This is just a little note story that I will continue if you like it!

Yes the first chapter is about Christmas because it is about 3 weeks before!

Hope you Enjoy!

Edward- bold Bella- regular Alice- italics Emmett- bold, italics

Like omg Alice, this is so fun!!

Remind me again how this is fun?

Like ya I no... Eddie-poop is a party pooper!


lmao, nice one Alice! So whatcha wanna do?

Can we please just talk to each other? It's so much easier...

No we can not and if u love me you will respect that! If u do not respect that then whatever I am not talking to you for the rest of the day!

Bella, love, no don't go!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I'M SORRY!!

A little whipped there bro? Man, you said I did everything Rose wants and just look at you...

---Emmett and Edward keep talking/arguing while Bella stalks out of the room screaming mean things at Edward---

!-Bella and Alice in Alice's room! They get joined by Jasper-!

Jasper- italics, underlined

He's such a party pooper! I so am not talking to him.

I'm guessing your talking about Mr. Prude since he is feeling guilty right now...

lol, he's not Mr. Prude, he's Eddie-poop! Well he's both... Mr. Eddie prude poop!!

Um Alice honey that makes no sense.

Way to spoil our fun Jazzie -pouts-

Geez ok, I'll be going now! HAVE FUN!

-Jasper walks out while Alice keeps talking-

Well what do you want to do now?

OMC I HAVE IT!! We are going to dress up for Christmas. It's 2 weeks away and we are all going to dress up! Then we are going to the mall and Carlisle is going to be our Santa and Esme Mrs. Claus.

Yea that sounds like fun. Who is going to be who though?

You, me, and Rose are going to be elves.

Ok, we should make Emmett go as a reindeer!!!!

YOU ARE SO EVIL AND I LOVE IT!! You are my aebffe! (AN: it means awesomely evil best friend for eternity!)

Thank you, thank you! -bows-

Let's see what should Eddie and Jazz go as?

hmmm... Jazz can go as a Christmas tree...

YEA!!! That is an awesome idea... Eddie can go as a chimney!

Wow Alice, that was random! But I loves it! Now to make Carlisle go as Santa we have to call the mall and talk them into having him as Santa!



Where did she go?

---Bella wanders off to go find Alice and find's her on the phone with the mall... The Christmas Extravaganza with the Cullen's was on for 3 days and everyone has to dress up, because Alice threatened them with separate things!---

Since it is about 3 weeks from Christmas I decided the first chapter was going to be about Christmas! This is not a one-shot and I am going to continue once I get enough reviews! So please R&R or it will be a one-shot!

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