Behind These Eyes

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Summary: Kakashi gets more than he expects when he rents a pretty raven-haired young slave boy out for the night, perhaps his life will change forever? Well, you do sometimes find love in the most unusual places. Rated M for later chapters (Kaka/Sasu) very much AU.

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(Kakashi's point of view)

Ok, so I don't usually visit these parts of town. They're cramped, filthy and the grey buildings fade in with the grey sky that was overcome with pollution a long time ago. The area is run down and many of the old houses and businesses were abandoned long before I was even born. Graffiti engulfs the shutters and walls of businesses, not that I focus on reading any of it, I'm concentrating more on not tripping over the cracked and uneven pavement. Still, it's hard not to notice the old buildings, many of which are boarded up and were probably abandoned a long time ago. This area has been in a state of decline ever since it was first built, but it's the perfect place to go to rent yourself a companion for the night, if you know what I mean.

The better areas of the city have banned the practice, but it's widely accepted here and even rich folk such as myself like to visit every now and again. Its mid evening and pouring with rain, making this place seem even duller than it already is. Its far from lifeless though.

As I leave the derelict areas and move deeper into the town, I quickly find what I'm looking for. People push past me and dart in front of me as the stalls come into view. It's a slave market, but not like your usual auction or sale where you buy them permanently, this is a market were you can rent them for your sexual desires. You can still buy them if you want, provided your offer is high enough, but more often than not dealers are not prepared to sell their slaves. Especially the more attractive ones as a lot of money can be made from them in a single night.

A slave can fall into one of several different categories, depending of course on who their master is and what they were bought for. There's heavy industry and farm work which many of them fall into which is a pretty tough life for them. Secondly, they can fall into a domestic category which is probably the most common, and finally there's the sex industry. Forced prostitution by their masters is probably the worst fate they can have. They don't get a choice of who they are sent home with when they are expected to carry out their duties, or what is done to them or how much they have to do. It's a tough life and it's a very quick way to break their spirits and their minds.

There's a particular street you need to go to if you want to find them, and they are chained outside in all weathers, usually under flimsy shelter. As I walk down the street, dealers shout competitive prices in the hope to attract customers. I scan the rows of faces chained up to their master's stalls. Some of them look hopeful but they are most likely the ones who haven't been doing this for very long. Mostly I see pain and despair in their faces. The rain is lashing down on those who are unlucky enough not to have any shelter, but I usually scan along them until one catches my eye. I'm not new to this, I usually come down and rent one out every month or so if I'm feeling bored.

Suddenly one of them succeeds in catching my eye. He's sitting on the pavement with his hands tied together at the wrists and a chain around his neck restraining him to the stall. I walk over to have a closer look at him, and I notice a fine blue piece of ribbon tied around the top of his arm. Excellent, that means he must be 16 or over and classed as an adult by the sex industry's standards. They have to be over 16 for it to be legal to use them for this sort of thing, but nobody checks or regulates these markets, so you just have to hope that they aren't too far underage.

He doesn't look really 16 though, his innocent face makes him look younger than his supposed years. He's beautiful. Even as I approach him he doesn't look up at me, he's in his own little dream world by the looks of it, probably far away from the reality of this place. The first things I notice about him are his eyes, even though they are focused of into the distance. It's unusual because there is absolutely no emotion in his eyes at all and I find this fascinating. They are so deep and dark, almost black in colour, so unusual that they demand you to look directly into them even if he isn't looking at you.

The front of his raven black hair falls shapelessly around his face, brushing just slightly past his chin, and the heavy rain has caused strands of it to stick to his face as drops of water fall from the ends. His jet black hair contrasts beautifully with his pale skin, in fact he's paler than anyone I've ever seen before and the contrast between his colouring is striking.

A strand of hair falls across his mouth, directing my focus to his lips which are a pale shade of pink. His bottom lip is slightly larger than his top one, working to create an adorable pouting effect. There is a smallish cut on the left side of his bottom lip in the process of healing, and I find myself wondering what might have caused it. It could have been caused by anything, a strike to the face by his master or a client, a trip or fall, who knows except him of course.

Unable to resist him I walk right up to inspect him more closely. My shadow approaching him and the sound of my footsteps catches his attention and snaps him back into reality from his dream world. He's aware of my presence, but he doesn't look up at me. It's a sign of respect and obedience for his slave to never look his master, or any other free person for that matter, in the eye. It's important they know their place and I'm sure he's taken enough hits to the face to remind him as he seems almost fearful of my presence, he wouldn't dare look up at me.

Up close I can see just how thin he is and its clear his master hasn't been feeding him properly. Even in the dim light you can see the faint shadows under his ribs. He's not dangerously underweight but he is underweight nonetheless, and would benefit from three decent meals a day. He has his arms wrapped around himself to try and keep warm. The poor thing is shivering quite violently as he hasn't been given much shelter. The only clothing he has is an old pair of thin, worn trousers that are much too big for him anyway. It's nearing the end of September and I wonder if his master will take better care of him when the weather gets colder. I can't resist the urge to touch him so I gently pull the wet strands of hair away from his face. I have to have this boy, even just for tonight.

Leaving him alone I approach his master, who is sitting quite comfortably under a strong shelter with multiple layers of clothing on. He sees me and immediately jumps up and approaches me. He can tell I'm a serious customer from the expensive clothes I'm wearing. I'm a rich man and he knows he's bound to get some money from me and this makes his greeting very over-enthusiastic. He's an older man, probably in his early to mid 50's with a receding hairline… and he's a hell of a lot better fed than his slaves, that's for sure!

"That one over there," I state pointing out the boy I'm interested in, "what's his name?"

"He's called Sasuke. Are you interested in hiring him out sir? He's very obedient and I haven't heard a complaint about him yet."

"How much?" I ask

"Well, that depends on what you want him for. A quick blow job around the back will cost you 20. If you want him for an hour or so around the back to do whatever you want with him, that'll be 50… but if you're interested in taking him home with you and bringing him back tomorrow… well, that'll be 200. I'm one of the cheapest dealers around here sir and that's one of the best deals on offer in theses parts. Just ask around if you don't believe me."

"Just out of curiosity, do you bring him inside when the weather gets colder?" I'm surprised at myself for asking that, it just slipped out without me realizing it until it was too late. I don't care about any of the slaves here, I just want them to relieve my boredom and that's that. Why should I care if he's left out in the cold or not?

"Well, lets just say he's a popular boy and he doesn't spend much time outside if you know what I mean. You're lucky to get a hold of him tonight!"

"He's over 16 right?"

"Yes, he just turned 16 last month. You can see his papers if you want."

I quickly slip 200 out of my wallet, there's no way I'm going to lower myself to go 'around the back!'

"I'll have him back this time tomorrow, 7pm."

His face lights up at the money I hand over to him, and he tells me that's a fine arrangement with him. He walks over to Sasuke, who backs away from him as far as his chain will allow.

"For fuck sake come forward!" His master yells at him, dragging him forward by his hair and striking him hard in the face causing his nose to start to bleed. I can see the fear in the boy's eyes. It's obvious he must get beaten on a regular basis by this man. The blood from his nose doesn't seem to faze him that much, he just wipes it away using the back of his hand, suggesting that he's probably used to it.

I don't know why but I want to step in, pull that man away from him and kick his shit in. Again I'm shocked by my thoughts and quickly suppress any urges I have. This man is his master, he can do whatever he likes with him.

He drags Sasuke roughly to his feet and passes the chain over to me.

"Don't be soft on him, don't be afraid to hit him and don't let him get away with anything," he states coldly as he retreats back to his shelter leaving the boy with me. I've noticed the boy has gone back into the state where his eyes show no emotion, like he's trying to block out everything that's being done to him.

End of Chapter One!


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