Hey everyone this is the last chapter and I would love to thanks everyone for reviewing to me

Hey everyone this is the last chapter and I would love to thanks everyone for reviewing for this story. All I have to say is I'm sad to see my Favourite story come to an end. But I do have to tell some things. I have a poll on my profile so please check that out and also italics means flashbacks. Thanks again everyone and I hope you enjoy this last Chapter!

We started practice that Tuesday out on the track. Most of the girls were either in their booty shorts, bra tank top or the longer shorts with the white shirt. With lions written on everything we wore except the bra tank top.

"These girls are actually picking this stuff up really quick." I whispered to Alice as we watched Rose show the girls a part of the routine.

"I know. It's unbelievable. Like back in Seattle we had to show the same part to the girls 5 times." Alice started laughing and I did also.

"Okay girls that was great!" Rose called out to the girls. "Let's take 5!" The girls slowly drifted off into groups to talk while Angela and Rose walked over to us.

"That was so good. How did you guys come up with those routines?"

"It's mostly Bella actually."

"Yah she is just amazing at these things."

"Thanks guys." I smiled at them and they laughed. "So Angela you're picking up everything okay right?"

"Yah the way you guys show us makes it so easy. I was on the squad last year and I had so much trouble picking everything up cause the captain didn't know how to show us the moves. When I did pick it up it was the gayest routine ever." We all started laughing and soon calmed down because we needed to start working again.

"Bella, your turn to show them the next part." I nodded and walked back to the group with Angela and called the girls back into order. As I started showing the girls the moves, I smiled to myself remembering the good times my sisters and I had being on the squad.

End of cheerleading season (Near June)

It was the night of the final game, final routine. We were to be at the school by 6 and the game was starting at 7. The guys were picking us up in their car at 5:30 and I had an hour to finish getting ready. I was resting on my bed in my sweats still from earlier this morning when we practiced once more with the squad.

"1, 2, 3, GO!" No one really won because we were laughing to hard to actually run. Once we got in the water, I started to splash Bella and Rose and the funny thing was when the water hit them they would scream their heads off.

"Alice don't you dare get my hair wet or else." Bella gave me this look that said "let's get her" and I gave her my famous mischievous smile to answer her look. Moments later we had Rose under water which soaked her hair. It was a fun idea at the time, until after Rose came up. Bella and I ran like crazy back to our towel, once we reached them we collapsed on them from laughing so hard at Rosalie's reaction. A shadow came over us, dripping wet and it was Rose with an extremely mad expression on her face.

"I'm going to kill you guys!"


"Aww Bella please don't cry, ill be back soon I promise. Nothing will keep me away from coming to see you, even if I have to walk all the way here. One way or another ill come back and visit you. We can still talk on the phone, the computer and anything else you can name."

"Marie, it's just I'm going to miss you so much. You're my best friend and I'm worried that with the distance in between us now, were going to drift away from each other."

"Bella that will never happen because I never will let it happen. I care too much to lose you just over some stupid distance problem. Nothing will come between us no matter what. Please just remember that for me. Also remember that I love you and I will always miss you."

"Marie, thank you for everything you've done to me, and don't forget that I love you and will always miss you too." We were both hugging each other now and crying our eyes out. Then I heard the last thing I ever wanted to hear. "Will passengers who are heading to Seattle please check in now." It was her time to leave me here all alone.

"Well Bella, I need to go now but just remember those things and don't ever change who you are. Goodbye." She gave me one last hug and a peck on the cheek as she walked away. I just stood there watching her walk away from me, the last part of my old life walking out on me. Marie then stopped and turned to face me. She had tears streaming down her face, which I probably had also.

"Bella, remember this is just the beginning. It's not the end but the beginning." With that said she turned around and walked out.


"Jesse would you mind putting up the glass for me, I want to get changed in the back here." The line I hated that Rose and Alice said I had to say was coming up. "See the thing is my shirt is really bugging me so I want to take it off and switch it for another. Is that okay?" I used my soft sweet, yet seductive voice the whole time and I can't believe I'm doing this, why did I let them convince me to play this trick.

"Uh… ummm… sure Bella, head back and ill put it up."

"Thanks Jesse I owe you big time." I gave him a peck on the cheek and then crawled back to my sisters.

"I can't believe I just did that, I can't believe I let you guys convince me to do that."

"Bella, you have him right where you want him. Look he put up the glass but not the right glass, how stupid does he think you are."

"I don't know but do I have to do this guys, come on please don't make me do it."

"Bella come on it will be so funny for them to realize you just have a swim suit underneath, just do it."

"Ill only do it, if you guys do it."

"Fine whatever, Rose you with me?"

"Yah lets do this on 3. One… Two… Three." On three we slowly took off our tops in a sexy way and revealed our swim suits but not before we felt the car swerve. We turned to the glass and saw that the guys were watching us; they seriously think were stupid don't they. We all started laughing, we were laughing so hard that we fell off our seats. Once we composed our self's we all crawled to the front and knocked on the window. They put the window down and looked like they just got caught in the act; well they actually did get caught. This was too good I can't believe I almost didn't do this.

"So Jesse, Chace, Cody, did you guys like what you saw?"

"Yah I hope you did because that's probably the most your going to see, us in our swim suits."

"Well next time don't put up just the glass, put up the glass the you can't see through. Were not stupid we've been in limos enough times to know which glass is which, so don't try it again, got it?"


"Jesse why are you awake, go back to sleep."

"I wanted to come see what was wrong with you." Aww how sweet.

"I'm fine Jesse, now go back to sleep, you need your rest."

"Bella can I stay and sleep here with you?"

"Sure but just sleeping right?"

"Ya nothing more I promise."

"Okay hop on in the bed then." He walked over to the bed and got under the covers. The bed was only made for one person so he had to come a little close to me. I was lying with my back towards him and he pressed himself up against me more than needed and put his arm around me.

"Is this okay with you Bella or is it to much?"

"Its fine Jesse, just go to sleep already."

"Okay night Bella."

"Night" It was silent for moments and then Jesse started laughing randomly.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Oh it's just the lace on your thong is itching my leg. Would you mind taking it off please, it's really disturbing my sleep." He laughed again and I playfully slapped his arm.

"Shut up Jesse or I'm going to kick you out of this bed."


"Bella I don't like Edward because he used every girl he sees. HE doesn't see the after math of what he did; he doesn't see all the hearts he broke. He has no respect for girls and I can't stand that. I use to be best friends with him but then he turned into what he is now. And I could never be friends with someone like that. I know that's not the real Edward, it's the one his friends know and help create. I always get sad or angry thinking about how we use to be so close, how something like this ruined our friendship. And I just don't want to lose you to him, every girlfriend I had, I lost to him. I don't want that to happen with us. Please don't let it happen." He pleaded with me and I could see the sadness evident in his eyes. How could anyone leave someone like Jesse.

"Jesse I won't leave you for him like those other girls, I'm not like that. I could never do that to someone as sweet as you; you mean so much to me. So don't worry about it." I said this while staring deeply into his eyes, when I finished I gave him a gentle kiss. He kissed back and we continued but it was a tender moment. I pulled back after a bit and sighed in contentment. I fell into a deep sleep in Jesse strong, warm arms. I felt safe for once in a long time.


So whats on your mind? Any special girl you thinking about?"

"Actually there is this one girl I really like but she acts like she doesn't like me one bit. I even changed just for her but I don't think she noticed anything different in me. And I want her to because I cant live without her. I cant act like I don't care for her or act like I don't even notice her." He said this while looking into my eyes with some intensity. I looked back the same and never once broke it.

"And what did you change for this special girl?"

"I stopped flirting with every girl I see or even give them a second look because I know this girl doesn't like a guy that. I want to gain her trust more than anything."

"And who is this girl" I already knew it was me but I wanted him to say it.

"Well this girl goes to this very school and is in this very hallway. She has long lusicious brown hair with these never ending gorgeous exotic brown eyes. Shes also the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen and I want her to be my gorgeous girl. Bella that gorgeous girl is you." I was shocked to say the least. How can Edward Cullen say something so sweet like that.

"Wow." I mumbled and finally broke our gaze. I closed ym locker and looked down to the floor.

"Edward I don't know what to say." I mumbled but I know he still heard me.

"Don't worry. You don't have to say anything just promise me you wont forget what I said today." He looked pained for a moment but hid it quickly. He sounded like I killed him.


Edward grabbed my waist and pulled me against his chest. I wound my arms around his neck and we slowly swayed with each other to the music. I looked up and found Edward looking down on me. I smiled and his smiled back. I reached up and kissed him slowly, no need to rush it. He kissed me back just the same and when I pulled back Edward bent down and kissed me on the cheek.



"Bella I think I'm in love with you." I looked up at his worried face and smiled.

"I think I'm in love with you too Edward." He broke into a smile when I said that and I laughed softly. We continued to dance with each other just staring into each others eyes and no where else. It felt like we were the only ones left on the Earth and nothing could break our gaze from each other. I felt like I was on top of the world just be there dancing with Edward.


Wait hold up! I went back to the memory of Jesse and I. "I don't want that to happen with us. Please don't let it happen." "Jesse I won't leave you for him like those other girls, I'm not like that. I could never do that to someone as sweet as you; you mean so much to me. So don't worry about it." I promised him I wouldn't leave him for Edward. But that's exactly what I did do.

I quickly grabbed my cell and called Jesse.


"Jesse its Bella. I'm so sorry. I did exactly what you didn't want me to do."

"Whoa slow down Bella. What are you talking about?"

"Remember when we were together and we were lying in my bed." I waited for a moment but I couldn't wait any longer. "I remember that you told me never to leave you for Edward. And I promised you I wasn't like that. That I could never leave you but what did I do? We broke up and I was with Edward not long after. Gawd, I'm soo sorry Jesse." Then the next he did was surprised me by laughing.

"Bella don't beat yourself up over this. I know you promised me that but it doesn't matter anymore. We broke up because of what happened between your sisters and the guys not about you falling for Edward. And when you found Edward, I found Angela. You never even broke that promise Bella. What you promised me was you would never leave me for him and you didn't. We broke up because it wasn't something we could stop and it just turns out Edward and Angela were there for us."


"There are no buts Bella." He started laughing and I felt my own smile come across my face. "Bella just get ready for the game and ill see you tonight."

"K thanks Jesse for everything. Ill see you later." I heard him laughing as he hung up the phone. I smiled to myself and laughed. I went into my closet and changed into my cheerleading uniform. I chose the long sleeve top with the bra style looking tie in the front and the plain skirt with the slit up the side. That's the uniform the team choose this morning to wear and we all planned our hair and make up. I quickly slipped it on and went into bathroom and started working on the make up and glitter. Once I was finished I put my hair into a high curly ponytail and left some pieces of hair to frame my face nicely. As soon as I finished putting the last touch up of lip gloss I saw Rose walk in.

"Bella the guys are here." I smiled at her and she smiled back to me.

"This is going to be so much fun." Rose squealed and I laughed and nodded in agreement. We went downstairs and Rose climbed into the middle seats with Emmett. Edward was driving and I smiled at him from outside the car.

"Bella get in the car already we have to get there early for the final game." Alice exclaimed from the back seat of Edward's car. I just laughed and hopped in the passenger seat, right next to Edward. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and his face broke into a smile.

"Hey Bella. You look very hot in that cheerleading shirt." He said as he drove to the school.

"I think I do too." I smiled and laughed while his grin just grew bigger.

"You guys pumped for the game?" Rose exclaimed from the middle seat and everyone started to yell with the music blasting. We were all just having fun like we should be doing.

"Bella get in the car already we have to get their early for the final game!" Marie exclaimed from the back seat of Adam's car. I laughed and hopped into the passenger seat, right beside Adam. I gave him a kiss on his cheek and a smile broke across his face.

"Hey Bella, you look especially amazing tonight." He said while driving towards the school.

"Well I think I do to." I laughed and he joined me knowing that I was joking.

"So you guys pumped for the game?!" Rose exclaimed from the very back and everyone started to yell with the music blasting.

No, it can't be the same I must be imagining it. I shook the thought from my head and looked outside. We were already at the school and we were all getting out of the car. We were walking through one of the hallways that lead to the field.

"Everyone has to stop right now." Alice yelled and we all froze there.

"What's wrong Alice?" Jasper asked her while reaching for her hand.

"Nothing Jasper, I think this is just the perfect place to take some pictures of everyone before the final game. DUH!" She grabbed some random person and asked them to take pictures for us. She agreed and we all huddled together for the picture. Edward stood behind me with his arms around my waist, resting on my bare stomach. His touch burned my skin and I smiled knowing this is what love is. She counted to three and took the picture. Alice asked her to take a few more random ones and that's what the girl did. She got another one of me kissing Edward's cheek and one of Edward kissing my cheek. Then of us both kissing and one more of us just making funny faces. We all thanked her and then she ran off to go find her friends I'm assuming.

"I gonna go get ready now but ill see you out on the field right?"

"No Edward you won't. I'm gonna go run home now." A smile cracked on my face at the last part and he started laughing. I gave him a deep quick kiss and pulled back breathless.

"This games for you, Bella. Love you." I smiled and replied with a breathless I love you. The guys quickly left then and went to the locker room while we went to the field and started our stretches, and practiced some routines. I was doing the splits as I remembered.

We all walk through the cement walkway to get to the field.

"Everyone stop right here." I yell to them and they all freeze in mid-step and the laughter stops.

"What's wrong Bella?" Adam asked while grabbing my hand. Concern written all over his face."

"Nothing Adam, I think this is just a good place to take a picture of everyone before the game." Everyone started to smile when I mentioned a picture. A boy started walking by but I stopped him and asked him to take a picture. He agreed and we all huddled together, each beside our boyfriend or girlfriend. Adam snaked his arms around my waist and I started to laugh slightly. The boy who was taking the picture started to count down and just as he took the picture, Adam kissed me on the cheek randomly and I started laughing in the picture. The boy took one more and this time me and Adam kissed on the lips. I thanked the kid and he ran off to get a seat I guess.

"Bella, I got to go get ready now but I'll see you after the game right?"

"Of course Adam, I not going to run away from you. I never will." I said staring deeply into his eyes and kissed him one last time. I leaned my forehead against his and whispered a breathy good luck. He pulled back smiling and walked with the others to the change room.

"This game's for you Bella!" He yelled to me and I laughed at his enthusiasm. We all went out to the field and started to stretch and practice our routines. The game started and ended in no time, it was all a blur pretty much. The final buzzer went telling us that we won. I ran out to the field and found Adam. He didn't see me so I ran up to him and kissed him passionately.

"Wow Bella what was that for?" He asked a little breathless.

"Well I thought you deserved it, don't you?"

"I think I deserve more than one." He said and I laughed but kissed him again. We stood in the middle of the field, kissing, with people yelling around us and those little things falling all around us. I don't even know how those got there but it gives a little more something to the kiss. I pull back and scream along with everyone else. Adam starts laughing at my enthusiasm. We walk off the field after finding the others and partied the night away.

It's so similar. That's soo weird. But I just got to change the last part.

The game passed quickly as we cheered them on and of course our team won. Soon as the last buzzer went the crowd went wild. Edward, the captain of the team, quickly ran over to me as everyone watched. He quickly picked me up and planted his lips on mine. I laughed against his lips as everyone awed and then started cheering again. We stood there kissing, ignoring everyone around us. I wrapped my legs around Edward's waist and he laughed.

"Congrats Captain." He laughed and I smiled.

"Thanks Babe." I laughed at that and quickly kissed him once more. Those shiny little things fell from above us and we just continued kissing like that.

"Stop kissing each other already and let's go party!" Emmett yelled and we broke apart laughing. I looked over to them and smiled. I jumped off Edward only to jump on his back for a piggy back ride out of here.

"Let's get partying then!" I yelled and we started walking to the car. I bent my head down to Edwards's ear and smiled.

"Love you forever Edward Cullen." I kissed his neck and he turned around to smile my favourite crooked grin.

"I love you to Isabella Swan." This time he gently but sweetly kissed me on the lips. I smiled once again for like the millionth time and looked over to the others. And I knew this was where I was meant to be. I was meant to meet Alice and Rose and be sisters with them. I was meant to move here. I was meant to be friends with Angela, Jesse, Cody, and Chace. I was meant to have Emmett and Jasper as "brothers". And most of all I was meant to have Edward as the boyfriend I will always love forever and ever.

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