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Chapter 29: A Flair farewell

It was the night after Wrestlemania and I heard that Ric Flair lost his match against Shawn Michaels, it was a heartbreaker for everyone, including myself, I am a huge fan of Flair's and I was thrilled to finally meet him two weeks ago and tonight on Raw he will be retiring for good.

And why can't I be there?

Well It could be the fact I went through hell last night and nearly broke myself in half to win against my opponent.

And now I'm in a hospital bed, I was in more pain than I ever was in my entire life not since…now's not the time.

I want to say goodbye to him, but I have to get out of here first, so I got myself up, it godamned hurt like hell just getting up. I had only one arm at my disposal as I injured my right further so I was a bit handicapped without it. Even so my right leg was a bit busted to but I had to get up and get down there, I managed to sit myself up got myself dressed as fast as I could but man did it hurt just doing it. I saw some crutches and grabbed them but I had the use of one and made my way out of the ward and limping my way out, and sneaking past reception unnoticed and found a cab and asked to be taken to the arena as fast as he could, I gave the money and he just drove.


I managed to get there In time and I heard that the entire roster was going out there to give their thanks to him so I had no time to waste I proceeded down to the entrance curtain.

"From all of us Ric we all just want to say thank you and we will miss you, Ric Flair!!" Triple h said.

As everyone began applauding the Nature Boy, I came from the back and he and The Game saw me from the distance and looked a little shocked, I got the same reaction from the entire roster as soon as they saw me, and how badly beaten I was after my match last night, I walked down limping my way to the ring and people giving looks of concern, shock and worry, but I didn't care how bad I was hurting I just wanted to say farewell to an idol, a legend an icon and the man himself. I got into the ring slowly but I was given some help getting in and I slowly approached him and he looked as amazed as everyone did, I grabbed a mic and began to speak my words.

"I wasn't gonna spend another minute in the hospital knowing that I would never see you in wrestling again, so I made a decision at the last second, to come down here and say farewell to you, I'm gonna miss you, it won't be the same without you and I hope someday we will see the limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealin, wheel dealin son of a gun back in this ring one more time!!" I said.

He just looked at me and gave an overwhelmed look of tears in his eyes, I went to shake his hand and I got that and a hug from him and I raised his arm up high and the entire building was going wild as we all saw the end of a 36 year career end tonight.


I was still revelling in the fact that Ric Flair is gone and that Shawn Michaels is getting heat for doing it, even Batista is upset his mentor is gone forever, but I can't blame him but put yourself in Shawn's shoes and think how that's effecting you? You just ended you're idols career, I mean if I was him I could never do it, but as a request from him I would be honoured to wrestle.


I arrived at the arena to make a statement about my condition and I wasn't looking forward to doing so because it's gonna hurt me more to tell people about what I had suffered last Sunday.

I came out to a very loud crowd that night and I t was great to be there but it took me a few minutes to get to the ring but I had assistance to get in and I got in there eventually and asked for a mic.

"Last Monday night was the greatest night of my life!! Why? Well I got to meet Ric Flair and I got to say my final farewell to him, but that's not why I am out here tonight, I came out here to make an update on my condition……as you all know at Wrestlemania I got my ass kicked, and it took me everything I had to win that match even sacrificing my body to win the match when we fell from that stage I managed to aggravate my arm injury I suffered last Friday and well the doctors have told me that I will need surgery to repair the damage……

The crowd were a bit upset that I got hurt and I even saw some people cry.

"It will require 2 months of healing and….so….what I am trying to say is that I will be on the sidelines for a little while, but believe me when I say this, I will be back!! And when I do come back I'm comin for the World heavyweight Championship!!" I said and I raised my left arm up and I gave he crowd a thank you.

Chants were going for "XANDER CAGE" and a new one was "X MAN" well I guess I have a new name now.

As I walked to the back I looked back one more time and I knew it would be a while until I am back in a WWE ring.


I was at home and recovering from my surgery and I got a call from the boss himself.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Mr.Cage I heard the surgery was a success." Vince said.

"Yes sir the surgery went well I'm in the healing process." I said.

"Well that's good to her, anyway let me cut to the chase here, that manuscript that you gave to my editor apparently he says he would like to publish it." he said.

"Really? Well I guess I'm in for this but Mr.Mcmahon I need to say first that everything I say in there is all completely true and if you wish to read it for yourself and tell me if it is too controversial for words then I understand." I said.

"Look you're not the first person to say that, and anyway this will be money, and with your status at the moment people will want to know about this, so I'll have my secretary send you the dates and we will discuss this again." he said.

"Okay, no problem I guess we will talk again soon." I asked.

"Indeed, good day to you." he said and hung up.

I was stoked about this I mean I wrote this up about two years ago and now it's all going public, but I need to see them again and tell them what will happen.


Never thought I would see it again but here goes.

"Hello, who is it?" the person standing in front of the door asked.

"It's been a while now Sister Joan." I said.

"Alexander? I'm happy you've returned, I never thought you would come back here after….

"I know so did I but I guess in some way I missed home." I said.

This day was a day I would not forget and I still won't forget it… were taken from me.

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