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Chapter 5: Friends Forever

Kari awoke with sweat dripping down her forehead this was the third time she had been woken up by one of her dreams that night but she wouldn't call them dreams more like nightmares. She looked to her left were her clock was sitting on her bedside table it read "3:32 am" she couldn't be leave that it was so late, she then looked around the room and realized that she was still in America and that everything she dreamed about happened she was just reliving it over and over again. She arouse from her bed and headed over to the windowsill and pooped her head threw one of the curtains and gazed up at all the bright lights in the sky, she smiled when ever she woke up in the middle of the night she would always do this but that hadn't happened since the night T.K left for America, all she could think about back then was; what If he doesn't come back? And thats when she started to spend more and more time with Davis and realized that he was a handsome and very charming lad, but all she could think about tonight was what happened under 10 hours ago with her, T.K and Davis, she didn't know what to do or who to run too for help and she couldn't even ring Tai and tell him what happened because of the time difference between Japan and America, she felt like screaming for a SOS for the hope that someone might come along and help her, she headed back over to her bed and decided she might as well try and get some sleep she knelled down and pulled the covers back and at the same time and relaxed her back on the soft canvas of her bed, she pulled the covers over her and leaned to the side, as a tear started to stream down her right cheek she slowly drifted of in too a deep sleep.

Davis walked down the corridor and walked up to Kari's room and knocked "Kari its breakfast time" it was 7:30am and Davis had been up half an hour and that's what time the hottle manager said that when the breakfast would be served. Davis didn't get an answer the first time so he called threw the doer "Your loss" and headed down to were he would fill his stomach up well at least enough until lunch. He walked down the stairs to only come face to face with Kari who was now brining up a plate of a delicious cooked breakfast "Hey I was now bringing this up for you and me" Kari answered and smiled.

"Oh alright then" Davis was clearly surprised about how cheerful she was especially after last night "Ill be up in a minute just going to grab a drink" Davis walked past her and over to were they were serving the food and drinks as Kari headed up the stairs she let out a sigh of relief. Davis grabbed a can of Mountain Dew it was a recommendation from Matt when they arrived. He looked towards the staircase and went up the stairs and headed to Kari's room, he opened the doer to see Kari with a big smile on her face eating her fully cooked breakfast and opposite her there was a plate for Davis "So you gonna just stand there all day or are you going to come and join me?" Kari looked over towards Davis and offering his plate to him."Uh yeah, of coerce" Davis sat in front of Kari can in hand and all he could think about was "Why is she acting this way?".

A few blocks away the mood was not as good as the mood Kari was in, in fact it was the exact opposite. Inside Matt's house he was standing in front of T.K who was siting on the couch with his head buried in his hands "What the hell do you think you were doing?" T.K didn't answer "So its going to be like this then?" T.K shrugged his shoulders "Fine then" Matt was about to walk off but he noticed his brother was not happy at all so he sat next to him and put his arm around him "Come on mate cheer up" Matt shook him but all T.K did was remove his head from his hands and lent agents Matt with tears falling down his cheeks and a big mark on his chin that was all different shades of red and blue. He muttered out "This is why I came here so something like this wouldn't happen" Matt help his brother up agents him and whispered "I think you should apologize to Davis and Kari and tell them everything, don't you?" T.K looked up at Matt and nodded but then said "Can you right them so that we can talk here?" he asked and Matt stood up and said "Yes" and headed in to the back room were the phone was.

A few minutes latter Matt walked back in while saying "Yeah there on their way" but T.K was know were to be seen "Oh not again" he walked over to the coat rack and noticed that T.K's shoes and coat were gone so Matt graded his Shoes and coat and headed out the front doer saying to himself while looking up in the sky "So what's next eh?". Matt headed over to the hotel were Davis and Kari were staying Cody had to go home that morning because he had an exam to do. He walked up to the hotel desk and asked "Witch room is Davis Motoniya staying in?" "Flour 3, room 13" replayed the person who was sitting behind the desk, "Thank you." Matt ran towards the stairs and ran up then to the third flour and ran towards room 13 "Davis its Matt" Matt began to knock on the doer loudly, Davis opened the doer "Hey Matt wears the fire? We were just about to leave" He asked with a grin on his face. "It's T.K after I hanged up I went back and he was no were to be seen" Matt paused "We need to go find him" Matt started to run towards the stairs "Come on hurry up" he called back "Coming" Davis grabbed his coat "Ill be back in a minute Kari" He called to her as he chased after Matt "Um ok" was all that came out of Kari's mouth.

Davis and Matt both split up looking for him but they had no idea were he could of gone T.K doesn't know many places and Davis well this was his first time here so he had no idea were he was going, he only knew a few streets between Matt's house and the hotel he and Kari were staying at so he was just looking randomly. Matt on the offer hand knew all the places and most of the hiding spots and short cuts but he didn't know what ones T.K knew so he was also just guessing were he might be. After 2 and a half hours of searching Matt decided to call Davis.

"You found him yet?" were the first words Matt heard "No, this isn't looking good" he replied "I know I just checked in with Kari and T.K hasn't been there yet" "I think we should head home and wait" "yeah I guess your right" Davis paused "Ill see you in a few minutes, k?" "Yeah see you there" they both hanged up Matt was looking threw alleyways near the house were T.K might of been but he wasn't so he made the short walk back home. Davis was looking along the cliff side and down on the beach but same as Matt no luck, so he started to walk down along the beach and make his way to Matt's house. While walking along the beach he saw a figure sitting on a lump of concrete that was sticking out of the sand, it was T.K, Davis walked over to him and sat right next to him not saying a word, T.K looked to his side and noticed Davis was siting there not talking so he looked forward again and out into the miles of ocean that was sitting in front of them. After a few minutes of silence Davis spoke up "So we gonna head home in a bit its starting to get cold" he said it like nothing had happened this brought happiness and confusion to T.K why was he being so nice and why wasn't he mad at him and acting like last night didn't happen but Davis was right, it was getting cold "Davis?" muttered T.K as he turned his head "Yeah?" Davis also turned his head "How come your being so nice? Especially after what happened last night" T.K asked as he looked out into the distance, "Were friends Teeks more than just that were friends for life" Davis looked out into the distance as T.K let out a sigh "and plus were not going to let a girl get in the way of our friendship are we?" Davis asked "I guess not" whispered T.K "Plus who knows whats going to happen in the future, I mean anything could happen but the one thing you and me must agree on" Davis turned his head towards T.K and so did T.K "Whats that?" asked T.K " We must promise if one of us dies we will always reamer them and look after Kari know matter what happens, ok?" Davis looked into the sky with a smile on his face. "Yeah I agree I mean anything can happen" T.K held out his hand but Davis brushed his hand away and hugged his best friend "I'm sorry Davis" T.K said as he braced Davis with his arms "I know mate, now come on lets head back" Davis stood up as did T.K "T.K do you know what everyone is afraid of in his or her life?" Davis asked as he a T.K started to walk "No whats that?" T.K was confused "Were afraid of what we cant see and what we cant see is the future, don't forget our promise keep it with you for the rest of you're life ok? Davis smiled "Of coerce" T.K answered as he also smile as he and Davis headed back home everything was looking good but something that was about to happen will change the rest of their lives for ever.

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