Renji would never tell him to his face—mainly because he thought was too young to die—but, really, Kira can be such a…girl…sometimes.

"They're not flirting with him, are they?" Kira asks, blue eyes glued to where Hisagi stood surrounded by three girls whose faces were as red as the hakama of their academy uniform.

Renji looks up from his breakfast and blinks, briefly wondering if he should say "You're kidding me, right?" or "What, are you fucking retarded?" because yes, those girls were flirting with Kira's boyfriend and from the older student's lopsided grin and the way he scratched the back of his neck, they were either really good at it or Hisagi was bi.

The face Kira makes when one of the girls giggles loudly dams whatever 'brilliant' response Renji was about to say, however, and the redhead realizes that this is probably one of those times Rukia was telling him about—the ones where if you can't say anything nice, stick a sword down your throat.

Damn, where was Hinamori when you needed her?

One of the girls leans closer to Hisagi and the sixth rounder grins. Kira is biting his bottom lip now and damn if Renji can stand the sight.

Like some kind of high school girl, Renji thinks.

"Can't blame 'em, you know." He says finally and Kira turns and looks at him. The blond is confused and for a minute so is Renji because he swears there's a little lag time between his mouth and brain when it came to girly shit like this. "Damn it, Kira, what I mean is…" Hinamori, where the hell are you?! "not everybody knows he's…well, you know," gay, homo, swinging in the other direction "…taken?"

Kira blinks and Renji wonders how a guy who tops all the exams couldn't get something as simple as what he had just said. Kira didn't really expect a billboard saying "Property of Kira Izuru. Do not touch." to appear over Hisagi's head now, did he? He seriously considered actually saying that but figures now's as good a time as any to put that filter between his brain and mouth to good use. He hardly used it, after all, and he didn't really want to deal with an upset, distraught, GIRLY Kira first thing in the morning.

"So…a rumor then?" Kira says slowly when Renji's done ranting, sounding all bothered and upset and just six different levels of girly and if Renji were less than a man he would have slapped Kira and called it a day.

"As far as everyone else is concerned, at least." He says instead. "Not like there's proof, yeah?" Neither Kira nor Hisagi were the type to actually indulge in public displays of affection, after all. Renji and Hinamori were hardly 'public'.

"So ya can't really blame 'em if they think Senpai's free for the taking, ya know, the way you two are staying in the shadows and all that." He finishes thinking that hey, he didn't do so badly this time around because he actually made sense and Kira isn't even crying or anything.

"I…No, I suppose I can't." Kira looks away and back at Hisagi and Renji thinks that is the end of that. He was just getting back to his neglected breakfast when Kira gets up from his seat all of a sudden.

"Hey, where ya goin'?" Renji calls after him but is ignored as the blond stomps across the room, pushes past the three girls, and pulls the gorgeous sixth rounder's head down to…

"Whoa." Renji says, half his breakfast momentarily forgotten and half of it wanting to see the light of day again.

Guess Kira could be a man about some things after all.