Cooking Olympics

Chapter 1: Growing Rivals

It was a basic day in Endsville elementary school, as Billy who had taken an elective course in cooking was busy pretending to be Pat the Baker.

"Oh I'm just flipping dough, just flipping dough" sang Billy as he began to try to make a pizza as part of the assignment.

"Billy, you are not going to make a pizza by singing that stupid tune" said Mandy as she was already putting the sauce on her dough.

"Oh come on Mandy" said Billy as the pizza dough landed right onto him, "Hoss Delgado says the best way to make a pizza or anything at all is that you have to give what you are making love as an extra ingredient."

"Look" said Mandy as she pulled Billy's aparine toward her, "I follow the instructions, you couldn't make anything even if your life depended on it."

"Say, what's going on here?" asked Hoss as he came into the scene to which Hoss Delgado was also a part-time baker.

"Billy's doing the instructions wrong" complained Mandy.

"Now Billy, did you sang the song that I taught you while were tossing the pizza dough?" asked Hoss to which Mandy had a shocking look on her face.

"Alright that's it!" cried Mandy as she threw off her aparine, "I'm out of here."

"Now hold on little missy" said Hoss, "you can't leave this class. You need this class to graduate from elementary school."

"I thought this was an elective?" asked Mandy.

"It is" replied Hoss, "but if you leave the class now and since it's too late to drop it, I may have to give you an F."

"What?!" cried Mandy as she turned to Hoss, "I don't get Fs."

"I knew you'll say that" laughed Hoss as he handed her the aparine back which she threw down on the ground, "now get back to your assignment."

"See Mandy, I told you Hoss Delgado knows what he's doing" laughed Billy.

"That's it!" cried Mandy as she then summoned the Grim Reaper into the scene, "Grim!"

"What is it man?" asked Grim as he appeared right into the scene through a thick black clouds of smoke and dusted himself off.

"I have had it with Billy and Hoss thinking that being all too easy going as being a cook will make the dish better" said Mandy.

"Yea, and what do you want me to do about it?" asked Grim.

"I want to go into a competition that'll prove these two dolts who's the better cook" replied Mandy, "and since I never loose a contest, I am heading into the ring."

"Well" said Grim as he thought to himself, "there is one sort of competition I can enter you two."

"A cooking contest, just what the heck are you trying to pull Reaper?" asked Hoss as he then came back into the scene.

"You along with Billy can enter in the Cooking Olympics" replied Grim.

"The what?" asked both Billy and Hoss.

"The Cooking Olympics is one of the biggest events, where the greatest chefs from any universes may come together to determine who is the best cook there is" replied Grim, "the only catch is that they must have a head cook and an apprentice. Since Hoss and Billy are the rule of two here, Mandy needs someone to guide her."

"And who do you have in mind?" asked Mandy.

"Granny Grim wouldn't mind helping you out" replied Grim as he used his scythe to spawn Granny Grim to the scene.

"Alright Grim, just what the heck is going on here?" asked Granny Grim.

"Mandy here wants to beat the snot out of Billy and Hoss in the Cooking Olympics" replied Grim.

"The Cooking Olympics?!" cried Granny Grim who was quite shocked about the competition in question, "I once entered in the Cooking Olympics but I remember there being a small green creature who ruined all of my recipes but he eventually lost to a crab-like creature."

"So will you be Mandy's master in cooking?" asked Grim.

"Fine, I'll do it" replied Granny Grim as she gave a smile to him, "for old times shake."

"Then it's settled" said Grim as he grabbed his scythe and then created a portal, "come on to the Cooking Olympics it is!"

As the group of five were led through the portal and came out to the other side, they noticed a group of other cooks. Among some of the familiar faces to Grim, Mandy and Billy were the likes of Spongebob Squarepants being the apprentice to Mr. Krabs, a strange Spongebob Bot being the apprentice to Plankton. But also another group of unfamiliar cooks they had never scene before.

"Oh great, looks like they brought in the Grim Reaper to finally take me away from this horrible reality!" cried the old man in the mustache.

"And who might you be?" asked Mandy.

"I am Mung Daal" replied Mung, "and this is my apprentice Chowder.

"Hi skeleton man!" cried Chowder with excitement, "I like your Halloween costume."

"And what kind of creature are you?" asked Mandy as she turned to Chowder, "Some sort of a combination of a racoon and a cat?"

"I notice something dead was walking into the scene" said a familiar voice to Granny Grim.

"Plankton!" cried Granny Grim who was not too happy to see him, "You ruined my chances of getting the gold medal in the Cooking Olympics last year! I only got the Bronze Medal because you ruined my recipe!"

"You can't prove that skeleton woman" replied Plankton, "besides I only got the silver medal because of Krabs over there."

"Just wait and see this year" said Granny Grim, "I am going to make sure I am going home with the gold medal and do you know why you small green fry?"

"Yea, why?" asked Plankton.

"Because I got my a new apprentice" replied Granny Grim as she showed off Mandy, "I am pretty sure you two have met before."

"Oh great, it's you again" sighed Plankton.

"You're not going to steal Grim's scythe again while I am around" said Mandy, "and if you do I'll step all over you."

"Please, please don't start fighting now!" cried the voice of Judge Roy Spleen who came into the scene, "Unlike last year, this year for the Cooking Olympics will be quite different."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Granny Grim.

"You'll be divided into two teams" replied Judge Spleen, "the first team will be Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, Billy, Hoss Delgado and Chowder and Mung Daal. The second group is going to be Mandy, Granny Grim, Plankton, the Spongebob Bot, Ms. Endive and Panini."

"What?!" cried both Granny Grin and Plankton.

"You heard me" replied Judge Spleen as he signaled the two groups to get into their positions, "now get to your stations and I'll summon the five taste testers."