AN: Ok, so, this is a story my friend and i wrote together in math class. It's kinda stupid, but, it all started with these cut out pumpkins in the classroom and one that looked (to us anyways) like Rhett Butler! So, we decided to do a funny/slightly angsty fic about that pumpkin. So, if you LIKE Scarlett O'Hara, I would suggest you didn't read this. I, personally, hate her. Other than that, enjoy!

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page 374 (for some of you anyways)

Atlanta is burning and this is when he kissed her.


"Sweet," he whispered. "Sweet."

Scarlett, swooning from the passionate kiss that Rhett had bestowed upon her, proceeded to smile in a dream like way before fainting.

Unfortunately, she did not realize the roaring fire behind her.

Falling back-wards, she lands in the bright flames of the burning town of Atlanta. Rhett's roaring sound of anguish was the only sound heard that dark night Atlanta fell.

"Scarlett! My pet! NOOOOOOO!"

Wade, upon hearing the loud scream of Rhett, poked his tiny head out of the side of the carriage. At the sight of his mothers body, he screamed like there was no tomorrow before, fainting as well, fell over the side of the carriage onto a patch of pumpkins.

Rhett, seeing this, noticed that one of the pumpkins had a face carved within it. Becoming curious, he moved toward the patch, rolling Wade off of them and down a hill, to get a better look.

Upon doing so, he notices that the face resembles closely to his.

"Good Lord," he exclaimed.

"Why, this pumpkin looks just like me, mustache and all!"

In the pumpkin, he found a better companion than Scarlett could ever be.

Saddling up with his new found companion, he headed off into the rising sun.

Little Wade was said to have been taken away that night by Belle Watling so her son could have a brother to play with.

The End

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