Part Eight

Pure pleasure. That's what this was. What she offered him.

Not only had Obi-Wan learned during his time at Discretions what a remarkable young man his Padawan was, but he had also learned that there was a fine line between pain and pleasure.

A line that he did not wish to cross again.

This was what pleasure was supposed to be. Accompanied by love, there was no greater gift in the entire Galaxy.

And Padmé seemed content to offer this gift to him time and time again.

Why hadn't he seen that before? Had he truly been so blind not to see what was right in front of his face? The generosity of his Apprentice, and the love of the one woman who, in such a short time, had come to mean so much in his life.

Obi-Wan twirled his fingers through the long curls that lay across his thighs as his erection was worshiped within the heat of Padmé's mouth. He was nearly delirious with the attention she was giving, the occasional suction, followed by the slow, torturous laving of her tongue along his length.

Tortuous yes, but nothing compared to what he had been through. His genitals had been whipped, clamped, and strangled.

But now, here they were being ravished in a completely different way. A way that didn't seem possible. With so much love and devotion, he knew he didn't deserve.

He was being selfish again.

Obi-Wan drew upon her shoulders, his stiffened organ making a popping noise as it escaped Padmé's mouth, pulling the young woman up on top of his body, the curtain of her hair falling on either side of his face.

"You give too much." He scolded tenderly, thrusting his hardness against her hip.

"I don't give enough." She responded with a kiss and a sigh, inviting him inside. Obi-Wan accepted the invitation, turning them both over so that she lay beneath him, toying with the tongue that had swept into his mouth.

"Let me give something back." Obi-Wan insisted huskily, scraping his beard gently down her neck, smiling at the shiver he created. A smooth shoulder was suckled, each fingerpad kissed, the pale, tender skin inside her elbow was licked. A breast was caressed, the nipple pinched and twirled, belly button dipped into and pubic area rubbed upon his cheek. Her sighs filled his ears, her buttocks filled his hands, the musky smell of her filled his nostrils, and the taste of Padmé filled his tongue. He found the place that would bring her the most pleasure and focused his attention there. Sucking, nibbling, biting, her hips thrusting up against his face.

"No, no, no, no." She was repeating, and he knew what she wanted, without even asking.

"Sh." Obi-Wan soothed, moving back up along her body, wiping his beard with his hand. "Lie still."

Slender legs were lifted, her breathing harsh and panting, her center moist and welcoming as he claimed her for his own.

And suddenly he was flying. Carrying Padmé along with him, up to where the air was thin and the stars were too numerous to count. Then up into the pitch black of space, spiraling out of control, his thrusts maddeningly powerful, her whimpers of pleasure turning to cries of passion, until the stars went supernova, and they both fell back through space, into the substratosphere of Coruscant, and landed heavily upon Padmé's bed, their bodies heaving for air, dripping with perspiration, the room shining with the brightness of their smiles.

"And you wanted to be just friends." She huffed.

"How was I supposed to know?" Obi-Wan answered back, wearily dragging his body off her, so that she would be comfortable, and chuckling softly when she immediately covered him instead.

"Know what?" The senator prompted and Obi-Wan grinned again at the obviousness of her ploy.

He said he was going to give her more. Here was his opportunity.

Dragging her impossibly closer with his arm, he placed a kiss upon her head. "That with you I'd find the answers I had been seeking. The reason I am what I am, why I do what I do. Why I'm a Jedi. It's all about love Padmé. Anakin's taught me that. You've taught me that. I'll never go back."

"What do you mean you'll never go back?" Padmé lifted herself up on one elbow and stared into Obi-Wan's face. "I was hoping we could visit Discretions again some time. Just you and I."

"No." Obi-Wan laughed outright. "I'm never showing my face in that place again." He laughed again at the disappointment on Padmé's face, hoping she was joking, and then felt relieved as pouting lips turned up into a smile.

"We have a long day tomorrow. The trial for Aurra Sing begins. Perhaps we should get some sleep." The Jedi suggested, pulling up the sheet over their bodies.

"Who said we were finished?"

Confusion knitted Obi-Wan's brows as Padmé reached over the side of the bed. The same brows lifted high however, when she returned, holding onto what appeared to be a very large dildo.

"Padmé! You've got to be kidding!" Obi-Wan sat himself straight up in bed, backing away to the headboard, away from the sultry gaze of the predatory female who was creeping toward him. "There's no way that's going to fit! You're too….petite, darling."

It was the most polite way he could think of putting it. After all, he had experience in such matters. To his relief, Padmé didn't look upset. Just….determined.

Pulling another item from behind her back, Obi-Wan's mouth gaped open. In her other hand she held a small belt with a harness attachment, obviously meant for one purpose.

"Who said this was for me?"