(Prologue- It's been a week since Nange joined the Maximals and Alcione was created to serve the Vehicons. Nange feels a special unexplainable bond with her colleagues. While Alcione feels a deep unexplained despise of the Vehicons )

"Ok lets see here." Said Rattrap "What kind a spells you can do." Rattrap was using his tail interface on Nange so the Maximals could find out what other spells Nange could do. "Nange has the 'Binding Winds', 'Flame Sniper', 'Healing Water', 'Sword Summon', 'Earthen Consealment', 'Winds', 'Blizzard', 'Deep Submerge' 'Blue Waterspout, 'Stormy Blitz' 'Ice Dragon'…and…'Spirit Summons' spells." He told them. "Is 'Spirit Summons' like Alcione's 'Monster Summons'?" He asked Nange.

"Yea, only more powerful and they are the spirits of the elements; being air, water, fire, and earth" She told them "But, it takes a great deal of energy to do so I only use that spell for a dire emergency."

"What's 'Swords Summon'?" Cheetor asked

"It's when I call upon my sword and pull it out of my glove jewel ,I love that one" She told him.

"Winds, hmm what's that one" Nightscream asked.

"It's if you have flight abilities it'll increase your speed, and aerial maneuvers for a short time"

"Do you think you can teach us some spells?" Blackarachnia asked.

"I don't think Nange can do that Blackarachnia, she's a beginner not an expert" Optimus said.

"Hey, I can teach one spell to each of you, but I don't know which one I'll teach you, my kind of magic chooses it's user, by courage, compassion, strength and purity of spark. If you have all those components you will be able to learn 'Light Spiral' the ultimate attack. But the only ones who can use it have to don one of the 4 elemental sprits, and they have to know 'Spirit Summon' to don the spirit, like I do." Nange explained.

"So, you can teach us a spell?" Blackarachnia asked

"Yes but just one a day cause it usually takes a long time." Nange replied. "And I need to be in robot mode, plus the person I'm teaching it to; which I think requires Optimus' permission"

"Optimus, can Nange teach me a spell?" Rattrap asked " I don't have any weapons the only things I have are my tail interface and the seed bombs."

"Nange how long will it take?" Optimus asked.

"Well it depends on the spell, and I need to focus my thoughts." Nange explained, "I suppose about 6 minutes max."

"Rattrap, Nange can teach you a spell but try to keep it as brief as possible you two." Said Optimus

"Alright! Woo-hoo! I……Am….Transformed." said Rattrap. Rattrap transformed into his robot mode Nange followed in suit. Nange then touched Rattrap's forehead with her two middle fingers gently.

"Ok Rattrap focus on your positive attributes, the ones I told you, and they better be truthful or it won't work." Nange said.


Nange's two fingers started to glow with a red aura and then disappeared into Rattrap's body, and it started to glow in that same red aura for a moment then was gone. Nange took her fingers off Rattrap's forehead

"There. I think you got the 'Stormy Blitz' spell Rattrap" Nange said after they both went into beast mode.

Rattrap thanked Nange "Sweet! Thanks Nange."

"Aw it was nothing," Nange said "but Rattrap you can only use the spell in robot mode and the first few times you use it you might feel kinda sleepy afterwards, or you'll have no symptoms at all."

"Well we better get back to work." Cheetor said

"Yea, That'd be a good idea." Nightscream agreed.


"Alcione, I would like to know where you learned your spell." Megatron demanded

"I cannot recall Megatron where I got, it all I know is that I got it on a planet where magic was common." Alcione replied.

"Diagnostic Drone, see if you can retrieve Alcione's spells if she has any more." Megatron commanded his Drone.

"Right away eminence." He said

With that Alcione was escorted off with Diagnostic Drone to what looked like a restoration chamber. After a few cycles, all of Alcione's spells was placed on a computer. "Hmmm…. 'Monster summons', 'vine blade' , 'Lightning Blitz', 'Flower Attack', and 'Weapon Summon'; very good. Those Maximals won't stand a chance against us now." Jetstorm said.

"Don't underestimate the new Maximal, Nange has magic capabilities also." Alcione said.

"Do you think you can teach Jetstorm and Thrust some spells?" Megatron inquired

"Yes I think I can, but what about Tankorr? Do you want him also to have a spell?" Alcione asked.

"Tankorr couldn't possibly comprehend the ability, or the knowledge, to have any spell."

"Very well Megatron, I shall do what you say." Alcione said.

Jetstorm mumbled something about Alcione being a suck up under his breath.


"Man, this war has risen to a whole new level." Nightscream said.

"Yup, I mean now we have magic users on both sides. But who has the strongest spells is what I'm wondering." Rattrap said.
"Hate to break it to you guys, but Alcione does. You've seen what she can do I'm nowhere near as skilled as she is" Nange said with a sigh.

"Oh boy, we're all gonna die." Rattrap said

"Shut up Rattrap." Nange said angrily "Just because she's more skilled than I am doesn't mean that she's smarter than I am."

"You have a point there, Nange" Cheetor said.

Nange gave Cheetor a smile. "That spell that Alcione used when we first colided, 'Monster Summons' she can summon any monster from any world" Nange explained. "But I have I think like two or three more spells than her, my spells are like mostly non-battle spells."

"What decides the power of the spell?" Optimus asked.

"The strength of spark and the power of will. Those 2 decide the success or failure of magic." Explained Nange "Like wanting to help you guys when we first met, it gave me such strength knowing I had to save you guys from the clutches of Alcione."

"Dang so that's why that 2 headed beast disappeared when you shot it" Nightscream said.

"Lets call it a night you guys we need a break from setting up this base" Cheetor said.

"Good idea Cheetor" Optimus said.

"You'll get no argument from me." Said Rattrap

Nange, Nightscream and Blackarachnia shook their heads in agreement .


Nange awoke from her sleep and as quietly as possible exited the base. Cheetor followed her from a distance. 'Nange has been sneaking out at night lately and I'm gonna find out what she's up to' Cheetor though to himself. Nange went topside into the heart of Cybertropolis. Nange then went to a place similar to a laboratory, here was the thing it didn't look like a standard Maximal, Predicon, or Vehicon lab, "By the Matrix it's an Autobot laboratory!" Cheetor said outloud. Nange quickly turned around and saw her feline companion.

"What are you doing here Cheetor?" Nange asked him surprised.

"I was about to ask you the same question" Cheetor replied slyly.

"Well I'm working on a signature damping device here so that we can remain in robot mode if we wish in the base, and I take it you were spying on me." Nange said.

"Yea, I was worried that you might be getting into some unwanted trouble" Cheetor said. "Do you need any help making the devise Nange?" he asked

"It'd be nice, You can transform into robot mode you know ,this whole place is protected against detection, that's why I chose here for a work place."

The two transformed into robot mode. Nange took a key off of a dust covered table, and went to one of the file cabinets and unlocked it. She opened the cabinet and took out a small pear shaped device which was flat on the bottom ,and had wires sticking out of it. Then she placed it on the table and took out some tools from the little drawer that was under the table, and set off to work welding and melding, undoing and redoing. Occasionally she'd ask Cheetor to get her something or hold something in place. Other than that he was bored out of his mind.

"Cheetor can you please get me a piece of sheet metal from the big roll in the right corner?" Nange asked.

"Sure." Cheetor went to the place where the roll was and with one of his swords cut a piece off. He grabbed it but by the sharp edge and cut himself

Nange saw this, dropped her work and went to his side(more like rushed to his aid) to see to the cut. "Lemme see it Cheetor." Nange said Cheetor showed her his cut and Nange mumbled a few words and two of her fingers turned into suspended water she ran the fingers along the cut and then it was like the cut never existed. Her fingers returned to a solid state and she said "Next time use these." Nange smiled and handed Cheetor a pair of prongs which were pretty wide on the mouth part. "Thanks Nange, how'd you do that?" Cheetor asked.

"Well" Nange said as she was continuing her work. "I have healing powers too, if you remember, I used my healing water magic."

"Do you think you can teach me a spell Nange?" Cheetor asked.

"Yup just sit down right there." Nange said. "Now close your eyes and focus on the atributes that I told you earlier" Nange then put her pointer finger up near her chest and her finger glowed in a white aura she then pressed the finger to Cheetor's forehead and the light got absorbed into his body. "WOW! Cool Cheetor I know you got the 'Fire sniper' spell." Nange said happily
"COOL!" Cheetor exclaimed

Nange continued her work until a shock hit her hands "Ouch!" She yelped. "Nange you ok? Let me see it." Cheetor said. Cheetor examined her hands he touched Nange's palm and she flinched in pain. Her hands hurt to the touch. "Dang, I won't be able to finnish the damper for awhile, unless…" Said Nange. She then looked at Cheetor "Unless you can finnish it for me, of course I'll guide you through it."

"ME?! No way I'll make the whole place blow up, even with your help." Cheetor said surprised.

"Cheetor I know you can do it, you're one of the most reliable, and cautious bots I know." Nange said asureing her friend.

"Really?" He asked.


"Ok tell me what I need to do." Cheetor worked on the device with Nange's help of corse. It only took half the time if Nange had done it herself

"Ok I connect these two blue and purple wires together and……there! Finnished." Cheetor said triumphantly.

"Lets see if it works. Turn it on!" Nange said. She went over to a big switch in the lab and turned it to the OFF position."Now we have to wait." Nange explained. They waited a good half hour. Nange then wrapped her arms around Cheetor and exclaimed "You did it!"

Cheetor was taken aback by the huge response by Nange, but was not about to pull away. Nange reconized what she was doing and quickly let go. "Um… I don't want to forse myself on you, I've gone too far please forgive me"

Cheetor gave out a chuckle and said "It's Ok,you kinda seemed sneaky at first but your pretty darn cute." ' smart' he thought

"Excuse me?, Did you say I was cute?" Nange asked surprised.

"Uh, um did I say what I wanted to say in my head out loud? And did I say in my mind what I really wanted to say?" Cheetor asked himself.

"I think you did, but thanks anyway." Nange said.

"Your welcome, we better get back to base so they won't send out a search party for us."

"Yea." Nange said "Oh, and Cheetor…" She said while shen was packing the dampiner to a little bag.(her hands had healed)


"You're cute too." Nange then smiled.

"I'm what?" Cheetor asked surprised.

"You heard me I think you're C-U-T-E cute got it?" Nange said with a smile.

"Oh ok….WHAT?!"

Nange flew off at top speed giggling."Catch me if you can!" Nange knew it was childish, but she felt like a little school girl. Cheetor just stood there for a minute thinking, then realized that Nange was about to beat him back to the base.

Cheetor started to run top speed and caught up to Nange in about a few seconds. He then caught her and pinned her against the wall of a building,gently, "I caught you Nange!" he said playfully.

"You sure did!" she replied. "Now we really need to get back to base."

"Yea guess so" Cheetor then let go of Nange. Nange gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and started to fly off again top speed. Cheetor took a moment to think about what had just happened and rubbed his cheek where she had kissed him, then he went off to the base.


"Now that Thrust and Jetstorm have magic, their drones have that same power as well." Alcione reported.

"Very good,Alcione." Megatron said.

"Alright! Now those Maximals won't stand a chance against us." Jetstorm said happily.

"Not exactily,Jets'" Alcione said. "Nange can also teach spells to the Maximals, but she is the weaker spell user of us,so she can only teach one spell per day."

"Will this work to our advantage?" Thrust asked

"Of course, Thrust."she replied


'Why did I do that? Why'd I kiss him?' Nange pondered. 'It was just a little peck on the cheek, will he blow it out of porportion? But it felt right,why?' Nange and Cheetor were both walking back to base,they still had a few megacycles before anyone could notice they were gone.

"Nange why wouldn't you heal yourself when you were hurt" Cheetor asked.

"I can't It always backfires on me I end up being worse off than before" Nange replied solomly


Just then Nange saw something up in the rafters and chased after it. "Nange whats up?" Cheetor asked

"I saw something! Just hold on!" she replied. Nange followed the object and caught it before it got away.

"Lemme go!" it said. Nange saw that this creature was a grey mouse, but somehow it was reformatted to a techno-organic being.

"How can you be techno organic?" Nange asked the mouse.

"Simple I found the Oricle and got reformatted, by the way the name's Mousee, Whats yours?"

"Mine's Nightangel…….hold on Mousee? the same one who was friends with Bubbles?"

"Yea how'd you know?"

"It's me, Bubbles!"

"By the Code! How'd you survive?"

"The same way you did got a beast mode and got reformatted. You gotta meet my friends. They will be thrilled!" Nange said.

"Follow me."

Nange and Mousee went to Cheetor's location.

"Who's this Nange?" Cheetor asked curiosly.

"Cheetor meet my friend Mousee." Nange said introducing the 2.

"B.is he your boyfriend?" Mousee asked intriged.

"Him? No I wish though. And it's Nange now." Nange replied.

Cheetor looked at her surprized at her comment, "You wish that I was your boyfriend Nange?"

Nange blushed a deep red(well If she could that's what she'd do)"Yeah."

"OOOHHH, little Nange has a crush!" Mousee said playfully "My chibi sis is growing up!"

"Shut up Mousee at least I don't crush on every guy I see, like somepeople I know." Nange said and pushed Mousee playfully.

"Nange we need to take Mousee back to base so that she can meet the other Maximals" Cheetor said. "and we need to talk about some things too"

"Ok Cheetor, follow me Mousee." With that the 3 maximals went back to the base.

Back at the Base

"Mousee is it? Well we can always use another Maximal" Rattrap said

"Yup and a magic user at that!" Nange said

"She's a magic user too?" Blackarachnia asked.

"And she's a rodent like R.T." Nightscream said to Nange

"I sure am, me 'n Nange learned spells from the same person." Mousee said. She explained some things about her magic and herself.


"The dampiner does it work?" Optimus asked.

"Yup me and Nange tested it after we finnished it." Cheetor replied. He looked at Nange with admiring eyes for a few moments.

"Cheetor you like her don't you?" Nightscream asked his feline companion.

"Yea, I feel like I know her from somewhere but I don't know why."

"Maybe you should ask her what her name was before she changed it to Nightangel and you can tell her your's if you had one." Nightscream suggested.

"Nightscream I have a question." Cheetor said.


"How come you're not swooning over Nange, she's probally closer to your age anyway."

"No she isn't she's older than I am, she's about your age Cheetor, I asked." He replied sadly. "Besides you two make a good couple, I know how you two look at each other."

"Nange?" Cheetor called to her.

Nange excused herself from the conversation,besides Mousee and Rattrap were hitting off really well.

"Yes Cheetor?" Nange said nervosly

"We need to talk, but not here lets go back to the lab. I already spoke with Optimus about it he said it's ok as long as we don't try anything particular and we watch out for Vehicons." He replied.

"Ok, lets go." Nange said.

Nange and Cheetor reached the lab. They both transformed into robot mode so that they'd feel more comfortable. It didn't help, they were more nervous than ever. Cheetor began to talk "Nange both of our actions of the past week have arisen some questions from our comrades, and I think in ourselves. Am I correct?"

"Yes you hit the nail on the head." She replied with a quivering voice.

"So I think we get to know each other better, like telling our Cybertronian names and where we came from and stuff like that."
"I think tha'd be great" Nange said she lifted herself up on a desk and sat down on the top with the legs crossed and looked Cheetor straight in the eyes. ' he has the cutest eyes' Nange thought to herself. "Ok you can start." She said. Cheetor started pacing back and forth he was very nervous. "Cheetor you know you can sit down,If you don't stop pacing you're gonna make me more nervous." Nange said, "Here, you can sit here." Nange got up and offered her spot to Cheetor.

"Thanks." Cheetor said and sat down. Nange sat right next to him putting her back to his right shoulder. "Now tell me all about yourself."

Nange said. "Ok well my Cybertronian name was Star Chaser and when I left with Optimus I was about 14, I left my girlfriend Bubbles behind to search the universe.I never should have left without her she was the best, we both cared for each other deeply……"

The scene was occoring in both of their minds like it happened yesterday Star Chaser was boarding the ship and said to Bubbles "I'll never forget you,Bubbles You'll always be in my mind." "And mine also with thoughts of you" Bubbles replied. "Wherever you are or what you do I'll always love you forever and always." They both said at the same time then the kissed one last time, hugged and held hands untill Star Chaser let go and headed into the Axalon.

"I'll always love you forever and always" Nange repeated sadly. Cheetor got a look of confusion on his face. Then Cheetor turned and looked at Nange lovingly, Nange returned his look with a look of her own. Cheetor then put a hand up to Nange's cheek and kissed her on top of her forehead, Nange placed her hands over his and sighed gently "I guess this is how you say 'I missed you' Cheetor…." Nange let a tear run down her cheek. Cheetor brushed it aside.

Nange wrapped her arms around Cheetor's neck, Cheetor placed his arms around her waist and wispered in her ear, "I love you Nange."

Nange wispered back, "And I you, forever and always Cheetor." Nange released Cheetor, Nange looked at him and said "Now this is going to be strange, a cat and a bird in love."

"My friends were in love and they were a cat and a bird." Cheetor commented remembering Tigatron and Airazor.

"Bubbles, I've missed you so much." Cheetor said.

"I've missed you as well Chaser." Nange replied.

Cheetor then pulled Nange close to him, tilted her head upward so that their eyes met and kissed her.

Just then an explosion broke them from their kiss. "Well if it isn't the two lovebirds." Alcione said. "If you guys would have gotten any sappier I would'a hurl."

"You always find the best things to say." Jetstorm said sarcastically.

"I know I do, that's why I'm the commander of this mission." Alcione replied.

"Well lets do this Alcione, Megatron wants their sparks." Jetstorm said.

"Well your not gonna get them!" Nange said. "ksudA Sword Summon!" Then out of her glove jewel came a rapier a very simple looking one, but with deadly potential.

"Well fine Ice Blade!" With that Jetstorm charged at Cheetor and Alcione charged at Nange. Nange was dodging Alcione pretty well with her rapier in hand. "Time to end this little game, Lightning Blitz!" Nange was shocked by Alcione's attack she was dazed but not out.

"I've had enough of you! Monster Summons!" Then a monster with electric atributes apeared and shocked Nange with a massive forse. "Jets' we can leave. this monster can handle them!" Alcione said with that they left. Nange was knocked out cold from the shock the monster gave her. Cheetor engaged with a massive forse and split the monster in half with his swords,then the monster dissapeared.

Cheetor rushed to Nange's side, lifted her up and shook her "Nange,wake up. Please." Cheetor said as she was tring to revive her, his voice was trembling with fear. Nange twitched and opened her eyes and saw Cheetor before her holding her.

"Thanks Cheetor" Nange said weakly. Cheetor looked at Nange she was smiling despite her pain.

"You're welcome Nange." He replied lovingly. Nange leaned forward and kissed Cheetor very passionatly. When they broke from their kiss Cheetor had a dazed look on his face like he was in a trance,"Cybertron to Cheetor, come in Cheetor," Nange said while waving a hand in front of his face.


"You were in a trance type of state." Nange replied.

"I guess you just took me by surprise with that kiss."

"Sorry. We should head back to base now that we've discussed and found out." Nange said.

"Ok." Cheetor said.

The couple left the lab to go back to base.


"Mousee?" Nange asked her friend.

"He's cute, smart, funny, *sigh* He's perfect." Mousee said in a dreamy state.

"Who?" Nange asked anxiosly.

Mousee giggled "I think you know who."

"No way,uh uh, you can't possibly….."

"Yuh huh."

"OH Boy…."