Spongebob and the Magic Pie

Improvised by Yours Truly and his Sister

© Writer's Blah, 2007

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Spongebob Squarepants. It belongs to Nickelodeon and United Plankton.

One day, Spongebob was bored. (You can tell this is fan fiction. Spongebob is never bored.) So Spongebob decided to make a pie. As he got ready, Patrick came! (Uh oh.) Patrick asks, "What on earth are you doing, Spongebob?"

"Oh, hi Patrick. I'm going to make a pie. Wanna join me?"


"Alright. Patrick, can you hand me the sugar?"

"Okay," says Patrick. So he goes to the cupboard, and looks for the sugar. But when he opens the cupboard, he is confused. "Hmm, what kind of sugar does Spongebob want? The brown sugar, or the sugar that says, 'DANGER! DO NOT USE IN PIES! CONTAINS DANGEROUS MAGICAL PROPERTIES WHEN HEATED TO MORE THAN 375°.' Oh, he must want that one."

So Patrick gives Spongebob the dangerous sugar, and Spongebob puts it in. He had just finished the mix, and put it in the oven, set to 375°. Spongebob decided that while he waited, he would go watch his new DVD of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Within thirty minutes, Spongebob heard the bell ring. "Patrick, the pie is done! Could you get it out for me?"

"Sure, Spongebob. Then Patrick runs to get the pie. Patrick takes out the pie and it smells horrible, but to Patrick, it smells delicious. He brings it to Spongebob, but Spongebob is displeased with the aroma. Patrick asks, "Can I have the pie now?"


So Patrick eats the slice of pie, but when he does, he turns into a zombie! Spongebob is scared out of his mind, and yells. Then he runs to see Sandy, and hides behind her. Sandy asks, "What in tarnation are you doing, Spongebob?"

"I'm running because there's a zombie!"

"Fiddlesticks! There's no such thing as zombies! Especially not underwater!"

Patrick approaches the tree dome mindlessly, and then Spongebob runs outside and blows a bubble on Patrick, so Patrick would return back to normal. Then Patrick says, "I'm free!" But then, Patrick throws up the pie, and it turns into a monster.

So Spongebob traps it in a bucket of goo. He drops a bubble can on the pie monster, and then he melts and says, "I'm melting! I'm melting! Oh, what a world, what a world! Ah, look out! Look out! I'm going! Ah…" and he melts.

Spongebob and Patrick high-five and say, "We did it!"

Back in Spongebob's room, he opens his eyes and sees everyone in his eyes, and says, "Huh? Where am I?"

Patrick says "Why are you in your room, Spongebob?"

Spongebob answers, "I had a dream about a monster or something."

Spongebob gets out of bed and puts on the radio, and it's playing "I Wrote This" by Patrick Star. Then everyone storms Spongebob's house.

Suddenly, Dennis came out! He ate Pearl, and Spongebob chases him without getting tired. They all lived happily never after Dennis threw her up.