Title: Rebellion
Author: Silvi Henna
Fandom: Angel the Series/the Covenant
Genre: Drama
Rating: FRC
Characters: Connor, Angel…

AN: Little something I wrote, combining for the very first time, my first love (AtS) and my latest love (tC).

There are few things in this word that scared him; after all he's the boy who grew up in a Hell dimension. There was hardly anything out there in the world that could make him feel that tendril of unease that he had learned to associate with real fear.

Well he supposed he had to amend that. There was hardly anything out there in the world anymore that could make him feel…well you know the rest.

Except Angel in a tiff. Now that is one scary sight. Angel angry? He wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy, but then again it hadn't really been that long since his worst enemy had been Angel.

If nothing else he had learned to have a healthy does of respect for the dark man. What other choice does one have when Angel destroyed the world simple because he asked for it, if not in so many words.

And really he wasn't being all that fair. Angel didn't much destroyed the world as change it and lets face it there aren't any memory left on this earth to remember how it used to be, except for some odd reason Angel and him. Not that he was complaining. The world was different and yet the same in so many ways that he had to listen to Angel rant for days of the injustice of it all.

Whenever he thought about it the only thing he got was a warm mushy feeling, after all how many can say that they had someone that loved you so completely if not a little obsessively that they are willing tear a world apart just so that he could reshape it in a way where it negated everything and all prophecies that those stupid powers had ever conjured up.

Okay, he could understand why that would be freaky, because the mount of power that would take, shudder. Though it's their own fault, they where the ones that gave Angel the means to do it, the keys to the kingdom so to speak. Really, what where they thinking?

If it was something he had learned since ever meeting him was that Angel didn't bow down to anyone. He might let you think that he does but at the end of the day he did as he damn well pleased.

And apparently that was to protect what was his at all cost. Suffocating really, but it's a thumb that he had learned to live under. And now he could honestly say if only to himself, that he loved the old man. Not that it didn't mean they could rub each other the wrong way, after all he is still pretty much the same guy he was even with the colossal mind fuck that was done to him.

He had no idea after all the things he did to him why Angel still loved him. He pulled a stupid stunt like the one he just did and he knew if he had been here he would just get the look.

A strange mix of fond amusement and exasperation that he was surprised Angel could pull off. But hey, Angel if anything was a contradiction, come to think of it, so was he.

Like father like son, hey?

Now, if he could just find a way to get out of the current little situation he was in before he found out and decided to intervene… Then all would be well.

Running away might not have been a good idea. Not that it would have been permanently. They just needed some space from time to time. If he could choose between facing Angel and dealing with this he preferred Angel hand's down.

He was beginning to regret ever coming to Ipswich, Massachusetts, but especially that he had ever heard of the name of Reid Garwin.

Some things were just to much even for a hell raised boy as him.