Jimmy Timmy Mini Minute

Written by Writer's Blah's Sister Again

© Writer's Blah, 2007

DISCLAIMER: I do not own The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron or The Fairly Odd Parents. They belong to Nickelodeon, O Studios, DNA Productions, and Federator.

Once, Jimmy was run-testing Goddard. Along the way, Jimmy dressed up like a rabid dog. Then Carl, Sheen, Libby, Cindy, and Boulbi came. He scared them all and they all ran away except for Boulbi who did the "Slap- Slap- Slap-Clap- Clap- Clap- Slap- Slap- Slap-Clap- Clap- Clap" dance.

Jimmy taunted him. Jimmy then made up a Jimmy Dance, which made him look ridiculous, and he danced in a funny sort of way. Then he goes to Retroville. When he saw the sign that said "$.25", then Jimmy was confused. Usually, the entrance fee was a lot more expensive. Then Timmy showed up in a puff of magic smoke. Then he went to the ice cream bar. He went inside and found a cool-looking guy. When Timmy got close to him, the cool guy said, "Do you want some ice cream?"


"What kind of ice cream do you want?"

"I'll have chocolate!"

"Anything else? Any toppings or other flavors?"

"I'll have some multi-colored sprinkles."

"Anything else?"

"That's it."

"Okay. That will be $5.25." Timmy gives him a dollar. "You still need to pay $4.25."

"Sure, here you go."

Timmy gives him the remainder of the money. Then Wanda shows up disguised as a napkin holder and asks, "Why didn't you just wish for the chocolate ice cream with multi-colored sprinkles? Then you could have gotten it for free!"

So Timmy goes to a wishing well, and when Timmy steps in front of it, he wishes, "I wish I could get some free ice cream right now!"

Wanda shows up again. "Not that kind of wish! Wish as in wish to us! We're fairy godparents, remember? We can do almost anything!"

Timmy goes, "Oh, right." Then he tries to wish one more time, and says, "I wish we could get some free ice cream."

When he got it, he got some multi-colored sprinkles and Timmy went to go find Goddard because the little robot dog had flown away from him. He found Goddard. Then Timmy went back home and told Mom and Dad his adventure…except the part about his fairy godparents. His dad got Timmy something to drink. Then Timmy went to bed, but Goddard followed him. When Goddard woke up Timmy, he goes downstairs to the kitchen. He got a slice of apple pie for his mom in the morning. Suddenly, Dennis came out! He then ate Timmy's mom, and Timmy chased Dennis and saw Spongebob.