Notes: I wrote a few drabbles to accompany some of the songs I used in an Alice fanmix that I posted in my LiveJournal a while ago, and finally remembered I might as well post them here, too. So here is a series of little vignettes about Alice taking place at different times of her life. When I did a series of Jacob/Bella drabbles like this somebody complained that the fic was short. Um, yeah. They're drabbles. They're supposed to be short. But anyway, I think these will be more easily comprehensible because I posted those ones sort of unchronologically but these I won't. Heh.

I. She Woke Alone

She is in a blind darkness like the inside of a womb, not completely black, with the warmth of some light source around the edges. She doesn't know if she is alive. She doesn't know where she is. But the universe is unraveling before her behind her closed eyelids and if she opens them it may go away, and then she might be completely lost in the dark. She doesn't know.

There are faces. Cities. A kaleidoscope of spinning colors and lives, there and then gone in flashes of light. Anguished crying. The rumbling blue electricity of building storms. Honking car horns, sounds she has never heard before but somehow can identify. The blood flowing in a million people's veins as loud to her as great, running bodies of water. Laughter. The inevitable, grinding, constant ticking of clocks. And...

- there. Them. She knows those faces, somehow. These people are the same as her. They will soon see her, too. She already knows more about them than they do about themselves.

She opens her eyes, and sees sky. Trees. She can hear birds.

But who is she?