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Chapter 1:

"Ahhhh!" Haruhi screamed as she was spun around the huge roller coaster. She clung onto Kyoya's arm for dear life throughout the whole ride. Haruhi stepped off and walked to the exit with Kyoya arm in arm. Haruhi eyed a nearby ice cream cart and walked over to it and bought two ice cream cones for her and Kyoya.
"Didn't i tell you i don't like sweets?" Kyoya asked.
"Well, just eat it, it'll go to waste."
"Fine," Kyoya sighed as he saw his girlfriend of 2 years eat her ice cream.
"That was soo much fun," Haruhi said.
"Well, i'm glad you had fun."
The couple walked out of tje amusement park and headed for the limosuine. It had been a loong day. The pair was hanging out for their 2 year anniversary. The Host Club wasn't fond of the two going out, but they soon got used to it. But if Kyoya messed up, they'd beat the crap out of him.

The limosine was filled with conversation.
"What are you doing tomorrow?" Haruhi asked.
"Nothing," Kyoya replied.
"Wanna hang out tomorrow?"

Soon, the conversation ended and Haruhi fell asleep.

Kyoya looked at his girlfriend peacefully sleeping and he smiled. The moment was interrupted by Kyoya's cell phone ringing.

"Hey babe, what's up?"a mysterious voice asked.
"Didn't I tell you i was in a very important meeting today?"
"Yes, but I was wondering, We're still hanging out tomorrow right?"
"Yeah. Listen, Sakura, I have to go now."
"Okay, Love ya,"
"You too."

'Oh My God!" Kyoya thought. He had just arranged for a date with both girls on the same day. He was even more shocked when Haruhi woke up.

"Hey," kyoya said trying to stay calm.
They reached to house and Kyoya held the limo door open for Haru to get out.
"Thank you," Haru said.
"No problem."
Kyo walked Haru up to her apartment door and took something out of his pocket. It was a diamond necklace. It was simple yet amazing.
Haruhi gasped at the sight.
"Here," Kyoya put the necklace on Haruhi. Haruhi went to get her gift and she gave Kyoya a clipboard with his name engraved in the back.
"Thanks." Kyoya looked at the gift strangely even though he expected something like this from her.
He still liked the gift though.
Kyoya gave Haruhi a kiss goodnight and went back to the limosine and was thinking of a plan on how to ditch Haruhi tomorrow and hang out with Sakura tomorrow.

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