sleep by yourself. And when you were THIS happens. Just SMASHING. 'No Rolan' Phantom said stubbornly. 'You must learn to that you are old enough to sleep by yourself and get over these ridiculous nightmares' Rolan hugged Phantom around the waist anyway. Phantom felt Rolan place his head on Phantom's shoulder. 'You won't die will you?' Rolan asked. Phantom smiled.

'No I cannot die Rolan, and soon enough you will be immortal too' he said.

Phantom shivered as he felt warm, wet tears streaming down his back. Rolan was silently crying. 'Don't cry Rolan' Phantom pleaded 'Please don't cry' Phantom's voice riddled with guilt. 'I just don't want you to die' Phantom looked at him.

'What makes you think I would die?' Phantom asked suspiciously. Rolan looked into Phantom's purple eyes. 'I just…' he stalled. 'I just had a bad dream…is all' Rolan hugged Phantom tighter. Phantom shifted uncomfortably. Rolan was making it awfully hard for Phantom to control himself. Phantom pulled away. 'Rolan don't hug me. You are too old to be like this' Rolan backed away. Phantom was falling into the blackness of a deep sleep when he heard Rolan sobbing.

Phantom needed to get away. He slid out of his bed and seemed to float to his balcony. He stared into the beautiful, full moon. It gave off a glimmering, glow and gave his surroundings an eerie yet hauntingly beautiful colour. He looked around, a frosty breezy swept over his cold, pale face. Rolan stood up and walked outside. The hairs on the back of Rolan's neck stood up from the frosty wind that blew around them. 'Are you okay?' Rolan asked his voice shaking with fear and regret. Phantom forced a smile. 'I'm fine Rolan' he lied. 'I am just feeling quite stressed. Can you do me favour?' Rolan nodded eagerly. 'Good. Go find Peta and tell him that I want a Chess Piece meeting first thing in the morning. We shall hold the meeting over breakfast. Prepare the hall' Phantom's voice was full of forced happiness not that Rolan noticed. Rolan hugged Phantom comfortingly and Phantom patted his head. 'Hurry up now, Rolan. Peta must get ready' Rolan nodded and ran happily out of the room. Phantom watched him ran, his long silky hair whipped behind him. When Rolan had shut the door Phantom leaned over the balcony railing. A few tears leaked out of Phantom's eyes. 'I cannot cry' he murmured to himself. 'I am first knight Phantom! Knights do not cry…expect for Rolan. That is it.' Phantom lifted his heavy head and stared into the moon. It hypnotized him. His tear flowed out of his eyes and dripped off his face, onto the plants growing on the brailing. Phantom looked at the tears, they glistened like diamonds under the bright moon. Phantom didn't bother stopping the tears, they covered his cheeks. It reminded him of when him and Sofia were up here….


Her long brown hair hung over the balcony. It was a few months after Sofia had joined the Chess Pieces. They had just battled The Cross Guards, although Phantom hadn't died yet. He was in his bedroom, he was wounded and dying. Sofia realised, at this very spot, she loved Alviss. She spent many nights here, in isolation. She couldn't face anyone anymore. Sofia felt as though just by talking she might say something about Alviss. She didn't want to continuously lie to Phantom. One day Phantom caught Sofia crying like there was no tomorrow.

Ironically it would be tomorrow that would totally destroy him.

Phantom sat on the floor with Sofia. Phantom and Sofia talked for what seemed like hours. Sofia lead Phantom into his bedroom. The night looked stunning with a bright moon. It shone over them. The world seemed so beautiful for a single moment. Sofia came on to Phantom. He thought it was love, the world was theirs it seemed. The night was long and hot. Passion filled the air along with moans and groans. Sofia was as magical as the amazing night.

Phantom woke up the next morning and found her…gone. She wasn't there, she had woken up without him. Phantom, aroused, walked around the castle to find her. But she was no where to be found. Phantom asked Peta where she might be. He answered 'I saw her leaving the castle with a backpack. Alviss was walking in the same direction towards Sofia from the left. I assumed they were going for a picnic or something. That was when Phantom truly died. He looked out the window and saw Sofia walking away with Alviss, they were so happy, they were in love. Phantom was worse than destroyed, he sore revenge. Phantom died later that day. He did of the sorrow that agonised his heart. The anger and hatred filled him up he couldn't take it. He took his life saying only one thing 'Wake when she comes home' Phantom slit his throat and Peta laid him to rest. Phantom's last thought was I hope she will be waiting for me when I awake, like I am waiting for her.


Phantom drifted out of his daydream. 'I can remember the smell of her sweet, fruity hair. Those lips…' Phantom said softly through a stream of tears. 'I just want those lips to met mine again'

Phantom turned around and faced his bedroom. He slumped to the floor, his back pressed lightly against the cold, damp stone. Phantom raised his arm into the air and studied the jingling jewellery. His jewellery shone dimly against the dark sky. Alviss's Air-ums stood out the most. Peta's jewellery struck him with regret and Rolan's wings reminded of pure innocence. It taunted him on how he took the air-um just like he took Rolan's innocence. Phantom wanted to die but couldn't so he did the next best thing. 'Sickle Death' he moaned. A large scythe appeared in his hand, it was covered with oozing blood. The deep red blood shone stunningly, making Phantom smile. He brought the scythe over his shoulder and then swung in forward into himself. He cold scythe turned warm and more blood dripped from it. The scythe lodged into his heart. 'If I cannot have her, I'll wait for another 6 years!' he shouted, slowly edging the scythe out of him. He laughed as tears of anguish streamed his face. Phantom began to cough up blood. It trickled over his pale blue lips and merged with the tears. He wiped away the blood and tears. "Again!" he cut through his lungs, immediately filling with blood. He kneeled over and blood can gushing out of him. Blood rushed out of his mouth, Phantom was loving this cruel pain. He loved the feeling of cold metal slicing open his freezing, dead, flesh. The warm blood oozing from him. He forced back screams, someone might find him. He raised the scythe to eye level then slit his neck. He couldn't take it. He screamed in agonizing pain, his flesh was burning as thought acid had been poured on him. He screamed and laughed hysterically. Footsteps ran towards Phantom's room.



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