My Little Rage Time

My Little Rage Time

Ok, now this really pisses me off, and it's not you guys.

One day my Internet didn't work and I was freaking out because my mom is always complaining that I'll clog up her internet.

Well SHE took out the Internet cord.

So I finally figured out that you had to put some cord somewhere because I thought it had fallen out.

Then today she HIDES it but I found it.

Don't you hate it when parents think you're totally incapable?

She deleted my account with all of my stories.

And she's saying that I watch porn(which I ttly do)

But I think she's just taking a shot in the dark.

I stutter when I lie, so I have to work on that.

I checked out this book called," HOW TO STOP THAT STUTTER!!"

And I'm not sure if that is working or not.

Thank u 4 listening :