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She was sitting just across from where he was. Her black and gold fur shimmering in the half-light of the dusky evening.

Although everyone knew they liked each other, he didn't want to be seen looking at her, so he was hiding behind a watering can, and peeking through the space between the handle.

She's beautiful.

He was staring at her, she was giggling at something with her sister or friend, Bombalurina, nobody knew their real relationship, but most guessed they were sisters. She was rocking backwards and forwards with laughter and her paw covered her mouth.

Bombalurina then looked towards where he was hiding and whispered something in ear, and she stopped laughing and looked cautiously towards the old watering can. He thought it best to show himself in case the thought of somebody watching the two princesses had scared them.

So he showed himself, and began to blush when Bomba started to laugh.

She just sat there and hung her head with a small smile forming at the edges of her mouth; he began to walk away, when she looked up and called over to him.

She wants me to sit with her?

He walked over to her and sat down, Bomba looked at them and decided they needed some 'space', so she left them alone.

He reached for her paw, and stroked it. She started to blush and turned away from him, but then she shifted so that her back was against his chest and she curled her tail around her paws. She snuggled herself into the warmth of his chest fur and began to purr.

Her heard her purring and he too began to purr.

He nuzzled her ears and head, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

They stayed like that until the last light of the evening had disappeared and the stars began to appear.

She shifted again, she had her eyes closed and he just purred into her ear, and said

"I love you Demeter"

She smiled and replied,

"I love you too, Jerrie".

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