Kagome Higurashi is a 15 year old girl going to No Tama High School against her wishes. Her father dissapeard while on a camping trip. She was very close to her father and is heart-broken. She moved with her mother to Tokyo to a new house and new school. Where she will meet wonderful people and great friendships will erupt. And even horrible enemies. Kagome never thought that she could meet people like this since her father, she never thought that she could be this happy without him. When her friends and her discover some big news about her fathers closed case, will they solve the mystery and find him? DEAD or ALIVE. Will finding her father bring her closer or farther from her blooming relationship with a special someone.

In this story of love and friendship, hatred and sorrow, Kagome Higurashi will found out who and what is good for her Soul.

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"Damn alarm clock, why can't I just stay homeschooled, then at least I could sleep in."

For the past two days Kagome Higurashi has been getting up early out of bed just to get ready for her first day of high school. Today was the day she had been preparing for since her fathers strange dissapearance.


Mr. Neji Higurashi used to be a middle school teacher at Kyoto Middle School prep. When Mrs. Higurashi was pregnant with Kagome, it was decided by both parents that she would be homeschooled. In turn, when Kagome started school, Mr. Higurashi would stay home with Kagome and school her, while Mrs. Higurashi would work as a laywer.

Sota was born when Kagome moved into 'Middle School'. Sota eventually became too much for Neji to handle with Kagome. So he went a public school.

During the summer of Kagome's eighth grade year, Neji mysteriously dissapeared while going to gather firewood on a family camping trip in the woods. The police searched for days without any leads. Eventually they came up with the conclusion that Neji Higurashi was dead. His case was closed, intended never to be opened again.

Kagome was very close to her father, and since his dissapearance she had become very shy, when she used to be very energetic and loving. She rarely talks, where as she talked nonstop about anything and everything to her dad. And her eyes held nothing but hurt, pain, and grief. She blamed herself for what happened to her father. It was her turn to pick a family vacation for the summer, she should have picked the amusement park, but no, she had to be Miss Nature.


Sota was staying with their grandfather in Kyoto during the schoolyear. Then with Mrs. Higurashi and Kagome in Tokyo during breaks and weekends. Mrs. Higurashi thought it best for Kagome to get a new start, new friends, and hopefully new begginings. Sota had wanted to stay with his friends or else he would be living in Tokyo too.

Kagome slowly got out of bed, rubbing her tired eyes. She was still sore from all the school supply shopping her mother forced her to do. Those bags were heavy!Her mother wanted 'her little high schooler' ready for her big day.

Kagome was disgusted with the rest of her family. How could they get over all of this with her father so quickly?

Groaning in annoyance, Kagome walked her way to her connected bathroom to start her new morning routine... that started at 6...not 10...6. The warm water from the shower-head felt so good to Kagome, she almost fell asleep again. But was quickly awaked when she heard her mother call for her to hurry up from dounstairs in the kitchen.

Kagome dried her midnight black hair and decided to leave it down, letting it fall to her mid-back. She closed her eyes, trying to prepare herself for High School. When she opened her eyes and looked into the mirror, she saw her tired blue-grey eyes looking back at her. She was surprised that she didn't have any bags underneath her eyes considering how much sleep she had missed out on.

As soon as she got done putting on her green and white No Tama High School uniform, which was a bit skanky if you asked Kagome(yet it DID show off her long, shapely legs), Sota stormed in.

"Mom says hurry up or you'll miss your bus!" her yelled with a slepy voice. He then walked out of her room and proceded down the stairs and into the kitchen to eat breakfast. As soon as Kagome turned off her light and grabbed her bookbag, she followed.

"Bye honey! Have a great first day! Make lots of friends, oh, and flirt your little heart out!" Mrs. Higurashi said to her daughter excitedly, as she headed towards the kitchen door. Kagome turned to her mother, hoping against all hope that her mother would give in to her pleads.

"Ma, why can't I go to Kyoto with Sota? A tleast then I'd have another week until school starte." All Kagome got in reply was an all to familiar sypathetic look from her mother. She slowly walked towards the bus down the steps, but quickly jumped on when the fat bus driver honked the horn. She could've walked, but it was starting to get chilly out.

Kagome sat in the first seat directly behind the bus driver, the whole way to school. This bus was boring and way to long of a ride. Kagome would sacrifice an Autumn chill for 45 minutes of extra sleep.

When Kagome and the other No Tama High School students got off the bus, she was amazed. She had never seen a school this big. From the bus lot to the main entrance with off-white columns and tall, wide-set glass doors. Her mouth hung to the ground. It burried itself when she entered the main hallway. Everywhere she looked, she saw kids. She had never seen so many teenagers in one 'room' at once!

To her right she saw a long corridor lined with lockers on each side of the walls, occasionally a door or two leading into the classroom. And many, many school spirit posters.

Up ahead, she saw another hallway that looked like the one to her right, only with signs hanging from the cieling directing the ways to the restrooms, cafeteria, and the gymnasium.

To her left, she saw signs hanging for the main office, deans office, and guidance office. She took a left from the main hallway filled with bustling students, and yelling teachers. As she was turning into the main office doors, she bumped into someone who had apparantly stopped in front of her.

At first glance, she thought she saw herself when the firgure turned around. But this girl, was not anything like kagome. She had on the regular school uniform, but pulled up enouph to where you can see her, eh'emmm, undergarments, and her stomach showed. Her sleeves were cut short into tank-top manner.

"Watch where your going fuckin' idiot!" The girl screamed at Kagome.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Kagome politely said back. She was really starting to dislike this girl.

"Kikyou Hyuuga, get your ass in here right now young lady!" Kagome heard someone yell. Kikyou walked to the closed door, swaying her hips in an attempt to be sexy, it made Kagome want to throw up.

"Hey, you okay? You look like you're gonna hurl." A deep voice asked her from behind. Kagome turned around to come face to face with a person's chest. When she looked up, she saw black eyes, staring back at her with concern. She blushed fiercly when she got a good look at the rest of him.

He had bangs hanging just above his perfect eyebrows. Where as the rest of his hair was pulled back into a braid, starting at the nape of his neck. Kagome noticed him still staring at her, she stepped back a couple of feet and looked up to him agian.

"See something you like?" He asked with a crooked, sensious smile on his face. "My name's Bankostu Matsumoto. And may inquire what your's is my lovely?" He asked.

"Kagome, Kagome Higurashi." Gaining her confidense back she quickly went on with her sentance,"Nive to meet you Bankotsu." She put out her right hand to shake, and he took it with his left and gently brought it up to his mouth to give it a sweet kiss.

"Bankotsu, leave that poor girl alone. I don't need you corrupting her like you have me." Came a very feminine voice from the left of Kagome. Kagome quickly pulled her hand back, and looked to her left.

A girl that looked about the same age and hieght as Kagome sidled her way over to the two. Red-brown slightly wavy hair pulled up in pig-tails swaying lightly as she walked. Her green eyes were focused on Kagome.

"Hi, my name is Ayume. And don't worry about Ban here, he wont really corrupt you, he's just an irritating brother is all." She said with a bright smile.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT AYUME!!!" Bankostu yelled. But Ayume didn't have time to answer as Kagome was called into the office by whom she thought to be the principle and Bankotsu and Ayume were shuffled away from the office doors and told to get to class.

Kagome for the first time walked into to guidence office that she hadn't gotten a chance to see no thanks to that Kikyou girl that was blocking her. Speaking of Kikyou,

"Kikyou, you get back here right now or so help me, I'll put you on another ISS and dentention for the whole semester!" Too late, she was gone, and out the front doors.

The woman who had brought Kagome into the office wasn't the principle, she was the administrator. And she laughed at the woman who Kagome would soon learn to be the real principle came out of the room red-faced and breathing hard. Probably from all the yelling.

"Tough life huh Miho?" The woman behind the desk asked, with a hint of sarcasm in her voice."

"Just call Officer Yamamoto and have him bring her back please." The woman asked, either not catching on to the joke presented or not caring enouph to laugh. She then noticed Kagome sitting in the Kelly green sitting chair, and made her way over to her.

Gettin a closer view, Kagome could tell that the woman was ageing, though she kept it well hidden behind the many layers of makeup covering her face. With dark brown hair and soft hazel eyes, the woman made Kagome feel a little safer.

"Hello Miss, my name is Mrs. Miho Nakamura. I am the principle.

Kagome smiled politely and handed Mrs. Nakamura her transfer papers, which were taken from her steadily.

After proper introductions and a tour of the school, Kagome was lead to her first class, Earth Science, with Mr. Oshiro.

Mr. Oshiro introduced her to the class, who answered a hello boredly. Well that is except for one particular, black-haired black eyed boy, who called her over excitedly.

"Kagome, Yo! Over here!" Kagome smiled shyly at Bankostu and squeezed her way through the desks, to sit in the empty seat next to him. He didn't say another word as Mr. Oshiro started his lecture on types of rocks.

Kagome decided to go ahead and open her textbook and at least appear to be thinking rocks. When her mind was really drifting back to her mother and why she couldn't have stayed at home and either be homeschooled or go to Kyoto. sure she already had Bankotsu and Ayume, who she guessed were her friends, at least, she would consider them friends, since she's never had any before.

But then there was that Kikyou girl, who she could tell she wasn't going to get along with in the upcoming future. And she knew by earlier encounters that Kikyou didn't like her very much.

Kagome could tell this was going to be a long High school Career, let alone a long day, with six more periods to go and she couldn't forget about lunch.

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