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Toshiko stared at the incriminating object in her open palm, a thousand thoughts running through her mind, all connected by a single question.

Was her only daughter having sex?

She turned the small packet over in her hands. At least it was unopened; there was a chance her daughter wasn't having sex. Sora might even be clueless about the condom – Yamato could have kept it as a precaution, without her knowing. That made Sora innocent, and at least made Yamato responsible, which was a good thing – but . . .

It also meant the boy was intending to have sex with her daughter. That, she didn't entirely approve of.

She placed the condom in the pocket of her own pants, and continued doing the laundry. Finishing up, she then went into her bedroom to call her husband, who was now in Kyoto. He only stayed with them in Odaiba two alternating weekends a month; the rest of the time, he lived where he worked.

Toshiko picked up the phone and dialled. She had to talk to Haruhiko about how to handle the situation – if she approached Sora about the condom now, in her current frame of mind, she'd probably seem like she was over-reacting, and give Sora trust issues. So she wasn't entirely sure whether she should bring it up, or if she should wait and see how things panned out, as Yamato was sure to notice his condom was missing . . .

"I win," Yamato declared, a devilish grin on his handsome face. He and Sora had moved to his bedroom after half an hour or so of television, and he currently had the redhead pinned underneath him on his bed.

"Not so fast," Sora opposed, as Yamato gave her a skeptic look; after all, he did have both of her wrists held with one hand. She grinned. "Don't underestimate the power of a woman." Twisting her leg, she brought her knee up against Yamato's crotch.

"Fuck!" the blond swore, letting go of Sora's wrists and bringing his hands to his groin. Sora giggled. Yamato glared, and gritted his teeth. "So original."

"Wasn't it just?" Sora replied, a twinkle in her eyes. She stopped laughing as soon as it was apparent her boyfriend wasn't going to be joining in. "Oh, come on. I didn't knee you that hard." And she really hadn't. Well, she didn't think she had, anyway.

Yamato levelled her with a look. "Any amount of pressure on my naughty bits are hard, Sora."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "Naughty bits?" She burst out laughing again – this time, Yamato joined in. But then he quickly pouted.

"You laugh now but in five or ten years when it becomes obvious that I can't pro-create – well, we all know who's to blame." Yamato nodded solemnly.

An amused look crossed Sora's face. "Who says I want children anyway?"

Yamato shrugged, then rolled Sora over so she was on top of him. He gave her an alluring grin. "Let's practise making babies . . ."

Sora laughed, then met his lips with her own in a gentle kiss. "My mum's home, so don't even think about it."

Yamato ignored her and brought their lips back together in a deeper kiss. His right hand slowly made its way under her shirt and up her back, coming to a subtle rest on the clasp of her bra.

He remembered when he and Taichi, at fourteen, had 'borrowed' a bra from Taichi's mother, and had taken turns practising unclasping it on each other. Taichi's father had walked in on them, then. It had been awkward. Taichi had to sit through a long conversation with his father about differing sexualities and how it was 'okay to be gay'. Yamato had been glad it wasn't his father who had seen them.

"Don't." Sora pulled back slightly, giving the blond boy a stern look.

He gave her an innocent smile in return. "I'm just fooling around." Thoughts of intercourse made him remember that he had to take the condom out of his wallet before it expired from the heat, and reached over for it on the bedside table. Then he remembered something else. "Oh – crap."

Sora wrinkled her forehead in confusion. "What?"

"Oh crap, oh crap," Yamato ignored her, and continued talking to himself. "Please tell me I put it back inside . . ." He opened his wallet, and had a look. ". . . Oh crap."

No condom.

Sora was more than confused, and asked with a frustrated voice, "What are you 'oh crapping' about?"

Finally he acknowledged her. "Mimi wanted to see my wallet so I made sure to take the condom out before I showed her . . . and I forgot to put it back in afterwards."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "Why did you have a condom in your wallet? It's Monday – we have school. There would've been no point in keeping it there today . . ."

"I left it in over the weekend. I forgot to take it out," Yamato answered. "But that's not the point! I forgot to put it back in, so it's still in my school pants. And as your mother just did the laundry . . ."

Sora's eyes widened. "Oh crap."

Yamato nodded, running a hand through his hair. "Your mum is going to kill me."

"I think you deserve to be killed." Sora glared at him.

"Thanks for the sympathy," Yamato replied sarcastically. "Will you be coming to my funeral?"

Sora whacked him in the chest. "Yamato! Why did you put a condom in your wallet over the weekend anyway? You arrived for the weekend! Don't tell me you were planning on having sex the first weekend you lived with us." She continued to glare at him.

Yamato was at a loss for words. He had in fact thought that sometime over the weekend her parents would have left them alone, and then they could've, maybe, possibly have sex . . .

That . . . did not happen.

"Um . . . at least I'm responsible?" He gave her an uncertain grin.

Sora whacked him again. "Okay," she said calmly. "Maybe my mum didn't find it. It could still be perfectly safe and unseen in your pants."

"Or rolling around in the washing machine," Yamato added dubiously.

Sora sighed. "Are you even sure you placed it in your pants? What if you . . . I don't know, missed?"

Her boyfriend gave her an incredulous look. "Missed? Placing a condom . . . in my pants? Do you really think I'm that uncoordinated?"

"Okay, okay," Sora replied. "Well, let's make sure we hang the laundry up after the washing machine does its job. That way we can look for the condom."

"If your mum doesn't already have it . . ."

"Well the clothes are already in the wash. If she had found it, she'd be talking to us about it right now, wouldn't she?"

"I guess . . ."

Still, Yamato planned to evade Sora's mother for the next few days. At least.

A couple of days passed by without any other condom disappearances. Yamato and Sora did not find the condom, and Toshiko had not said anything to either of them, so they concluded that Yamato must've lost it somehow; perhaps he had missed when placing it in his pants, and it had dropped on the ground somewhere at school.

It was a Thursday afternoon and the pair had decided to spend it apart, as they were almost always together, so Yamato had gone over Taichi's whilst Sora went over Mimi's. Sora was allowing Mimi to paint her toenails in exchange for having the television turned on to soccer.

"No!" Sora shouted at the television screen as one team – the team she was not rooting for – scored a goal.

"Don't move!" Mimi frowned, one hand holding Sora's ankle as she tried to apply another layer of nail polish. Sora settled down, and Mimi glanced at the screen, wrinkling her nose. "Why do they take off their shirts when they score?"

"It's a victory celebration thing," Sora replied.

"Yes, but why do it? Most soccer players are so scrawny . . ." Mimi said in disgust. It figured to her that football players – the guys who actually had to hit the weights extensively as part of their training – were covered in pads, and had no half-naked victory celebrations. She'd much rather see one of them lose their shirts, not some guy who played soccer because he was obviously too small to play football.

Sora laughed. "Soccer doesn't exactly build a lot of muscle, Mimi."

"That's very obvious," Mimi replied, nodding her head. Sora laughed again, then Mimi's face turned serious, indicating a change of subject. "I can't believe you didn't tell me about you and Yamato . . ."

Sora sighed. "Mimi, we've been through this!" And they had. Several times. Mimi brought it up every time she saw her, in fact.

"I know, I know," the other girl moaned. "But I'm your best friend! Knowing exclusive details about your private life – such as the loss of your virginity – is supposed to be one of the perks! I would tell you when I lose my virginity!" She pouted.

"I know you would," Sora replied, recalling the time Mimi had told her of her one and only sexual experience – giving Michael an amateurish hand-job a few months ago. The retelling had come complete with Mimi's exclamation to Michael of 'ew, you spermed on my hand!'. Sora fought back a giggle.

Mimi frowned. "So why didn't you tell me? Were you even planning on telling me, ever?"

Sora tried to choose her words carefully. "Well, we thought once we went off to college, everyone would assume we were having sex. So we didn't think it was necessary to tell anyone . . ."

Mimi glared at her. "So you didn't intend to tell me, ever."

Apparently her words weren't chosen carefully enough.

Sora sighed. "But Mimi, it's personal . . . And you know now, so what does it matter?"

"I'm just a little hurt," Mimi sniffed. "Here I am being a good friend, making you look pretty for Yamato –"

"I don't need to look 'pretty' for him," Sora interjected. "You can stop doing my nails, I really don't mind."

"Oh, really?" Mimi retorted. "Did you forget the time I helped you go shopping for skirts when Yamato made you feel like you weren't girly enough?"

Sora hadn't forgotten. It was before she realised she liked Yamato, back when they were twelve, maybe thirteen. Yamato had asked an innocent enough question – why didn't she wear skirts more often? Sora had felt like he was accusing her of not being feminine enough, and had gotten Mimi's help to buy several skirts for her wardrobe, which was severely lacking in them. At the time she hadn't thought it had been about Yamato's opinion of her at all, nor had it felt like she had 'given in' by buying those skirts. It was just her response to a challenge. Then of course after she realised she did like him, it became obvious to her that it was about how he viewed her, and thus why she had gotten so defensive.

She was so childish back then, she thought, shaking her head.

"See, you do care about looking good for him." Mimi nodded in satisfaction.

Sora rolled her eyes. "You may still stop with the nails."

Mimi chose to ignore her and continued painting her nails. After a moment's silence, she asked her friend a curious question.

"So . . . how big is he?"

Sora threw a pillow at her.

Three teenagers occupied Taichi's room, which he fortunately no longer shared with Hikari, due to both of them growing older and needing their own privacy. He and Yamato were playing Virtua Fighter 4 on his PlayStation 2, whilst Izumi Koushiro kept himself entertained with his laptop.

"You suck," Yamato muttered, as he was KO'd in the game by Taichi – for the sixth time.

Taichi grinned. "I'm just quicker than you."

"Bigger gaming nerd, more like it," the blond retorted, as Taichi started another match in the game. "Games are the only place you can kick my ass."

Taichi elbowed his friend. "Yeah, right." Though he guessed it was kind of true, but they never fought physically anymore, so it wasn't concrete.

He and Yamato had always had the same build, right through the first stages of puberty, with his friend having a height advantage that was still in play today. The final stages of puberty, however, had changed both of them a lot. Genetics had played a huge part in shaping them, and as Yamato's father was obviously a much larger man than Taichi's father, it was to be expected that Yamato would soon be noticeably bigger than Taichi.

Taichi still thought he looked more athletic than Yamato though, overall; or, at least, he definitely had the better athletic ability – but Yamato wasn't too bad himself. They had been going to the gym together for a year now, since during puberty they had both noticed a huge increase in strength, and were entertained by the idea that they could gain muscle and attract more girls; or, in Yamato's case, remain attractive to Sora.

"You cheated!" Yamato exclaimed, as yet again, Taichi had KO'd him.

"How did I cheat?"

"You bumped me to make me lose concentration!"

"That's such a lame excuse," Taichi retorted. "Why don't you give your controller to Koushiro? I bet he'd be much more of a challenge than you."

Yamato gave him the finger, then looked over at Koushiro. "Hey, you want a go?" He was getting pretty sick of Taichi beating him.

Koushiro looked up from his laptop. "Oh, no thank you. I'm relaxing my mind with some Sudoku." Puberty had at last given him height, and though still short in stature compared to other boys, he was at least taller than a lot of girls.

Taichi sniggered and Yamato raised an eyebrow. "Okay then . . ." He set his controller down. "Well, I'm done playing."

Taichi set his controller down as well, and turned the game off. "I just beat you seven times to one. Man, Yamato, you need to brush up on your skills!"

Yamato huffed. "I'm sorry I don't have the time to spend on brushing up my skills for video games. I use my spare time for better things, Taichi."

His friend gave him a knowing grin, and lowered his voice. "Yeah, like making love to Sora?"

Apparently not low enough, as Koushiro spoke up whilst Yamato glared at Taichi. "Should I leave the room?"

"Huh, why?" Taichi asked, not thinking that Koushiro had heard what he had said.

"Well," the redhead started, "if you two are going to discuss Yamato's fornication with Sora, I thought you might want some privacy."

Yamato stared at the younger boy with surprise before turning his gaze back to Taichi. "You told him?" he hissed at his best friend.

Taichi shook his head. "No, I didn't tell anyone. Well, I did talk to Mimi . . . but she already knew from Sora, so that's okay, right?"

Yamato turned his attention back to Koushiro, and enquired, "Did Mimi tell you?"

"About you and Sora engaging in sexual intercourse?" Koushiro asked, as Yamato slapped his forehead at how blunt his tone was. "No. I heard from Miyako."

"What? Miyako? How?" Yamato asked with a frown, confused.

Koushiro nodded his head. "Miyako heard it from her sister – Chizuru? She's in your class, Yamato. Apparently, she heard Taichi say that he saw you and Sora, mid-coitus."

Taichi burst out laughing as Yamato's frown deepened. First Taichi and Mimi had found out that he and Sora were having sex, then there was the whole missing condom scare, and now this? So much for privacy.

"Taichi." Yamato gritted his teeth. "This is your fault! If you hadn't lied and said you saw me and Sora having sex –"

"Hey," Taichi began defensively, "how was I to know that Chizuru likes to eavesdrop?"

"Maybe she couldn't help it as your mouth is so huge that when you're whispering you're actually yelling?" Yamato suggested stonily.

"Exaggeration, much?" Taichi returned, rolling his eyes. "So, Chizuru knows and she told Miyako, who's probably told the others. That's not so bad, right? It's not like the whole school knows. Just your closest friends."

Yamato lay his head down on Taichi's bed. "I would've preferred that no one knew."

Taichi patted him on the back gently. Yamato growled at him. Taichi retracted his hand.

"I don't think you should be embarrassed or ashamed, Yamato," Koushiro spoke up. "Sex is only natural between a man and a woman in a relationship. In fact, most people agree that reproduction is, well, the meaning of life. It's a necessity if humankind is to survive."

Yamato lifted his head up from the bed and gave Koushiro a weary look. "I don't feel 'embarrassed' or 'ashamed', Koushiro. I just like my privacy. And sorry to disappoint, but Sora and I aren't intending to make babies just yet; we're in it for the fun, selfishly. 'Humankind' will have to wait."

Taichi stifled a laugh as Koushiro just looked taken aback. "I was only trying to help," he said briskly.

Yamato sighed, and apologised. "It was just Chizuru who overheard Taichi, right?"

"I'm not entirely sure," Koushiro replied. "Miyako only mentioned that Chizuru was the person who told her. Whether or not someone else overheard, well . . ."

"I haven't heard anything about you and Sora in my class," Taichi piped up. "Has anyone made any comments about Sora to you, Yamato?"

Yamato thought for a bit. Nothing really came to mind. A few girls had made general comments about his relationship with Sora; but then, a few girls always made general comments about his relationship with Sora – week in and week out. It was like they had no life.

Yamato shook his head. "Nothing unusual." At least, he hadn't noticed anything; then again, he didn't really pay much attention to the girls in his class. He was with Sora, and if he did look at other girls, they were mostly girls out of high school. He liked older women; Sora herself was four months older than him.

"Well, then," Taichi gathered, "I guess we're fine? And hey, as the awesome best friend I am, I'll even call Chizuru and ask her to keep her mouth shut, just to be sure it doesn't leak at school."

Yamato snickered. "Awesome? I don't think so. But thanks."

He didn't particularly want the whole school to be 'in' on his sex life, but even more than that, he knew Sora wasn't going to be too happy if that happened; and Sora not happy meant he wasn't happy. He hoped Chizuru would keep quiet; or, for that matter, had been the only one to have overheard Taichi.

Mimi, Sora, Taichi and Yamato were stood in front of the school gates Friday morning when Taichi broke the unfortunate news; Chizuru wasn't the only one to have overheard him. Of course, Sora and Mimi were both up-to-date with the situation, as Yamato had informed Sora the previous night, and Mimi was informed on their walk to school.

"So Chizuru and how many of her friends know?" Sora demanded, staring icicles at Taichi.

Taichi held his hands up in defence, giving Sora an uneasy smile. "Hey, don't look at me like that! I'm not Chizuru or her friends."

"But you were the one they overheard. So, technically, Taichi – this is all your fault!" Sora growled. Even Yamato looked a bit scared of his girlfriend.

"Uh, Sora . . ." Yamato started, moving to stand between her and Taichi, so she wouldn't bite their best friend's head off. "Let's allow Taichi to finish what he has to say before you kill him, okay?"

Sora crossed her arms. "Okay," she grumbled, narrowing her eyes at Taichi. "I'm waiting."

Taichi began immediately. "Chizuru promised she wouldn't tell anyone else, then I asked about her friends, so we hung up so she could call them. She called me back later and told me they promised that they hadn't and wouldn't tell anyone. So . . . I don't think you have anything to worry about?"

A moment's silence passed.

"I guess that's the best I can hope for," Sora finally said. She was obviously more protective of her private life than Yamato. "So, it's just Chizuru and her friends?"

Taichi nodded. "Chizuru, Emi, Aiko, Ran and Minami. That's it."

"Okay." She guessed she could deal with that. She wasn't all that familiar with any of them, though, apart from Chizuru being Miyako's sister . . . well, at least they weren't in her class, so they'd be easier to evade. Her main concerns had been about people judging her; or, rather, just that she didn't like strangers knowing facets of her life. Especially her sex life.

The school bell rang.

"Let's get to class," Yamato said, pulling Sora forward with him as their hands were entwined, as usual.

Taichi was about to walk forward too, but then cocked an eyebrow at a certain second-year girl. "Mimi, you've been awfully quiet this morning." Yamato and Sora stopped and looked back at them. "Any particular reason?"

"No . . ." Mimi sighed, her gaze resting on the entwined hands of Yamato and Sora. "It's just . . . every time I see the two of them together – well . . . I get an unwanted image of them screwing like rabbits."

"Mimi!" Sora shouted at her friend, as Taichi burst out laughing. Yamato actually blushed.

"Come on, let's go," Yamato muttered, tugging Sora along with him.

"Unwanted!" Mimi exclaimed, as she and Taichi followed the couple into the school. "I did say UNWANTED!"

After a somewhat worrying start to the morning, Sora had surprisingly had a pretty good day at school. She hadn't bumped into Chizuru or her friends, which was a bonus. It was now an hour and a half after school had finished, but she was still on school grounds; her tennis club practice had just finished a little while ago.

She was helping some first-year boys with their responsibility to gather up stray tennis balls to be packed away in the sports storeroom. It would be the last duty of the day; in fact, the Coach and most of the other students in the tennis club had already gone home. Sora, being a responsible third-year student, had been given the key to lock the storeroom after they were done gathering the tennis balls; of course, she was to return the key to the front office after they were done.

After the last of the tennis balls had been collected and placed in the storeroom, Sora locked the door behind her. The boys – Hajime, Yuudai, and Satoshi – thanked her for helping them.

"No worries," Sora replied with a smile. She thought they would disperse now, but they lingered, so she asked them a question. "Shouldn't you guys be going home now?"

"Shouldn't you?" Yuudai asked in return.

"Yes," she replied, "I'm just waiting for my boyfriend."

"Yamato?" Satoshi asked. Sora was slightly surprised he knew who she was dating; sure he was in the tennis club with her, but he wasn't even in their year. "Where's he at?"

"Band practice, but he should be here to pick me up any minute now," Sora replied, as the boys smiled at her knowingly, making her feel a bit uncomfortable. She began walking away from them. "Well, see you guys later."

"Eager to get home?" Hajime called after her, successfully making her turn around with a confused expression on her face. "We heard you and Yamato were doing anal."

Sora blinked as the boys chuckled. ". . . What?"

"You know," Yuudai spoke, "bum sex?" They were all grinning.

Sora knew what anal was; she didn't need clarification. But why the hell were first-year boys making statements about her sex life? Sora turned her glare on full force.

"Hey, easy," Satoshi remarked, backing up a little, though he was grinning. "We also heard you were on the pill."

"Don't get defensive," Hajime added. "Or don't you enjoy anal?" More laughter.

Sora had actually helped these boys out with their duties, smiled at them, and this was how they repaid her? She was so going to rip their tiny penises right off. Not to mention murder Chizuru and her friends. All of them. Slowly and painfully.

And then Yamato came into view, totally clueless to the anger emitting from his girlfriend. Before he reached her, though, the boys managed to hastily say good bye to Sora and walk off.

"Hey," Yamato greeted Sora with a kiss on her cheek. Now noticing how perturbed she seemed, he then asked her, "Something wrong?" He placed both hands on her hips, only to have her shake them off.

"Don't," she said, eyes on the younger boys who had made their way to the football stands. "I don't want you touching me in public anymore."

Yamato wrinkled his forehead in a partial frown, looking mildly offended. "Why? I'm not doing anything . . . explicit. It wasn't even an embrace . . ."

Sora was weighing whether or not to tell him about what the boys had said. On one hand, they were just immature remarks that she could ignore, and handle . . . right? But on the other hand, she kind of wanted to sic Yamato on them. There was a certain thrill associated with that thought – sending her boyfriend off to beat up some idiots.

But she was against violence, generally. And she wasn't usually big on the idea of letting someone else fight her battles, but the reality here was that she was a girl, and the boys were, well, boys. This would have been no problem for her if they were all ten. But they weren't. And it was upsetting her that she was actually really angry at what they had said. She felt as if she shouldn't be that angry – she was mature, right? It made her feel so immature to be so angry.

"Those guys . . . they said that we were having anal sex. And that I was on the pill." It just came out. She waited for Yamato's reaction.

His eyes flashed over to the boys in the football stands, jaw tightening and fists clenching, visibly angry. Sora felt a sense of satisfaction in that, realising that she had wanted his reaction to be something like that. It validated her feelings; at least, somewhat.

Yamato spoke in a low voice. "Do you want me to . . .?" He didn't finish the question, but Sora knew what he meant. And she was torn, but . . .

She sighed. "I have to go return the storeroom key to the front office. I'll be right back." She had intentionally not given him an answer, and furthermore, was about to leave him alone . . .

Yamato was going to beat the living shit out of those boys regardless of whether or not he had Sora's blessing. Of course, he knew, Sora was letting him decide this one. A rare occurrence, as Sora did most of the decision-making in their relationship, whilst Yamato was more passive. Well, he preferred the term 'laid-back'.

Of course, when it came to violence, Sora was firmly against it – well, at least human violence, and not necessary violence against bad Digimon. So it made sense that she was turning her back and leaving this to Yamato.

"Okay," Yamato replied, as Sora gave him a kiss. She looked over at the boys one last time before looking back at Yamato, then heading off to the school office. Once she was out of sight, Yamato began walking towards the football stands.

The three boys noticed him approaching, and considered running, but then figured he wouldn't do anything on school grounds . . . and it was three against one, anyway.

"Hey," Yamato greeted them bluntly, receiving awkward greetings from them in return. "So my girlfriend's on the pill, and we're having anal sex?"

None of the boys were quick to answer.

"Um . . ." Hajime spoke up hesitantly. "It's just what we heard – doesn't mean it's true, of course." The other two nodded in agreement.

Yamato looked all three of them over. Being first-year boys they were about fifteen, and weren't very well built at all – Yamato figured he'd come out on top, even if it was three against one.

And so, without warning, Yamato threw the first punch, startling the boys.

Toshiko was packing a suitcase for the weekend – she was going to spend it with Haruhiko in Kyoto. She had made several phone calls to her husband throughout the week about their daughter and Yamato, and they had decided to see whether or not the two teenagers would engage in sexual activity, when left alone.

The fact that Sora and Yamato had offered to put the washing up to dry on Monday had left Toshiko suspicious of not only Yamato, but of Sora as well. She and Haruhiko had figured that if Sora and Yamato had sex over the weekend, Toshiko could guilt it out of them when she arrived back. She'd bring up the condom then, and Yamato and Sora would definitely know where she was going with it . . . and if they did indeed have sex over the weekend, they'd succumb to telling her.

Well, that was the plan.

Toshiko still hadn't gotten used to the idea that her baby was potentially having sex, so she was having second thoughts about her 'trip'. If she left, she was willingly allowing her daughter to copulate with her boyfriend . . . she did not like that at all. But then Sora could very well already be having sex with Yamato . . . she did not like that much, either.


The noise of the apartment door opening and closing caught her attention, and she went out of her room to greet the two teenagers that were occupying so much of her thoughts.

She hadn't counted on Yamato looking like he'd been in a fight. She now felt even more opposed to leaving her only daughter alone with the boy for an entire weekend.

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