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David Hodges glanced around to make sure that nobody was looking over at him, and then quickly opened up Google, and typed in 'Tennyson, quote'. This week he had overheard Grissom mentioning something the guy wrote in two different conversations. Ever since then, David had been trying to find some way he could work in a quote from Tennyson into the conversation so that it sounded natural and unrehearsed. That could really impress the boss, and the yearly reviews were coming up.

Of course first he had to find a quote to work into the conversation. And maybe a little background info on the guy couldn't hurt. The name did sound familiar, but David had always had better things to do in High School than pay attention in Lit. Especially since Jamie Agreto, had been in his Lit class for four years, and she had really great legs. Back then he had always timed his entrance into the class, so that he would come in right after she sat down. That way he could find a place to sit, where he had a clear view of her legs and it wouldn't be obvious that he was staring.

"Tennyson? Hodges, I'm impressed. I thought porn was the only thing people looked up these days on their work computers." Came the amused voice of Sara Sidle.

David spun around and saw Sara and Nick Stokes standing in his lab. Once his heart rate was back to normal, he managed to snap at the very amused woman:

"I'll have you know, that was for one of Catherine's cases." Inwardly of course he was cursing himself. Even now, years later Jamie's legs had the power to distract him from anything going on around him. How had he not heard the two of them come in? "Are you here to annoy me, or did you need something?"

"Yeah man," piped in Stokes "The goo, that doc found on our vic. Amy said it wasn't Biological so she sent it over to you."

"I still have a couple of tests to run before I can tell you what it is. But it's over there, if you think you can do my job for me." He waved over at the very crowded counter. "All I can tell you so far is that it has some pretty corrosive elements in it." Neither CSI made a move to go do his job for him, so he continued on. "And while we're on the topic of corrosive, I wanted to ask you, Nick, if you knew just how unhealthy Alejandro's Mystery Salsa is. Do you know what is in there? I once analyzed some of it…" He was then cut off by Sara.

"Alejandro's? Is that the little new place over by the mall? I saw it when I came back to work, but I haven't had a chance to try it."

"You shouldn't." David informed her. "With the amount of spices, sour cream, and cheeses they put on the food, that place is a disaster waiting to happen. I'm also not convinced that all of their vegetables are really as fresh as they claim. And wouldn't it be 

embarrassing if you had to go back to the hospital to get your stomach pumped before you even completed your first case in months?"

Nick was frowning at him. David ignored him. He had always known that the CSIs were way too sensitive. The lightest things got them upset. And someone had to tell Stokes that his favorite place was nothing short of a death trap. Really, he was doing the guy a favor.

"First of all, their food is a little spicy, but it's good and it is fresh." Nick glared at him." Second, how did you know I eat there? I don't think I ever ran into you at Alejandro's."

"And here I thought you were the investigator." David couldn't help retorting. Really how obvious was it? "You only throw away red burrito wrappings and napkins, with 'ALEJANDRO'S' printed on them, every week." He resisted the urge to slap his head and say 'duuuhhhh'

"You do?" Now Sidle was acting weird. She was grinning at Nick, and looked absurdly pleased. "Burritos you say?" this was directed at David.

He nodded in response to her question, and then vowed silently to find out what was making the CSIs act strange. Well stranger than usual. Because Sara had a huge grin on her face, and Nick was blushing.

After a few seconds Sara burst out laughing, turned around and walked out of his lab, with Nick following her closely, seemingly trying to explain something, but they were talking too quietly and too quickly for him to hear. Though he thought he heard Sara say something about 'homemade Burritos'.

David wondered if CSIs everywhere were this odd, or if he just had the bad luck of working in the places where they only hired crazy guys for field work. Then he shook his head and went back to his search on Tennyson. David Hodges had a boss to impress, after all.


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