Blood Omen

Chapter 14


Arconcos stared out at the pitiful sight in front of his eyes ughhh told you the fool would get killed

In front of him was the mangled corpse of perseus ughh get it out of my sight throw his stupid ass in the forest

I guess you were right arconcos all I know now is he is getting too strong you must try to kill him this time if you fail I will kill you my self if he dose not first now get out of my sight arconcos

Yes master he said obediently as he walked away he commented in his mind oh soon Zenithar you will be the one calling me master

Zain and nakia continued into camp together they saw dark khan sleeping on the floor with his mouth open Zain crept up to him and screamed FIRE in his ear

Dark khan jumped up instantly screaming FIRE WHERE WHERE

He got up and saw nakia and Zain laughing on the floor tears streaming down their faces as they laughed

Hahahahahaha you should of seen your self your face was pri pri priceless hahaha

Hahahahahahaha laughed an unknown voice very funny Zain

Arconcos Zain answered

Oh how very perceptive you are crimson king but this time will drag you to the chasm this time then we will take your powers and become gods oh and don't worry when you leave I wont ravage the girl too badly hahaha

The instant he said that he was in his demon form WANNA COME DOWN HERE AND SAY THAT MORTAL

Yes I will I will drag her to a nice quiet spot and rape her till she screams hahahaha

Then something smashed into his body so hard it knocked all the breath from his body


Zain bounced back after slamming him into a wall and slashed out at him with his scythe he scored a direct hit to his leg almost severing it

Arconcos jumped back and placed a paw to his wound the leg completely reattached hmmmm I think you will have to do better than that to defeat me

Then zain opened his palm and shot clusters of energy beams at him they all scored direct hits

Arghhh I guess you have gotten better as I heard the fool perseus lasted only a few minutes with you that's good I love a good challenge

A challenge is more then you will get mortal

Lets go he dashed once again at arconcos but he teleported to the side and shot a large beam at him Zain dodged and clamped his claws into the ground and he began gathering the energy in the air around him then he shot it up and six large beams fell above arconcos and all scored direct hits

Argggg damit then he dashed at zain and he hit the wall knocking him out of his demon form then a voice in his mind screamed an helpful idea go to her NOW it screamed

All of a sudden arconcos felt dazed he did not know why

Hurry Zain the voice told him again I cannot hold him for long

He ran up to Nakia and took her paws okay we are going to try something concentrate your energies into your mind and picture an happy image and cling to it I will do the rest okay

Nakia had no idea what she was asking of her but she complied and she concentrated on all the time they spent together

Zain also focused on the same thing and suddenly a black aura surrounded zain and a whit aura surrounded Nakia

No longer dazed arconcos stared at them thinking what's going on then he was suddenly held in the air by an unknown force and energy bound his paws to a cross made of energy

Whats going on

Suddenly the auras surrounding zain and nakia took the forms of a white and black dragon they both rose up and the two dragons intertwined and both shot a enormous beams at him and intertwined themselves as well

No no no no NOOOOOO arconcos screamed as the beams ripped him apart

As the dragons disappeared Zain walked up to Nakia and wrapped his arms around her its okay he said I will never let him get you ever I will always protect you even with my dieing breaths

She felt as if she had nothing else to say as she hugged him back she thought i….love you

Ahh arconcos zenithar sighed I knew you would not make it but now no more games I will let the crimson king come to me the real battle begins noew

Authors note: yay arconcos is finally dead (throws confetti) and now things are going to get wayyy more interesting .