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Chapter Thirteen: I'd Give My Heart

Space Route 211

Interplanetary route to Furya

The Serenity Lost

Jack had never been more touched by anyone's actions than she was by Riddick's behavior towards her on the trip to Furya. It put all of her doubts to rest.

Richard B. Riddick loved her and no other. It wasn't just 'sleepin' together' or great sex or who-knows-what else she could have called it. It was a giving, tender, wonderful love. Shirai was right.

In her darkest moment, she had felt certain that she was unwanted, unloved, unneeded. And the galaxy's most wanted criminal had proven her wrong.

Maybe he had known that she would have doubts. Maybe he had realized that she would have too much time to think about their relationship and her too worldly, too cynical side would kick in. He had called her every night to say his version of 'I love you.'

"I belong to you."

Alex was having a blast over on the Midnight Storm and couldn't wait to get to Furya to meet other children that might be on the planet that might be like him. After all, with most of Furya's male population deceased, shouldn't there be more half-breeds like Alex?

It made sense to her and she encouraged Alex's excitement about finally seeing his father's home planet. She wanted him to accept his father and it seemed that they were getting along quite well.

She had also discovered that Riddick had a very unique sense of humor. Aside from the dark, morbid, twisted jokes that it seemed all killers enjoyed, Riddick had a weakness for ventriloquists. That had made her laugh when she had discovered it, and then laugh all the harder when she saw Riddick fail miserably at being a ventriloquist. He just couldn't quite keep his mouth from moving.

"I am your's. Forever."

Yet, in all of the growing closeness, she couldn't stop the feeling that there was something evil coming her way, something that she had faced before and been too cowardly to kill. She didn't know why or who, but even Riddick had a bad feeling about the future.

It would end of Furya. Whatever it was, it would end on Furya.


Elizabeth smiled as she leaned against the door to the pilot's deck, hearing just a little of Riddick's nightly call to The Serenity Lost. She wasn't quite certain what Victoria Blanchett, AKA Audrey Richards, was anymore.

Terra human, part Furyan, part something else.

If Elizabeth hadn't been so cocky when they had first met, she would have realized the subtle differences in the other woman's scent and identified them.

Now, she was having to identify faint traces through the even fainter traces in Alexander. Which frustrated her.

She knew that Audrey was quite familiar with her Goddess, Shirai. That had put the concern in Elizabeth's mind that Audrey was at least part something other than Terra human. Shirai had a strict policy of not interfering with Terra humans. Terrans had been the ones that had founded the Necromonger religion. Terrans had been the ones to destroy Furya's male population.

Besides, the Terrans had their own pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. They didn't need or want Shirai, except the most Furyan-like ones.

So why was Shirai helping a mostly Terran? Why had she made it clear to Elizabeth in no uncertain terms that Audrey was to live, no matter what sacrifice had to be made? That Audrey's future was linked with Furya's?

That Elizabeth may not make it back to her home?

She didn't like that. It had been so long since she had seen the Citresse estate, the lake that she had loved to fish in and catch the delicious hratz fish. Hratz tasted a bit like Terra salmon, only with a natural lemon-like flavor from eating both smaller fish and the skins of fruit that landed on the surface of their home.

She missed grilling hratz and vegetables over an open fire and then sitting down on the blue-green grass to eat the fruits of her labors with her fingers, sucking on them when she accidently burned herself on a too-hot piece of meat or vegetable.

As much as no one could have tortured this piece of information out of her, Elizabeth was homesick. She had been gone for so long, so many years wasted hunting down the one man who wouldn't want anything to do with her world once he found out that everything had a price.

Would he still have to pay that price, though? Everyone recognized and acknowledged the bond between freozkis. It was the natural course of things, wasn't it?

Now was one of the moments that Elizabeth truly wished Areon was here. She could have used the elderly Elemental's advice.

"Goodnight, Jack."

"I love you, Richard."

Elizabeth slipped away, smiling. She didn't have anything to worry about. Two days to Furya and then she could have her hratz with vegetables.