Title: Good Morning!

Fandom: Bleach

Rating: PG

Characters: Aizen Sousuke, Urahara Kisuke, others mentioned

Words: 466

Summary: Kisuke decides to take matters into his own hands.

Warnings: None

SPOILERS for Soul Society Arc, Hueco Mundo arc... basically everything out so far.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.

Yamamoto's forces fell back to Sereitei after rescuing the group Gin fondly called Squad Stupid. Las Noches was rather boring again.

Aizen felt the Garganta opening, and raised an eyebrow. Was it time for the invasion? He could see the Espada watching him, eagerly wanting to deal damage back to the Shinigami Captains who had so injured them.

The hole opened in Aizen's court, which was the first surprise. Normally the Garganta would open into the sand outside. He hadn't thought it possible for the Garganta to be directed.

The second surprise was that the new 'invasion' consisted of only one man.

Urahara Kisuke rested his hand on his hat and smiled. With his other hand he twirled Benihime. "Good morning!"

Aizen blinked. Gin tilted his head. The Espada froze.

Kisuke dashed forward, still wearing a friendly smile, and swung Benihime through Remy LeRoux, slicing the Espada neatly in half.

That motion released the Hueco Mundo group from their shock. Gin, Nnoitra, Tousen, and Halibel drew their Zanpakutou. The rest of the Espada fled.

Aizen waited on his throne, expecting Kisuke to deal with his underlings first. He did not expect Kisuke to dart past them and charge the throne.

"I think you have something of miiiiiine!" The smile was getting scary. Gin's smile was mild compared to the genuinely cheerful expression on Kisuke's face.

Aizen bolted. There was a reason he'd manipulated Yamamoto against Kisuke; the former Twelfth Squad Captain was dangerous. Aizen had not planned on Kisuke coming. He'd thought Kisuke would stay out of the mess. Maybe taking the Hougyoku was not the smartest move ever.

Kisuke passed Aizen and stopped, directly in the former Fifth Captain's path. He stopped holding his hat and gently trailed a finger down Benihime's dull edge. "Yoruichi and I have been working on Flash Steps of late, you know."

Aizen took a deep breath. Yes, this was the only man he'd ever considered a threat. However, Aizen knew how to manipulate. He smiled at the thought of Hinamori still loyal, still trusting. First, though, he needed to understand something. "Why?"

"To get faster, of course."

"I meant… why come here? Why fight? It's not your fight. You could leave this mess to Yamamoto. Cleaning up other people's messes is beneath someone like us."

Kisuke shifted his stance, pointing Benihime directly at Aizen's heart. "You stole one of my inventions. You kidnapped a child from my town. You planned to destroy my entire town to make a key. I don't think it gets much more personal than that."

Aizen drew Kyoka Suigetsu. Urahara had a point. Aizen just wished Gin would get here already and take care of this annoyance.

An edge came into Kisuke's eyes, which was all the warning Aizen got. Kisuke leapt forward. "Sing, Benihime!"