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Midnight Reflections

The knife glinted against the light reflecting from the window at the end of the hall, leaning back in the chair he glanced down towards the bedrooms. He still could not believe that they had figured out who he was, but then he should not have been surprised , they had after all , shown their 'so called intelligence' when they worked out his original plan to marry Violet. He gritted his teeth. That plan would have been perfect but for those three brats, in particular Violet who managed to ruin it, just by writing her name with her left hand.

Olaf knew he was a good actor, hell, he was the best. The fact that Uncle Monty had fallen so easily for Stephano was testament to that. Of course it was made so much easier by the fact that the man was a gullible fool. He leaned back in his chair dreaming of what he would do with the Baudelaire fortune when it was in his clutches, and what he would do with the Baudelaire's. He would need to keep one, so that they could inherit when they came of age but which oneā€¦.

At that moment he saw the door opening and a figure peered out into the gloom of the hallway. He could tell immediately who it was, Violet and as he stared down at the little bit of her that he could see he made sure to bring the knife more into the light, the same knife he had used to threaten her under the table at dinner.

"Do you have a hall pass?"

He saw Violet pause and then quietly shut the door and retreat.

"I didn't think so."

He smiled to himself, his plan was going perfectly. He had the Baudelaire's right where he wanted them and was that much closer to acquiring their fortune. There was just one more thing he needed to do.

He rose from the chair and tiptoed down the stairs, by this time tomorrow the Baudelaire fortune would be his.

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