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"In preparation for an exam, it is suggested to take things calmly, you never know what to expect from the teachers. In the waiting of it, it's ok to be nervous, but drinking something will always help. If you are superstitious, taking your lucky charm with you always help, but don't get to trusty with it."

"What is this?" she asked him, holding a book which seemed to read "Preparing for the exams for dummies". The girl seemed really angry, and she is not one to get angry.

"Eto… Etone… You know…"he started, his voice trembled. 'God, I never expected she would react like this…' he though, really nervous.

"Na-chan, don't get him wrong," another guy said, "He didn't know what to get you."

"Ke-kun, I get it, but he could've bought me a better book, or even a manga," she replied quickly, softening her voice.

"Ke-kun?? Na-chan?? What's going on here?" the other guy asked out loud, but to himself.

"To-kun, I can explain…"she said softly, while blushing a bit.

"We are a couple," Ke-kun said, without stuttering.

"Hinata-hime, how can this be?" the other guy shouted.

"Eto… Eto… Etone… Well, he asked me out yesterday," she said, blushing, while walking towards him, "Gomene, Naruto-kun."

His worlds seemed to fall apart. "What is going on? It's like a nightmare, right?" he thought, "Hinata-hime…. And Sasuke-teme??"


She woke up, feeling dizzy. "Oui!!" she said, in pain, as she walked down the hall, not knowing where she was going. She entered the kitchen and got a glass of water, even though she wasn't thirsty. She looked at the water, and saw her reflection. She had short hair, so short that it may even be a guy's cut. She had huge brown eyes and a very pretty silky skin. She wasn't that tall, she was about 1.50m… Maybe, but just maybe, that was tall enough for her.

"Hyuuga residence, Haruhi speaking," she answered the phone.

"Um, is Hyuuga Hinata there?" a male voice asked, stuttering a bit. This made Haruhi laugh, she was used to the hime stuttering, but never thought someone else would.

"May I ask who is this?" she replied, in a very sweet tone, while looking for Hinata in her room. She seemed to be fast asleep, she looked like angel… Or at least for Haruhi.

"Tell her it is Naruto," he answered, in a firm voice, getting over his stuttering, but still nervous.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, I'm sorry, but she is fast asleep, I'll tell her that you called," she said, before hanging up. She laid down, in a bed near Hinata-hime. She smiled weakly as she brushed her short hair slightly.

"Who was it, nii-chan?" the little Hyuuga asked.

"No-one, hime-chan," she said, lying to her, but as a petition from her master. Hinata rubbed her eyes a bit, stretched and sat down, looking really sleepy. This made Haruhi jealous of her, she was awake about 2 hours ago, but it didn't seem that time passed, since the house was still quiet. Haruhi smiled, "had a good sleep, hime-chan?"

"Actually no, I had a really weird dream. I was in another country and with me there was a bunch of weird people, that, not only ignored who I am, but ignored the ninja world, and thought it wasn't even true," she said, and then giggled softly.

"I had a weird dream too, but mine wasn't that weird. It was about you, and my master. You two were going out and broke so many hearts" she said and then continued in her mind "Even Naruto's." She grinned in an evil way, but that grin was only seen by Hinata, who giggled.

"That's one weird dream you had, Haruhi-kun," she said, smiling. "You know that I am only yours."

Haruhi smiled, she knew that Hinata thought that she was a guy, and knew that she liked to think that she was her fiancé, but it wasn't that way. "I wish master would hurry up, I hate pretending to be a guy… And it's just because I'm not developed enough that I look like one."

"What are we doing today, Haruhi?? Is Ootori-san and Suou-san coming back??" she asked in an interested voice.

"I'm sorry, Hinata-chan, but it's a month too early for them to come back," she answered, in a sad voice. She missed them, but nothing could be done. When they decide to go on a business trip, nothing could stop them. But this time, they are taking longer than usual. "I bet they miss you, hime-chan."

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