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Sesshomaru carried Kagome out of the mall, almost jogging. He needed to get Kagome away from here. He didn't quite know why that woman had Kagome, or why she tried to kill her. He intended on finding out. He gently placed Kagome's lithe form in the back seat of his 1969 Corvette Stingray. As he arranged her more comfortably her eyes fluttered open.

"Thankyou Sesshomaru." her lids closed over her clouded eyes, head resting securly against the midnight black leather, her mind drifting away. Sesshomaru saw she was still bleeding from the wound in her stomach.

If he was guessing corectly, which he most always was, that woman wasn't dead, like the police will think she is, and she wasn't trying to kill Kagome for her own pleasure. She was someone's puppet. The question was, Who was the puppeteer?

Tires screeched out of the mall parking lot, Sesshomaru cursed under his breath as he almost hit three teens walking to their cars. He soon forgot about them, remebering Kagome in the backseat, he sped up and headed for the Tiasho Family Residence.

"Where could she be?" Sango asked to no one in particular. It had been over a hour since they left Kagome with that woman in the store.

"Well, I'm gonna go find her, you guys can head on home if you want. I'll have her call you when we get home." Miroku left it at that and stood up, turned around and started to leave. He was stopped by a hand on each shoulder. Kouga and Bankostu had driven with Miroku and Kagome. Miroku nodded at them and they took off.The guys left the trio of girls to their bench. Looking at each other, they smiled and giggled.

"Men, they never change." Rin knew this to be true, unfortunatly, though she wished just one guy would like her they way the guys liked Kagome. The other two girls lauphed at her comment as they stood up and headed for the parking lot. they divided out of the way as a sleek Corvette screeched its way out of the parking lot.

"Geez, somones hormones are running on high tonight." With Ayame's assumption of sex on the drivers mind, the girls parted ways and headed home, Each silently awaiting Kagome's call.

Unaware of the cat calls the young men were recieving, they trudged along towards Guilty Seasons. Miroku had a hunch this wouldn'd be the last time they would be here.

A couple of stores away. Bankostu, Kouga, and Miroku stopped, not by choice, but by a crowd of about 70 gethering by the boys destination. The crowd parted quickly when a growling Kouga pushed through, followed closely by sheepishly grinning Bankostu and Miroku. As they reached the store enterance, they grew worried by the many policemen and detectives.

"Police? What the hell?" Kouga threw his hands up in the air, earning a few akward glances here and there.

"Sorry son, you can't come in here, police business." The rather large officer loomed over Kougas 5'11'' stature. Miroku, being the saint he is, tried a different approach,

"Sir, my friends and I are worried, see, my girlfriend, chill out Kouga, was just in here. I would like to know if she's alright." It took all Miroku had in his being not to barge past the giant policeman and find Kagome. He easily ignored the death glares that Kouga was giving him since his 'girlfriend' mention.

"I'm sorry sir, police business. I can't release any information." Bankostu snuck off to the side of the man to sneak a peek at the crime scene. Blood was splattered all over the walls and whatever was left of the merchandise. 'Thats too much blood to loose without dying' Bankostu turned to leave, and noticed a body bag inside the back room through the doorway that was carelessly left open. Bankostu angrily made his way back to Miroku and the policman.

"What's going on, what did you see?" Bankostu glanced toward to policeman and Miroku talking. Then got a sad expression on his face, and looked to the floor.

"There's blood everywhere, too much blood to loose and survive, and there's a. . . "

"Spit it out already Bankostu!" Kouga was growing impatient.

"A body bag." Bankostu all but wispered. Kouga not picking up on his friends exact words, but the tone, took him by the shoulders and started shaking him.

"What?" Kouga asked again once the words seeped in.

"A body bag." Kouga stopped shaking Bankostu. He let go as if burned. Kougas blue, blue eyes started getting watery. 'No, she can't be dead, we only just met, who would do this? I'll kill them, whoever it was!' With that last thought, Kouga pushed away from Bankostu, causing him to stumble back and fall, landing on the floor, stunned, and he watched Kouga run into the crowd again.

Pushing his way through the evergrowing crowd yet again, Kouga finally reached the DO NOT CROSS-POLICE tape, ripped through it, ignoring yells from the law and friends. Usinf his soccer skills, Kouga jumped, bounded, and diverted his way through the wall of policemen , coming to a stand still at the body bag.

It felt like 100 years to him, yet it was less than a split second that he unzipped the bag and looked upon the face of the dead woman . He wept.

Miroku and Bankostu couldn't see what was happening, but they heard loud moans and cries from the back of the store. Seconds later, three uniformed cops came out of the crowd butt first, their bodies at weird angles due to dragging Kouga.

"Now get him the hell out of here!" the cop from before turned back to the other two from the trio.

"I don't wanna see you three around any of my crime scenes again! You got that!" steam should have been coming out of the mans ears he was so pissed. Miroku turned towards the man and plastered on a fake smile, thanking him for his time and apologizing for Kougas behavior. Bankostu and Miroku dragged Kouga out towards Mirokus dark grey Chrystler 300.

"Kouga, what the hell did you see in there?" Miroku's calm disposition was failing, the more that Bankostu and himself tried to get Kouga to talk to them, the more Miroku got worried, worried for Kagome. 'Is Kouga crying for Kagome?' Miroku thought.

Sesshomaru pulled into his driveway and honked his horn loudly several times. He quickly jumped out and grabbed Kagome. The giant doorrs opened for him as if by magic. He wasted no time getting to his bedroom.

He tucked Kagome in and left. The Tiasho house was big, but not too big as to where Sesshomaru couldn't alert his parents. No One. His parents, gone, he called,

"Father, where are you? You presence is needed." Sesshomaru was whispering harshly outside his bedroom, as to not wake Kagome.

"Sesshomaru? Didn't you get the note i left on the fridge? Anyways, your mother and I are gone for the weekend, we'll be back Monday night." genma hung up. Sesshomaru put his phone back in his pocket and went back into his room.

Glancing at Kagome as he made his way over to his connected bathroom, he grimmanced, his black satin sheets were dark around Kagome, she was still bleeding. He walked into his bathroom and grabbed the medical supplies.

He pulled the dirtied sheets off of Kagome and threw them on the floor. He pulled off Kagomes shoes and socks, then proceded to gently pull off her shirt.

Blood stuck to his hands, thick and squishy from where it had dried. Kagome was lucky he liked her, or she'dbe dead. He threw the discarded shirt across the room, where it made a slotchy landing. Sesshomaru took in Kagome body, her lucious breasts, who where tantilyzingly covered with a Victorias Secret red lace bra, all the way down to her flat, barely there, bleeding stomach.

For the second time that night, Sesshomaru visibly grimmanced. He undid the guaze and put it over the wound, keeping pressure on it. By the time he was done wrapping it, he was covered in blood. It was under his nails, on his arms halfway up his forearms, on hid clothes, face, and his hair.

Sesshomaru looked down at his ahdny work. The blood was receding. He slowly unbuttoned Kagome's bloodied pants, then slid them off.

Trying not to pay attention to her matching lace undies, Sesshomaru left and went into Inuyasha's room and grabbed dry sheets off of his bed. He came back in his room and threw the covers over Kagome's form. He checked the clock, 10:00 p.m. Knowing that Kagomes curfew must be soon, he picked up the phone and walked into the bathroom.

"Operator, how may I help you?" the barbie doll happy voice sounded throught the reciever. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes.

"Higurashi residence please."

"This is a collect call, who will be charged? You may -"

"Just dial the damn number woman! this is an emergency!"

"Sir, I'm afraid-"

"You should be, do you know who I am? I could have your head with a snap of my fingers!"

"Okay sir, plaese hold while I connect you." sesshomaru sighed tiredly as the phone rang. The thired ring ran short,

"Higurashi Resedence." came the voice of a stuffy-nosed boy.

"I need to speak to Mrs. Higurashi, this is Rin's father, a friend of Kagome's.

"Do you think she left without us?" Bankostu was attacking the situation at every possible angle. The three boys were on thier third trip around the mall, it was 9:45, the mall closed at 10. Kouga had already explained about the body bag.

"No you dumbass, Kagome rode with us. And she doesn't know anyone else besides our groups." Kouga had his genius showing.

"Lets call Kagome and see if shes okay. Oh, I don't know her cell though." Kouga was feeling so stupid for not thinking about that earlier, before the whole body bag incedent.

"I do. I guess we were too pumped up to think of it earlier." Miroku pulled out his cell and dialed Kagome's nu,ber by heart. He hoped she answered, just like his two companions.

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