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"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned the hard way that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories do not have a clear beginning, middle, or end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next." -Gilda Radner

"Flight 33"

There was something about airports that Brooke Davis never liked. It wasn't the fear of flying on a plane that threatened her, nor was it the fast-paced crowds that usually inhabited all airports. It was the simple thought of saying good-bye that unnerved her the very most. Because that's what airports were to her- they were places of farewells to those who were leaving. As Brooke sat in the center of Tree Hill's airport, she knew that she would never dread saying good-bye to someone as much as she did right now.

She turned in her seat and glanced at the person sitting next to her- Lucas Scott. He was holding a book in one hand, and in the other he grasped her hand in his. Every so often, his fingers would touch the ring that graced her left hand. The diamond wasn't much, but that didn't matter to Brooke. All her life, she had considered the material things to hold the most importance- mainly her money. She always thought she would marry a rich man, and together they would live the elaborate lifestyle that she was already so used to living. Yet here she was, with a barely visible engagement ring on her finger and a man who was certainly no where near rich, but she had never been happier. He'd proposed to her just two weeks ago, and as she studies his profile she can remember exactly how it happened.


"So what's the occasion?" she asked, lowering her menu so that she could look at him from across the table.

He offered her a warm smile and said,"Why does there have to be an occasion? I'm just taking my girlfriend out to dinner."

There was a distinctive twinkle in his eye as he spoke, and she was immediately lost in his gaze. Brooke hated that her affections always seemed to cave to those charming blue eyes of his and that welcoming smile. She was overwhelmed with her love for him, and that was something that she feared. Brooke Davis was fiercely independant, simply because she grew up that way. Without the presence of parents in her life, she learned to fend for herself without the help of others. But Lucas Scott had changed all of that, and for the first time in her life Brooke knew what if felt like to be dependant on someone else. She'd grown to accept that she would probably never be able to live the same without him.

"Right, so I'm supposed to believe that you took me to a restaurant and ordered $50 dollar entrees just to have a good meal?" she remarked, narrowing her eyes at him in curiosity.

Lucas held his arms up in surrender, knowing that he could never get anything past her..

"Alright fine, you win. Good news or bad news first?"

She wrinkled her nose in dismay, annoyed that he had something bad to tell her. Everything in their relationship was going smoothly so far, and she didn't want to hear something that would disturb the balance.

"Bad news," she said.

Lucas took a sip of his wine, as if trying to stall as long as possible. In her mind, Brooke tried to imagine all of the possible reasons that would cause him to have bad news. An image of Peyton and Lucas kissing flashed before her eyes, and memories of how he had left her for Peyton resurfaced. She grimaced slightly, but banished the thought of him cheating on her. She trusted him now, more than she ever had in the past. Lucas had changed since high school. His past experiences with relationships had taught him well, and he learned that loving someone wasn't as complicated as it seemed. In high school, he was always surrounded by decisions. It always came down to Brooke and Peyton, and he was forced to choose between the two. At first, this decision was cruel and unusual to Lucas. He didn't want to choose between two girls that he both loved. But as time wore on, the choice became more evident than ever. People always told him to go with his first instinct, because most of the time that instinct proved to be correct. When asked who he saw standing next to him in the future, Lucas' answer was quick and definite: Brooke. And as he stared at the pretty brunette sitting across from him, Lucas knew that his first instinct had been right.

"I'm going away to London for a month," he replied in a single breath, watching her closely to catch her reaction.

She felt herself sink into her seat, like a little girl pouting after her parents yelled at her. "Do you have to go?" she asked, hoping that he would say he didn't.

"It's for a writing internship, Brooke. They have some of the best literature departments in the world down in London. I can't pass up this chance," he said.

He was leaving her. For a month. She wanted to tell him that he couldn't possibly leave her, and that she refused to let him go. But as she looked into his eyes, Brooke saw that he was pleading for her consent. Pushing her dissapointment aside, she braved a smile of acceptance and nodded her head.

"Then you have to go," she replied.

He smiled widely and grabbed her hand from across the table. He didn't want to leave her just as much as she didn't want him to leave, but he knew that he had to go. A chance to study among the highest proclaimed literary proffessors in the world didn't come very often. But a part of him worried that he would only want to come back to her the entire time he was away.

"So how about that good news of yours?" she asked.

His piercing blue eyes held her in an intense stare. She watched as he pushed out his chair, stood up, and walked to her end of the table.

Lucas held out his hand to her expectantly and said, "Come dance with me."

Brooke looked around the restaurant, and although a woman was playing tunes on a piano in the far corner of the room, not a single couple was dancing.

"I don't think there's dancing in this restaurant, Luke."

"There is now," he said softly.

He reached for her hand and pulled her from her seat. She was slightly embarassed at first, afraid that people would start staring at them like they were crazy to be dancing in such a quiet and elegant restaurant. But as Lucas pulled her body to him, she melted into his embrace and leaned her head against his strong chest. His arms brought her close, and as they swayed together his lips gently caressed her forehead and he inhaled the fragrance of her hair. His fingers played with the material of her black dress, and ever so slowly they made their way to the bare skin that the dress revealed on her back. He gently stroked her naked skin, and she trembled and closed her eyes against his touch. His head bent to her ear, and his steady breath tingled against her neck.

"The good news is that I love you," he whispered into her ear, planting his lips on her smooth neck. Her knees weakened as he kised her vulnerable skin, and the only thing that was holding her up was the steady grip he had around her waist. "The good news is that you're so very beautiful, and I can't imagine going a single day without looking into those green eyes of yours," he murmured into her neck, and the sincerity in his voice brought truth to his words.

Then he tilted her chin up, and saw that her eyes were still sealed shut in desire.

"Open your eyes," he coaxed.

Her eyes fluttered open, and her dashing green meant his intense blue. He paused for a moment, if only to memorize the intricate green and golden color of her eyes. Then he captured her lips with his own, giving her a kiss that reverberated throughout her entire body. A passionate emotion was released in the simple contact of their lips, fulfilling them in every way possible.

He ended their kiss abruptly, and reached into the pocket of his slacks to retrieve a small object. He tenderly lifted her left hand to his lips, kissed it slightly, and then slid a modest diamond ring onto her wedding finger.

She studied the ring with wide eyes, the small diamond casting a shimmer into her shocked gaze. Then her eyes returned to his, and he smiled. She rose on her toes and kissed him deeply. In between her kisses, he murmured something that made her heart beat so loudly that she was sure the entire world could hear it.

"The true good news is that we're getting married..."

It didn't matter that he didn't exactly ask her to marry him, it was better that he simply told her they were getting married. In a way, it was as if he positively knew that she wouldn't refuse his proposal. As she kissed her fiance, in a restaurant filled with dozens of people gaping at them, Brooke could only think of one thing: he was going to be hers forever.


"This will be the final boarding call for flight 13...to London."

The perfectly steady and calculated voice of the announcer echoed throughout the airport, and Brooke silently cursed whoever made those announcements. Because that announcer just called her fiance onto a plane that would take him approximately 3, 878 miles away from her.

Lucas freed his hand from her grasp and stood up from his seat, grabbing his small carry-on luggage that sat on the floor. Her eyes never left him as he fished through his pockets for his airline ticket.

"Stop staring at me like that," Lucas said, catching her off guard.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Like you're never going to see me again. I'm coming back, you know. I'll only be away for a month," he said, letting out out a sigh of relief as he finally retrieved his ticket from his pants pocket.

Brooke looked toward a brighty lit sign that showed flight times. The second time was for flight 13, Lucas' flight, and underneath it read 'Final boarding call.' She forced herself to stand up. The sound of someone crying caught her attention, and she turned to her left to see where it was coming from. A few yards from where she stood was a little girl, crying hysterically as she stamped her feet on the ground in dismay. Beside the girl stood a man and a woman who looked to be her parents. The man, presumably her father, had a distressed frown on his face as he struggled to hold all of his luggage in a single hand.

"Please don't go Daddy! You can't...you can't leave me!" the young girl screamed, stamping her feet to emphasize her words.

The father sighed as he checked his watch impatiently, clearly eager to board his plane. "Look, honey, I'm only going away for a week, and I'll be home before you know it. I've got to go now though, be good for your mother while I'm away."

With that, the man dissappeared, leaving his little girl behind with a pool of tears at her feet and a defeated look on her face. And suddenly, all Brooke wanted to do was scream and cause a childish scene just like the girl had done moments before. She didn't want Lucas to leave, just like the daughter didn't want her father to depart, and just like the little girl, Brooke knew that nothing she could say or do would prevent Lucas from going. But it was worth a try.

"I've got a bad feeling about this, Luke."

Lucas looked at her worriedly, and reached his hand out to tuck a stray brown lock behind her ear. "About what, pretty girl? The plane? Everything is going to be fine, trust me."

Brooke shrugged her shoulders, not quiete knowing how to explain why she felt so alarmed and saddened. She placed her hands over her face, and in a muffled voice said, "I don't even know what's wrong with me, Luke. I know that you're only going to be away for a month but for some reason it just seems like you're going to be away forever...and as much as I know that this is such a great opportunity for you, I don't want you to go. And I know that's selfish and unfair but it's the truth...I feel like you're leaving at the worst possible time, right when we're about to start our life together."

He gently pried her hands from her face and securely enfolded her in his arms. She fell into his chest, feeling the first wave of tears slowly fill her eyes. He rubbed her back soothingly, and in a reassuring voice he asked, "You know that I love you, right?"

She nodded against his chest, and the movement caused her first tear to trickle down her face. His arms tightened around her as he continued, "Good. Because if you know that I love you then you should also know that a month in London is not going to change that- ten years couldn't even change that. You know what...in 29 days you'll be getting in your car to come and pick me up from this airport, because in 29 days I'll be home again."

Brooke swallowed the lump in her throat, and willed her tears to stop falling. She stayed within his embrace for just a little while longer, memorizing the way his arms felt around her body. Then she took a deep breath, and softly whispered, "I love you."

He left a kiss on her forehead, and then one on her lips. It was quick and smooth, like it was a habit. Like he was going to kiss her like that every day for the rest of their lives. Then he released her, and she suddenly felt cold in the places that his arms had previously warmed. He took a few steps back, holding her gaze as he slowly edged away from her. "29 days, Brooke, and we'll be standing here again. I promise."

She watched as he drifted further and further into the crowd, and as he turned her back on her she forced her eyes to stay rooted to his retreating figure. She followed the tip of his blonde head with her eyes, and smiled to herself as she thought of how much his hair would grow in a month. He probably wouldn't get it cut, and she'd have to force him to when he came back. Then she heard a scream, and she immediately twisted around to see what was wrong. The little girl from before was standing directly behind her, still stamping her feet and causing a scene. Her mother was trying to hush her, and she just wanted to tell that mother to go to hell, because Brooke knew exactly how that little girl was feeling. Remembering that she had been keeping sight of Lucas walking through the crowds just moments before, Brooke frantically whipped her head around and strained her eyes for that familiar blonde hair.

But he was already gone.


29 days later

She heard her alarm-clock ring in the distance, and as Brooke's eyes drifted open she was shocked to find that she'd managed to fall asleep last night. She threw off her covers and sprang from the bed in excitement, just like a little kid would do on Christmas morning. Maybe it wasn't Christmas, but this morning was still important. In just three hours, at eleven o'clock, Lucas would be home again. As Brooke hastily made the bed, she smirked, knowing that once he walked through their front door she wasn't going to let him leave the bedroom for days.

Twenty-nine days had come and gone quicker than she'd thought they would. She'd been lonely the first few days that Lucas was absent, but hearing his loving voice on the other end of the phone eased her loneliness. He called her at least once every day, and sometimes more if he was lucky. It turned out that Lucas was busier than he'd ever been before. The course he was taking in London was beneficial and Lucas loved it, but each time he spoke to Brooke he always mentioned how he couldn't wait to hold her in his arms again.

Brooke showered, ate breakfast, and got dressed quicker than she ever had in her entire life. She checked her computer countless times, looking up flight times. Each time she checked, she found that Flight 33, the plane that Lucas was on, was right on schedule and would be arriving at Tree Hill airport by eleven. Lucas had taken a night trip, just so he could be home the very next morning. As Brooke sat at her desk, her laptop opened to flight times in front of her and her engagement ring poised on her finger, all she could think about was setting a wedding date with Lucas on that very night.

Brooke checked the clock once more, and finally decided to leave. It was only nine, and Lucas' flight wouldn't be in for another 2 hours, but she didn't mind waiting at the airport. She'd wait forever for him if she had to.

Seconds later, she was skipping happily toward the front door, unable to contain her excitement. Lucas' words from nearly a month ago echoed in her ears.

"29 days, Brooke, and we'll be standing here again. I promise."

Now, all she had to do was wait 2 more hours, and he'd be standing next to her again.

Her hands reached out toward the door knob, but just as she was doing so the house phone began to ring. She sighed in frustration, annoyed that someone would be calling her right when she was about to leave for the airport. She was debating on whether or not to answer it, but as her eyes fell upon a picture positioned on the wall next to her of her and Lucas at a friend's wedding, Brooke knew that she had to pick up the phone. It might be Lucas calling to say that his flight was going to be delayed, despite what her computer had said about it being right on schedule.

She ran to grab the phone before the answering machine clicked on, and she answered with an agitated, "Yes?"

For a moment, no one replied, and Brooke wondered if it was just a prank phone call. But seconds later, a steady and calculated voice spoke through the telephone line.

"Hello, is this Miss Davis?"

Brooke felt a chill race through her body, because she recognized that voice. It belonged to someone that worked at the airport, the person that announced Lucas' flight last time they were there. But she reassured herself quickly, knowing that the airport was only callling to inform her that the flight had been delayed.

"This is Miss Davis speaking," Brooke replied, thinking of how her name would sound when her last name was changed to Scott. She tapped her foot as she waited impatiently for the person on the other line to continue.

"Miss Davis, this is a direct call from Tree Hill Airport. I regret to inform you that there's been a terrible mishap involved with Flight 33, from London to Tree Hill. At 7 o'clock this morning, approximately two hours ago, Flight 33 had an unexpected interference, and due to severe turbulence the plane went down. At this time, we are not sure if there are any surviving passengers..."

The words of the airline worker quickly faded as the telephone crashed to the ground, breaking to pieces. And seconds later, with a distressed sob, Brooke Davis fell to the ground next to it.