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Summary: One Spring Day, Fang goes into heat, Max's at the store, and everybody's gone, what's a guy to do?

Warnings: Okay, all children 12 and younger leave!!! Not for your eyes. Rated M

Chapter 1

Fang's POV

I sunk into my bed with a contented sigh. Everybody was gone. EVERYBODY'S GONE!!! I let a grin slide across my face; this was the best day of my life. I stretched, my feet going off the bed. I felt my lean, hard muscles stretching; my whole body was really tense. I cracked my neck, and felt the warm feeling slide across my legs, my legs? MY LEGS!!! Something warm was spreading across my legs! I peaked down into my boxers, and felt a warm heat spread across my face.

I was getting a boner.

I stood there for a while, not knowing what to do. I mean, I had gotten hard plenty of times.

But this was different.

The warm feeling was spreading all along my thighs; it was all the way down to my feet. (The heat, not his thighs) I could feel it covering my chest, spreading everywhere. It enveloped my back and then continued to my head. Going into my scalp and across my face.

Soon, I was hot and tingly all over.

I leaned back onto my bed, and lay back down.

I could feel myself throbbing; the whole room pulsed before me. And…

I didn't have a clue what to do.

My hand was lying on my chest. It itched.

I slid it across my abs, past my bellybutton, and to the top of my shorts.

I tentivaly slid my boxers off my hips, looking at my penis.

It was longer. And it was throbbing. I touched the tip of it.

It felt good. I drew in a slow, shaky breath, and blew it out of my nose.

Still on my back, I felt to where my balls were, and started massaging myself.

A tiny moan escaped my lips, it felt sooo good. I pressed harder and more meaningfully.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming with delight.

Next was my penis.

I made my hands into an o shape and put it around the base of my penis. I slid upward. Really slowly. I went down a little faster, I did that a couple of times until I was jacking off.

White stuff was shouting out, I squeezed my penis, more white stuff.

I was about at my climax when…….