Dear Diary,

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Dear Diary,

These voices have been haunting me for two weeks now. They remind me of starving dogs. They have such an unquenchable thirst for my pain and suffering. That is their only reason for living inside of me. They make me doubt everything I see and hear.

I fear everyone.
My friends, my family, even my own father!

But they won't break me. They won't! But if I refuse them, they'll hurt me. And the pain, I can't stand it. They know everything about me.

Maybe it's just me. Am I going crazy? Have I created these voices? But why! I don't want any of this! I don't want them! They tell me to do things; things I've never even dreamt of doing in my entire life. I'd never want any of my friends hurt!

But what if I snap? What if my mind goes blank and I start obeying their orders. What if I hurt moma? Or Pan, or Marron?

Oh Kami, Goten, I wish I could tell you all that's in my heart. I wish you could help me with what's happening. I've never feared anything as much as I fear myself right now.
I want it all to end.

~ Bura Vegeta Briefs ~


The wind whistled through the branches of the large Oak tree, blowing the dry, dead leaves into the grey November sky above. The dull, lifeless scenery suited that day. A day he would never forget. No one would.


The look on Vegeta's face was indescribable. Bulma was still in shock. She clung to mom as if she were clinging to the last shreds of her sanity.

Trunks was no better than his father. I glanced at him, standing by my side. He may have looked calm, and collected, but the heavy bags under his eyes spoke for themselves. I offered nothing but silent comfort. That was all he would accept. He was the son of Vegeta after all.

My niece, Son Pan, was close to him, offering the same silent comfort as I did. But as I watched, I noticed their fingers slowly entwine. A small smile graced my lips. It was as if they were speaking in some foreign language that only they understood.

Slowly I found my mind drifting off to another place; or more specifically, the night before it happened...

I had dreamt of her then.

The sun's golden light surrounded her as she stood at the top of the cliff, gazing out across the shimmering cerulean ocean. Funny, really. She was just a kid, but, when she looked at me all I could see was pure agony. She had looked so old and frail. Her eyes had lost that burning vitality I had always admired. She was such a wonderful combination of Vegeta's headstrong, stubbornness and Bulma's brains and beauty.

She was destined for a life of riches and glory. She would be the envy of all the girls on the planet and all the guys would come running after her, mouths open and drooling. Heck! If I were nearer her age, I would have fallen for her.

Heh, Trunks would have killed me though.

But now that I think about it, now that I remember that look in her eyes, she had grown up. Kami, she'd grown up and everyone had noticed but me.

That dream, Kami-sama that dream! The way she turned and stared at me, like a lost puppy without a hope or friend in the world. Did she want me to help her? Was that it? Is that what my dream had been asking me? Maybe she did ask, and I didn't hear her cause I was too busy to notice!

My chibi B-chanor my not so chibi B-chan

Kami, Bra! Why did you do it?! You could've asked for help! You could have asked me for help. You were always like a little sister to me, B-chan.

Why did you have to leave us? Why'd you leave me?

I took one last glance around. Everyone, apart from Trunks, Pan and Marron had left.

The famous five has been broken, I reminisced. Now we're just plain old Trunks, Pan, Goten and Marron. When Goku had left us, our families had lost contact for what could have been for good. Bra had been the one to bring us back together. She was the tie that bound us, I guess. I wonder what will happen now? Will we just fall apart? I hate the thought of losing Trunks and Marron; friends I've had forever

Pan will always be with me. We're more like brother and sister, than uncle and niece. But I have the feeling that she'll never be the same again. She's lost her best friend after all. I know she'll blame herself for Bra's death, just like I and everybody else will. But hopefully, she'll get through this with Marron. And, of course, there's always Trunks.

As I watch them slip into a comforting embrace, I wonder for a moment if this new love they now share for one another is enough to keep us together. They're both very stubborn people. If they don't admit it without Bra I suppose we'll just drift apart.

Who could ever have thought that one life could shatter so many?


The four friends stood and gazed at the grave surrounded by flowers. It didn't matter how colourful it looked. It was impossible to make the sight any less painful to look upon.

Bura Briefs

Beloved daughter, sister,

and friend to all who met her

May she rest in peace

Son Goten would never forget that day. No one would.


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