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T.K Kari and Davis are at the ages of 17, as they grow up so did there personality's and looks like for instance Davis is still acts at some points like the goofy teenager he was 5 years ago but has grown In height and has matured and knows more about life thanks to his friends, while T.K has still got his hat but his hair is much neater than it was but his personality hadn't changed a bit he was still that caring guy that the whole group enjoyed being around, now as for Kari she had matured a whole lot more than the boys, her hair is now longer and is coming past her shoulders while she still carry's her camera around her neck.

Ever since the defeat of MaloMyotusmon the digital-world has become a much safer place but with no more evil digimon to face the digidestineds used the place to just kick back with there partners and enjoy themselves but with the older generation all now adults the soon to be adults had more time to themselves, and speaking of the old digidestineds, Tai had become a famous football player in Japan and is one of the most wanted men in football, Matt on the offer hand had disbanded the teenaged wolves and decided to head out as a single artist, as he is now preparing on his first album he now live in America and visits Japan when he gets the chances.

As they are now in there last year of high school Davis is still looking out to become just like Tai and hopefully become as big as him, T.K decided to go after his dreams of becoming a basket ball player thou not very tall he is the captain of his team. Kari wants to get into photography as she has been tacking pictures with her camera since the age of 12 she is on the schools news paper team and takes pictures at school events.

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